H697 ארבּה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H7235; a locust (from its rapid increase)

KJV Usage: grasshopper, locust.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. a kind of locust, locust swarm (coll)
2. (CLBL)
a. sudden disappearance (fig.)
b. insignificance (fig.)
c. activity (fig.)
Origin: from H7235
TWOT: 2103a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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24 occurrences of H697 ארבּה

Exodus 10:4 the locusts
Exodus 10:12 for the locusts,
Exodus 10:13 the locusts.
Exodus 10:14 And the locusts
Exodus 10:14 locusts
Exodus 10:19 the locusts,
Exodus 10:19 locust
Leviticus 11:22 the locust
Deuteronomy 28:38 for the locust
Judges 6:5 grasshoppers
Judges 7:12 like grasshoppers
1 Kings 8:37 locust,
2 Chronicles 6:28 locusts,
Job 39:20 as a grasshopper?
Psalms 78:46 to the locust.
Psalms 105:34 and the locusts
Psalms 109:23 as the locust.
Proverbs 30:27 The locusts
Jeremiah 46:23 than the grasshoppers,
Joel 1:4 hath the locust
Joel 1:4 and that which the locust
Joel 2:25 that the locust
Nahum 3:15 as the locusts.
Nahum 3:17 are as the locusts,

Distinct usage

2 the locusts
2 And the locusts
1 for the locusts,
1 the locusts.
1 locusts
1 the locusts,
1 locust
1 the locust
1 for the locust
1 grasshoppers
1 like grasshoppers
1 locust,
1 locusts,
1 as a grasshopper?
1 to the locust.
1 as the locust.
1 than the grasshoppers,
1 hath the locust
1 and that which the locust
1 that the locust
1 as the locusts.
1 are as the locusts,

Corresponding Greek Words

arbeh G200 akris