H2195 זעם - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H2194; strictly froth at the mouth, that is, (figuratively) fury (especially of God’s displeasure with sin)

KJV Usage: angry, indignation, rage.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. anger, indignation
Origin: from H2194
TWOT: 568a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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22 occurrences of H2195 זעם

Psalms 38:3 of thy anger;
Psalms 69:24 thy indignation
Psalms 78:49 and indignation,
Psalms 102:10 of thy indignation
Isaiah 10:5 is my indignation.
Isaiah 10:25 and the indignation
Isaiah 13:5 of his indignation,
Isaiah 26:20 until the indignation
Isaiah 30:27 of indignation,
Jeremiah 10:10 his indignation.
Jeremiah 15:17 me with indignation.
Jeremiah 50:25 of his indignation:
Lamentations 2:6 and in the indignation
Ezekiel 21:31 my indignation
Ezekiel 22:24 of indignation.
Ezekiel 22:31 my indignation
Daniel 8:19 of the indignation:
Daniel 11:36 till the indignation
Hosea 7:16 for the rage
Nahum 1:6 his indignation?
Habakkuk 3:12 in indignation,
Zephaniah 3:8 upon them my indignation,

Distinct usage

2 my indignation
1 of thy anger;
1 thy indignation
1 and indignation,
1 of thy indignation
1 is my indignation.
1 and the indignation
1 of his indignation,
1 until the indignation
1 of indignation,
1 his indignation.
1 me with indignation.
1 of his indignation:
1 and in the indignation
1 of indignation.
1 of the indignation:
1 till the indignation
1 for the rage
1 his indignation?
1 in indignation,
1 upon them my indignation,

Corresponding Greek Words

zaam G93 adikia
zaam G547 apeile
zaam G2372 thumos
zaam G3709 orge
zaam G4088 pikria