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Proverbs 3:5

  5 H982 [H8798] Trust H3068 in the LORD H3820 with all thine heart; H8172 [H8735] and lean H998 not to thy own understanding.

Proverbs 12:15

  15 H1870 The way H191 of a fool H3477 is right H5869 in his own eyes: H8085 [H8802] but he that hearkeneth H6098 to counsel H2450 is wise.

Proverbs 24:1-34

  1 H7065 [H8762] Be not thou envious H7451 against evil H582 men, H183 [H8691] neither desire to be with them.
  2 H3820 For their heart H1897 [H8799] studieth H7701 ravaging, H8193 and their lips H1696 [H8762] talk H5999 of mischief.
  3 H2451 Through wisdom H1004 is an house H1129 [H8735] built; H8394 and by understanding H3559 [H8709] it is established:
  4 H1847 And by knowledge H2315 shall the chambers H4390 [H8735] be filled H3368 with all precious H5273 and pleasant H1952 riches.
  5 H2450 A wise H1397 man H5797 is strong; H376 and a man H1847 of knowledge H553 [H8764] increaseth H3581 strength.
  6 H8458 For by wise counsel H6213 [H8799] thou shalt make H4421 thy war: H7230 and in abundance H3289 [H8802] of counsellors H8668 there is safety.
  7 H2454 Wisdom H7311 [H8802] is too high H191 for a fool: H6605 [H8799] he openeth H6310 not his mouth H8179 in the gate.
  8 H2803 [H8764] He that deviseth H7489 [H8687] to do evil H7121 [H8799] shall be called H4209 a mischievous H1167 person.
  9 H2154 The thought H200 of foolishness H2403 is sin: H3887 [H8801] and the scorner H8441 is an abomination H120 to men.
  10 H7503 [H8694] If thou faintest H3117 in the day H6869 of tightness, H3581 thy strength H6862 is small.
  11 H2820 [H8799] If thou refraineth H5337 [H8685] to deliver H3947 [H8803] them that are drawn H4194 to death, H4131 [H8801] and those that are ready H2027 to be slain;
  12 H559 [H8799] If thou sayest, H3045 [H8804] Behold, we knew H8505 [H8802] it not; doth not he that weigheth H3826 the heart H995 [H8799] consider H5341 [H8802] it? and he that keepeth H5315 thy breath, H3045 [H8799] doth not he know H7725 [H8689] it? and shall not he render H120 to every man H6467 according to his works?
  13 H1121 My son, H398 [H8798] eat H1706 thou honey, H2896 because it is good; H5317 and the honeycomb, H4966 which is sweet H2441 to thy taste:
  14 H3045 [H8798] So shall the knowledge H2451 of wisdom H5315 be to thy breath: H4672 [H8804] when thou hast found H3426 it, then there shall be H319 a reward, H8615 and thy expectation H3772 [H8735] shall not be cut off.
  15 H693 [H8799] Lay not wait, H7563 O wicked H5116 man, against the dwelling H6662 of the righteous; H7703 [H8762] lay waste H7258 not his resting place:
  16 H6662 For a just H5307 [H8799] man falleth H7651 seven times, H6965 [H8804] and riseth again: H7563 but the wicked H3782 [H8735] shall fall H7451 into evil.
