H7350 רחק רחוק - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

רחק רחוק
râchôq râchôq
raw-khoke', raw-khoke'
From H7368; remote, literally of figuratively, of place or time; specifically precious; often used adverbially (with preposition)

KJV Usage: (a-) far (abroad, off), long ago, of old, space, great while to come.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


רחק רחוק
1. remote, far, distant, distant lands, distant ones
a. of distance, time n m
2. distance
a. from a distance (with prep)
Origin: from H7368
TWOT: 2151b
Parts of Speech:

1) remote, far, distant, distant lands, distant ones
1a) of distance, time
n m
2) distance
2a) from a distance (with prep)

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First 30 of 84 occurrences of H7350 רחק רחוק

Genesis 22:4 afar off.
Genesis 37:18 him afar off,
Exodus 2:4 afar off,
Exodus 20:18 afar off.
Exodus 20:21 afar off,
Exodus 24:1 ye afar off.
Numbers 9:10 afar off,
Deuteronomy 13:7 to thee, or far off
Deuteronomy 20:15 distant
Deuteronomy 28:49 against thee from far,
Deuteronomy 29:22 from a distant
Deuteronomy 30:11 from thee, neither is it far off.
Joshua 3:4 Yet there shall be a space
Joshua 9:6 from a far
Joshua 9:9 far
Joshua 9:22 far
Judges 18:7 and they were far
Judges 18:28 because it was far
1 Samuel 26:13 afar off;
2 Samuel 7:19 for a great while to come.
1 Kings 8:41 of a far
1 Kings 8:46 far
2 Kings 2:7 afar off:
2 Kings 19:25 long ago
2 Kings 20:14 from a far
1 Chronicles 17:17 for a great while to come,
2 Chronicles 6:32 from a distant
2 Chronicles 6:36 far off
2 Chronicles 26:15 far abroad;
Ezra 3:13 afar off.

Distinct usage

7 afar off,
6 afar off.
5 far
3 is far
3 from far,
2 afar off:
2 from afar,
2 of old
2 afar off;
2 from a far
2 from a distant
2 thee from afar,
2 from far;
1 him afar off,
1 ye afar off.
1 to thee, or far off
1 distant
1 against thee from far,
1 from thee, neither is it far off.
1 Yet there shall be a space
1 and they were far
1 because it was far
1 long ago
1 far abroad;
1 far from
1 even afar off.
1 and far,
1 me? why art thou so far
1 and of them that are afar off
1 a long
1 far off.
1 That which is far off,
1 from far.
1 her far off
1 Ye that are far off,
1 long ago,
1 from far:
1 to him that is far off,
1 afar off?
1 And they that are far off
1 far off,
1 it long ago.
1 of a far
1 to me, from a far
1 far off:
1 and far from
1 that are far from
1 He that is far off
1 and those that are far
1 thou afar off,
1 for a great while to come,
1 that are distant.
1 it afar off.
1 far off
1 but it was far
1 and that are far off,
1 for a great while to come.

Corresponding Greek Words

rachoq G4206 & G4208 porro
rachoq G566,567 & G568 ap echo
rachoq G746 arche
rachoq G3112 makran
rachoq G3112 makran
rachoq G3113 makrothen
rachoq G3117 makros
rachoq G3117 makros
rachoq G4207 porrothen
rachoq G5093 timios
lemerachoq G3117 makros *
lemerachoq G3819 palai *
merachoq G744 archaios *
merachoq G3113 makrothen *
merachoq G4207 porrothen *

Related words


H3128 יונת אלם רחקים yônath 'êlem re chôqı̂ym
יונת אלם רחקים
yônath 'êlem re chôqı̂ym
yo-nath' ay'-lem rekh-o-keem'
From H3123 and H482 and the plural of H7350; dove of (the) silence (that is, dumb Israel) of (that is, among) distances (that is, strangers); the title of a ditty (used for a name of its melody)

KJV Usage: Jonath-elem-rechokim.

H7352 רחיק rachı̂yq
(Chaldee); corresponding to H7350

KJV Usage: far.

H7368 רחק râchaq

A primitive root; to widen (in any direction), that is, (intransitively) recede or (transitively) remove (literally or figuratively, of place or relation)

KJV Usage: (a, be, cast, drive, get, go, keep [self], put, remove, be too, [wander], withdraw) far (away, off), loose, X refrain, very, (be) a good way (off).

H4801 מרחק merchâq
From H7368; remoteness, that is, (concretely) a distant place; often (adverbially) from afar

KJV Usage: (a, dwell in, very) far (country, off). See also H1023.

H7369 רחק râchêq
From H7368; remote

KJV Usage: that are far.