H6343 פּחד - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H6342; a (sudden) alarm (properly the object feared, by implication the feeling)

KJV Usage: dread (-ful), fear, (thing) great [fear, -ly feared], terror.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. terror, dread
a. dread
b. object of dread
Origin: from H6342
TWOT: 1756a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) terror, dread
1a) dread
1b) object of dread

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First 30 of 49 occurrences of H6343 פּחד

Genesis 31:42 and the fear
Genesis 31:53 by the fear
Exodus 15:16 and dread
Deuteronomy 2:25 the dread
Deuteronomy 11:25 the fear
Deuteronomy 28:67 for the fear
1 Samuel 11:7 And the fear
1 Chronicles 14:17 the fear
2 Chronicles 14:14 for the fear
2 Chronicles 17:10 And the fear
2 Chronicles 19:7 Therefore now let the fear
2 Chronicles 20:29 And the fear
Esther 8:17 for the fear
Esther 9:2 for the fear
Esther 9:3 because the fear
Job 3:25 For the thing which I greatly
Job 4:14 Fear
Job 13:11 and his dread
Job 15:21 A dreadful
Job 21:9 from fear,
Job 22:10 fear
Job 25:2 and fear
Job 31:23 was a terror
Job 39:16 without fear;
Job 39:22 at fear,
Psalms 14:5 There were they in great
Psalms 31:11 and a fear
Psalms 36:1 that there is no fear
Psalms 53:5 There they were in great
Psalms 53:5 where no fear

Distinct usage

6 Fear
5 for the fear
4 and the fear
3 the fear
3 fear,
2 from fear
2 when your fear
1 by the fear
1 and dread
1 Therefore now let the fear
1 because the fear
1 For the thing which I greatly
1 and his dread
1 from fear,
1 and fear
1 without fear;
1 at fear,
1 There were they in great
1 and a fear
1 that there is no fear
1 There they were in great
1 where no fear
1 for the terror
1 for fear
1 because of fear
1 of the fear
1 of fear,
1 a fear
1 the dread
1 A dreadful
1 was a terror

Corresponding Greek Words

pachad G1611 ek stasis
pachad G2285 thambos
pachad G2351 thorubos
pachad G3639 olethros
pachad G4423 ptoesis
pachad G5156 tromos
pachad G5401 phobos
mipachad G870 aphobos *

Related words

H6343 פּחד

H6344 פּחד pachad
The same as H6343; a testicle (as a cause of shame akin to fear)

KJV Usage: stone.

H6345 פּחדּה pachdâh
Feminine of H6343; alarm (that is, awe)

KJV Usage: fear.

H6342 פּחד pâchad

A primitive root; to be startled (by a sudden alarm); hence to fear in general

KJV Usage: be afraid, stand in awe, (be in) fear, make to shake.