  17 H8055 [H8799] Rejoice H341 [H8802] not when thy enemy H5307 [H8800] falleth, H3820 and let not thine heart H1523 [H8799] be glad H3782 [H8736] when he stumbleth:
  18 H3068 Lest the LORD H7200 [H8799] see H7489 H5869 [H8804] it, and it displease H7725 [H8689] him, and he turn away H639 his anger from him.
  19 H2734 [H8691] Fret H7489 [H8688] not thyself because of evil H7065 [H8762] men, neither be thou envious H7563 at the wicked;
  20 H319 For there shall be no reward H7451 to the evil H5216 man; the lamp H7563 of the wicked H1846 [H8799] shall be put out.
  21 H1121 My son, H3372 [H8798] fear H3068 thou the LORD H4428 and the king: H6148 [H8691] and meddle H8138 [H8802] not with them that are given to change:
  22 H343 For their calamity H6965 [H8799] shall rise H6597 suddenly; H3045 [H8802] and who knoweth H6365 the misfortune H8147 of them both?
  23 H2450 These things also belong to the wise. H2896 It is not good H5234 [H8687] to have respect H6440 of persons H4941 in judgment.
  24 H559 [H8802] He that saith H7563 to the wicked, H6662 Thou art righteous; H5971 him shall the people H5344 [H8799] puncture, H3816 folks H2194 [H8799] shall foam at the mouth H9033 to him:
  25 H3198 [H8688] But to them that rebuke H5276 [H8799] him shall be delight, H2896 and a good H1293 blessing H935 [H8799] shall come upon them.
  26 H5401 [H8799] Every man shall kiss H8193 his lips H7725 [H8688] that giveth H5228 a right H1697 answer.
  27 H3559 [H8685] Prepare H4399 thy work H2351 outside, H6257 [H8761] and make it fit H7704 for thyself in the field; H310 and afterwards H1129 [H8804] build H1004 thy house.
  28 H5707 Be not a witness H7453 against thy neighbour H2600 without cause; H6601 [H8765] and deceive H8193 not with thy lips.
  29 H559 [H8799] Say H6213 [H8799] not, I will do H6213 [H8804] so to him as he hath done H7725 [H8686] to me: I will render H376 to the man H6467 according to his work.
  30 H5674 [H8804] I went H7704 by the field H376 H6102 of the slothful, H3754 and by the vineyard H120 of the man H2638 void H3820 of heart;
  31 H5927 [H8804] And, lo, it was all grown over H7063 with thorns, H2738 and nettles H3680 [H8795] had covered H6440 the face H68 of it, and its stone H1444 wall H2040 [H8738] was broken down.
  32 H9001 Then H595 I H2372 [H8799] envisioned, H7896 [H8799] and set H9020 my H3820 heart: H7200 [H8804] I looked H3947 [H8804] and received H4148 instruction.
  33 H4592 Yet a little H8142 sleep, H4592 a little H8572 slumber, H4592 a little H2264 folding H3027 of the hands H7901 [H8800] to sleep:
  34 H7389 So shall thy poverty H935 [H8804] come H1980 [H8693] as one that travelleth; H4270 and thy want H4043 as an armed H376 man.

