H2403 חטּאת חטּאה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

חטּאת חטּאה
chaṭṭâ'âh chaṭṭâ'th
khat-taw-aw', khat-tawth'
From H2398; an offence (sometimes habitual sinfulness), and its penalty, occasion, sacrifice, or expiation; also (concretely) an offender

KJV Usage: punishment (of sin), purifying (-fication for sin), sin (-ner, offering).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

חטּאת חטּאה

1. sin, sinful
2. sin, sin offering
a. sin
b. condition of sin, guilt of sin
c. punishment for sin
d. sin-offering
e. purification from sins of ceremonial uncleanness
Origin: from H2398
TWOT: 638e
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

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First 30 of 272 occurrences of H2403 חטּאת חטּאה

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Corresponding Greek Words

chattat G93 adikia
chattat G265 hamartema
chattat G266 hamartia
chattat G458 anomia
chattat G763 asebeia
chattat G2434 hilasmos
chattat G2588 kardia
chattat G3152 mataios
chatot G49 hagnismos *