H7701 שׁוד שׁד - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

שׁוד שׁד
shôd shôd
shode, shode
From H7736; violence, ravage

KJV Usage: desolation, destruction, oppression, robbery, spoil (-ed, -er, -ing), wasting.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

שׁוד שׁד

1. havoc, violence, destruction, devastation, ruin
a. violence, havoc (as social sin)
b. devastation, ruin
Origin: from H7736
TWOT: 2331a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) havoc, violence, destruction, devastation, ruin
1a) violence, havoc (as social sin)
1b) devastation, ruin

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25 occurrences of H7701 שׁוד שׁד

Job 5:21 of destruction
Job 5:22 At destruction
Psalms 12:5 For the oppression
Proverbs 21:7 The robbery
Proverbs 24:2 destruction,
Isaiah 13:6 as a destruction
Isaiah 16:4 the spoiler
Isaiah 22:4 me, because of the plundering
Isaiah 51:19 for thee? desolation,
Isaiah 59:7 wasting
Isaiah 60:18 wasting
Jeremiah 6:7 and destruction
Jeremiah 20:8 and spoil;
Jeremiah 48:3 violence
Ezekiel 45:9 and spoil,
Hosea 7:13 from me: destruction
Hosea 9:6 because of destruction:
Hosea 10:14 plundered
Hosea 12:1 and desolation;
Joel 1:15 and as a destruction
Amos 3:10 and robbery
Amos 5:9 the spoiled
Amos 5:9 so that the spoiled
Habakkuk 1:3 for plundering
Habakkuk 2:17 thee, and the spoil

Distinct usage

2 wasting
1 of destruction
1 At destruction
1 For the oppression
1 The robbery
1 destruction,
1 as a destruction
1 the spoiler
1 for thee? desolation,
1 and destruction
1 and spoil;
1 violence
1 and spoil,
1 from me: destruction
1 because of destruction:
1 plundered
1 and desolation;
1 and as a destruction
1 and robbery
1 the spoiled
1 so that the spoiled
1 for plundering
1 thee, and the spoil
1 me, because of the plundering

Corresponding Greek Words

shod G94 adikos
shod G2556 kakos
shod G3639 olethros
shod G4430 ptoma
shod G4938 sun trimma
shod G5004 talaiporia

Related words

H7701 שׁוד שׁד

H7736 שׁוּד shûd

A primitive root; properly to swell up, that is, figuratively (by implication of insolence) to devastate

KJV Usage: waste.

H7699 שׁד שׁד shad shôd
שׁד שׁד
shad shôd
shad, shode
Probably from H7736 (in its original sense) contracted; the breast of a woman or animal (as bulging)

KJV Usage: breast, pap, teat.

H7700 שׁד shêd
From H7736; a daemon (as malignant)

KJV Usage: devil.

H7874 שׂיד śı̂yd
A primitive root probably meaning to boil up (compare H7736); used only as denominative from H7875; to plaster

KJV Usage: plaister.