G93 ἀδικία - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
wrong-doing, injustice
injustice, unrighteousness, hurt.
(legal) injustice (properly, the quality, by implication, the act); morally, wrongfulness (of character, life or act)
Derivation: from G94;

KJV Usage: iniquity, unjust, unrighteousness, wrong.

ἀδικία, -ας, ἡ
(< ἄδικος), [in LXX for עָוֹן, פֶּשַׁע, עָוֶל, etc. ;]
__1. injustice:
Refs Luk.18:6, Rom.9:14
__2. unrighteousness, iniquity:
Refs Jhn.7:18, Act.8:23, Rom.1:18, 29 2:8 6:13, 2Ti.2:19, 1Jn.1:9 5:17
; opp. to ἀλήθεια,
Refs 1Co.13:6, 2Th.2:12
; to δικαιοσύνη ], Rom.3:5; ἀπάτη τῆς ἀ., 2Th.2:10; μισθὸς ἀδικίας,
Refs Act.1:18, 2Pe.2:13,15
; ἐγράται τῆς ἀ., Luk.13:27; μαμωνᾶς τῆς ἀ., Luk.16:9; κόσμος τῆς ἀ., Jas.3:6; οἰκονόμος τῆς ἀ., Luk.16:8.
__3. = ἀδίκημα, an unrighteous act: ironically, a favour, 2Co.12:13; pl., Heb.8:12 (Cremer, 261; MM, VGT, see word).
† (AS)
1) injustice, of a judge
2) unrighteousness of heart and life
3) a deed violating law and justice, act of unrighteousness

From G94; (legal) injustice (properly the quality, by implication the act); moral wrongfulness (of charater, life or act)

KJV Usage: iniquity, unjust, unrighteousness, wrong.

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25 occurrences of G93 ἀδικία

Luke 13:27 of injustice.
Luke 16:8 unjust
Luke 16:9 of injustice;
Luke 18:6 the unjust
John 7:18 injustice
Acts 1:18 of injustice;
Acts 8:23 of injustice.
Romans 1:18 injustice
Romans 1:18 injustice;
Romans 1:29 injustice,
Romans 2:8 injustice,
Romans 3:5 injustice
Romans 6:13 of injustice
Romans 9:14 injustice
1 Corinthians 13:6 injustice,
2 Corinthians 12:13 injustice.
2 Thessalonians 2:10 of injustice
2 Thessalonians 2:12 injustice.
2 Timothy 2:19 injustice."
Hebrews 8:12 injustice,
James 3:6 injustice:
2 Peter 2:13 of injustice,
2 Peter 2:15 of injustice;
1 John 1:9 injustice.
1 John 5:17 injustice

Distinct usage

5 injustice
4 injustice,
3 injustice.
3 of injustice;
2 of injustice.
2 of injustice
1 the unjust
1 injustice;
1 of injustice,
1 injustice:
1 injustice."
1 unjust

Corresponding Hebrew Words

adikia H57 avel
adikia H57 avel
adikia H185 avvah
adikia H817 asham
adikia H1004 bet hammeri
adikia H1215 betsa
adikia H1347 gaon
adikia H1942 havvah
adikia H2162 zamam
adikia H2195 zaam
adikia H2403 chattat
adikia H2555 chamas
adikia H4297 mutteh
adikia H4604 maal
adikia H4639 maaseh
adikia H4642 maashaqqot
adikia H4820 mirmah
adikia H5753 avah hi.
adikia * H5753 avayya
adikia H5766 avlah
adikia H5766 avval
adikia H5771 avon
adikia H5930 olah
adikia H6041 ani
adikia * H6230 eseq
adikia H6233 osheq
adikia H6275 ataq
adikia H6563 pereq
adikia H6588 pesha
adikia H7195 qesher
adikia H7200 raah
adikia H7379 riv
adikia H7451 ra
adikia H7562 resha
adikia H7563 rasha
adikia H8267 sheqer

Related words

G93 ἀδικία

G94 ἄδικος

From G1 (as a negative particle) and G1349; unjust; by extension wicked; by implication treacherous; specifically heathen

KJV Usage: unjust, unrighteous.

G91 ἀδικέω
From G94; to be unjust, that is, (actively) do wrong (morally, socially or physically)

KJV Usage: hurt, injure, be an offender, be unjust, (do, suffer, take) wrong.

G95 ἀδίκως
Adverb from G94; unjustly

KJV Usage: wrongfully.