Proverbs 23:9

  9 H1696 [H8762] Speak H241 not in the ears H3684 of a fool: H936 [H8799] for he will despise H7922 the prudence H4405 of thy words.

Proverbs 31:1-31

  1 H1697 The words H4428 of king H3927 Lemuel, H4853 the prophecy H517 that his mother H3256 [H8765] taught him.
  2 H1248 What, my son? H1248 and what, the son H990 of my womb? H1248 and what, the son H5088 of my vows?
  3 H5414 [H8799] Give H2428 not thy strength H802 to women, H1870 nor thy ways H4229 [H8687] to that which wipeth out H4428 kings.
  4 H4428 It is not for kings, H3927 O Lemuel, H4428 it is not for kings H8354 [H8800] to drink H3196 wine; H335 H176 [H8675] nor for H7336 [H8802] princes H7941 strong drink:
  5 H8354 [H8799] Lest they drink, H7911 [H8799] and forget H2710 [H8794] the decree, H8138 [H8762] and pervert H1779 the judgment H1121 H6040 of any of the depressed.
  6 H5414 [H8798] Give H7941 strong drink H6 [H8802] to him that is ready to perish, H3196 and wine H4751 to those that are bitter H5315 in breath.
  7 H8354 [H8799] Let him drink, H7911 [H8799] and forget H7389 his poverty, H2142 [H8799] and remember H5999 his misery no more.
  8 H6605 [H8798] Open H6310 thy mouth H483 for the dumb H1779 in the cause H1121 of all the sons H2475 of the surviving.
  9 H6605 [H8798] Open H6310 thy mouth, H8199 [H8798] judge H6664 righteously, H1777 [H8798] and plead H6041 the cause of the poor H34 and needy.
  10 H4672 [H8799] Who can find H2428 a virtuous H802 woman? H4377 for her price H7350 is far H6443 above rubies.
  11 H3820 The heart H1167 of her husband H982 [H8804] doth safely trust H2637 [H8799] in her, so that he shall have no need H7998 of spoil.
  12 H1580 [H8804] She will do H2896 him good H7451 and not evil H3117 all the days H2416 of her life.
  13 H1875 [H8804] She seeketh H6785 wool, H6593 and flax, H6213 [H8799] and worketh H2656 willingly H3709 with her palms.
  14 H5503 [H8802] She is like the merchant H591 ships; H935 [H8686] she bringeth H3899 her food H4801 from afar.
  15 H6965 [H8799] She riseth H3915 also while it is yet night, H5414 [H8799] and giveth H2964 food H1004 to her household, H2706 and a portion H5291 to her damsels.
  16 H2161 [H8804] She considereth H7704 a field, H3947 [H8799] and buyeth H6529 it: with the fruit H3709 of her palms H5193 [H8804] she planteth H3754 a vineyard.
  17 H2296 [H8804] She girdeth H4975 her loins H5797 with strength, H553 [H8762] and strengtheneth H2220 her arms.
  18 H2938 [H8804] She perceiveth H5504 that her merchandise H2896 is good: H5216 her lamp H3518 [H8799] goeth not out H3915 by night.
  19 H7971 [H8765] She layeth H3027 her hands H3601 to the spindle, H3709 and her palms H8551 [H8804] hold H6418 the distaff.
  20 H6566 [H8804] She stretcheth out H3709 her palm H6041 to the poor; H7971 [H8765] yea, she reacheth forth H3027 her hands H34 to the needy.
  21 H3372 [H8799] She is not afraid H7950 of the snow H1004 for her household: H1004 for all her household H3847 [H8803] are clothed H8144 with scarlet.
  22 H6213 [H8804] She maketh H4765 herself coverings of tapestry; H3830 her clothing H8336 is silk H713 and purple.
  23 H1167 Her husband H3045 [H8737] is known H8179 in the gates, H3427 [H8800] when he sitteth H2205 among the elders H776 of the land.
  24 H6213 [H8804] She maketh H5466 fine linen, H9001 and H4376 [H8799] selleth it; H9002 and H5414 [H8804] giveth H2289 waistbands H9005 to H3669 the merchant.
  25 H5797 Strength H1926 and honour H3830 are her clothing; H7832 [H8799] and she laugheth H3117 in time H314 to come.
  26 H6605 [H8804] She openeth H6310 her mouth H2451 with wisdom; H3956 and on her tongue H8451 is the law H2617 of mercy.
  27 H6822 [H8802] She looketh well H1979 H1979 [H8675] to the ways H1004 of her household, H398 [H8799] and eateth H3899 not the bread H6104 of idleness.
  28 H1121 Her sons H6965 [H8804] rise up, H833 [H8762] and call her blessed; H1167 her husband H1984 [H8762] also, and he praiseth her.
  29 H7227 Many H1323 daughters H6213 [H8804] have done H2428 virtuously, H5927 [H8804] but thou excellest them all.
  30 H2580 Favour H8267 is deceitful, H3308 and beauty H1892 is vain: H802 but a woman H3373 that feareth H3068 the LORD, H1984 [H8691] she shall be praised.
  31 H5414 [H8798] Give H6529 her of the fruit H3027 of her hands; H4639 and let her own works H1984 [H8762] praise H8179 her in the gates.

Proverbs 27:17

  17 H1270 Iron H2300 [H8799] sharpeneth H1270 iron; H376 so a man H2300 [H8686] sharpeneth H6440 the face H7453 of his friend.

Proverbs 29:11

  11 H3684 A fool H3318 [H8686] uttereth H7307 all his spirit: H2450 but a wise H7623 [H8762] man keepeth H268 it in till afterwards.

James 1:5

  5 G1161   G1536 If any G5216 of you G3007 [G5743] lacketh G4678 wisdom, G154 [G5720] let him ask G3844 of G2316 God, G1325 [G5723] who giveth G3956 to all G574 men liberally, G2532 and G3679 [G5723] upbraideth G3361 not; G2532 and G1325 [G5701] it shall be given G846 to him.

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