H5771 עוון עון - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

עוון עון
‛âvôn ‛âvôn
aw-vone', aw-vone'
From H5753; perversity, that is, (moral) evil

KJV Usage: fault, iniquity, mischief, punishment (of iniquity), sin.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


עוון עון

1. perversity, depravity, iniquity, guilt or punishment of iniquity
a. iniquity
b. guilt of iniquity, guilt (as great), guilt (of condition)
c. consequence of or punishment for iniquity
Origin: from H5753
TWOT: 1577a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) perversity, depravity, iniquity, guilt or punishment of iniquity
1a) iniquity
1b) guilt of iniquity, guilt (as great), guilt (of condition)
1c) consequence of or punishment for iniquity

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First 30 of 230 occurrences of H5771 עוון עון

Genesis 4:13 Mine iniquity
Genesis 15:16 for the iniquity
Genesis 19:15 in the iniquity
Genesis 44:16 the iniquity
Exodus 20:5 the iniquity
Exodus 28:38 the iniquity
Exodus 28:43 not iniquity,
Exodus 34:7 iniquity
Exodus 34:7 the iniquity
Exodus 34:9 our iniquity
Leviticus 5:1 his iniquity.
Leviticus 5:17 his iniquity.
Leviticus 7:18 his iniquity.
Leviticus 10:17 the iniquity
Leviticus 16:21 over him all the iniquities
Leviticus 16:22 upon him all their iniquities
Leviticus 17:16 his iniquity.
Leviticus 18:25 its iniquity
Leviticus 19:8 his iniquity,
Leviticus 20:17 his iniquity.
Leviticus 20:19 their iniquity.
Leviticus 22:16 the iniquity
Leviticus 26:39 in their iniquity
Leviticus 26:39 and also in the iniquities
Leviticus 26:40 their iniquity,
Leviticus 26:40 and the iniquity
Leviticus 26:41 of the punishment of their iniquity:
Leviticus 26:43 of the punishment of their iniquity:
Numbers 5:15 iniquity
Numbers 5:31 from iniquity,

Distinct usage

25 the iniquity
9 iniquity
5 for the iniquity
5 his iniquity.
5 their iniquity,
5 in his iniquity;
4 their iniquity.
4 thy iniquity,
3 their iniquity
2 of the punishment of their iniquity:
2 her iniquity.
2 your iniquities,
2 myself from my iniquity.
2 not their iniquity,
2 not iniquity,
2 my iniquity;
2 for iniquity,
2 for their iniquity.
2 for their iniquity;
2 for their iniquity:
2 and the iniquities
2 their iniquities.
2 of his iniquity
2 in his iniquity.
1 over him all the iniquities
1 upon him all their iniquities
1 its iniquity
1 in their iniquity
1 and also in the iniquities
1 and the iniquity
1 from iniquity,
1 for any iniquity,
1 that the iniquity
1 what is my iniquity?
1 upon me let this iniquity
1 no punishment
1 any iniquity
1 my sin
1 some mischief
1 for our iniquities
1 and for our iniquities
1 than our iniquities
1 after my iniquity,
1 me from my iniquity.
1 of thee less than thy iniquity
1 How many are my iniquities
1 the iniquities
1 my iniquity.
1 bringeth the punishments
1 his iniquity;
1 and thy iniquities
1 yea, it is an iniquity
1 This also were an iniquity
1 my iniquity
1 neither is there iniquity
1 because of my iniquity,
1 to thee, and my iniquity
1 until his iniquity
1 For my iniquities
1 me: my iniquities

Corresponding Greek Words

avon G52 agnoia
avon G92 adikema
avon G93 adikia
avon G156 aitia
avon G264 hamartanoo
avon G265 hamartema
avon G266 hamartia
avon G458 anomia
avon G459 a nomos
avon G763 asebeia
avon G819 atimia
avon G3892 paranomia

Related words

H5771 עוון עון

H5753 עוה ‛âvâh

A primitive root; to crook, literally or figuratively

KJV Usage: do amiss, bow down, make crooked, commit iniquity, pervert, (do) perverse (-ly), trouble, X turn, do wickedly, do wrong.

H4596 מעי me ‛ı̂y
me ‛ı̂y
From H5753; a pile of rubbish (as contorted), that is, a ruin (compare H5856)

KJV Usage: heap.

H5754 עוּה ‛avvâh
Intensive from H5753 abbreviated; overthrow

KJV Usage: X overturn.

H5758 עויא ‛ivyâ'
(Chaldee); from a root corresponding to H5753; perverseness

KJV Usage: iniquity.

עיוּת עיּות עוית o
‛ăvı̂yth ‛ayyôth ‛ayûth
av-veeth', ah-yoth', ah-yooth'
From H5753; ruin; Avvith (or Avvoth), a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Avith.

H5773 עועה ‛av‛eh
From H5753; perversity

KJV Usage: X perverse.

H5856 עי ‛ı̂y
From H5753; a ruin (as if overturned)

KJV Usage: heap.