H7998 שׁלל - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H7997; booty

KJV Usage: prey, spoil.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. prey, plunder, spoil, booty
a. prey
b. booty, spoil, plunder (of war)
c. plunder (private)
d. gain (meaning dubious)
Origin: from H7997
TWOT: 2400a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) prey, plunder, spoil, booty
1a) prey
1b) booty, spoil, plunder (of war)
1c) plunder (private)
1d) gain (meaning dubious)

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First 30 of 73 occurrences of H7998 שׁלל

Genesis 49:27 the spoil.
Exodus 15:9 the spoil;
Numbers 31:11 all the spoil,
Numbers 31:12 and the spoil,
Deuteronomy 2:35 to ourselves, and the spoil
Deuteronomy 3:7 and the spoil
Deuteronomy 13:16 all the spoil
Deuteronomy 13:16 and all the spoil,
Deuteronomy 20:14 even all the spoil
Deuteronomy 20:14 the spoil
Joshua 7:21 among the spoils
Joshua 8:2 only its spoil,
Joshua 8:27 and the spoil
Joshua 11:14 And all the spoil
Joshua 22:8 the spoil
Judges 5:30 the spoil;
Judges 5:30 a spoil
Judges 5:30 a spoil
Judges 5:30 of them that take the spoil?
Judges 8:24 of his spoil.
Judges 8:25 of his spoil.
1 Samuel 14:30 of the spoil
1 Samuel 14:32 upon the spoil,
1 Samuel 15:19 upon the spoil,
1 Samuel 15:21 of the spoil,
1 Samuel 30:16 spoil
1 Samuel 30:19 neither spoil,
1 Samuel 30:20 spoil.
1 Samuel 30:22 them any of the spoil
1 Samuel 30:26 of the spoil

Distinct usage

7 the spoil
4 spoil
3 the spoil.
3 and the spoil
3 of the spoil
3 spoil.
2 of his spoil.
2 the spoil,
2 the spoil;
2 and to plunder
2 all the spoil
2 upon the spoil,
2 a spoil
1 all the spoil,
1 to ourselves, and the spoil
1 even all the spoil
1 only its spoil,
1 neither spoil,
1 for you of the spoil
1 to the spoil.
1 of spoil
1 Out of the spoils
1 and with the spoil
1 with spoil:
1 of spoil.
1 may be their prey,
1 And your spoil
1 shall be to him for a prize.
1 for a prize,
1 shall be for a prize
1 to thee for a prize
1 a spoil:
1 shall be a prey:
1 for a spoil;
1 and spoil,
1 upon them, and they shall be a spoil
1 and thy spoil
1 a spoil?
1 spoil?
1 and all the spoil,
1 of them that take the spoil?
1 of the spoil,
1 and the spoil,
1 And all the spoil
1 them any of the spoil
1 and of the spoil
1 a spoil,
1 among the spoils
1 her spoil,

Corresponding Greek Words

shalal G684 apoleia
shalal G724 harpage
shalal G4661 skulon

Related words


H4122 מהר שׁלל חשׁ בּז mahêr shâlâl châsh baz
מהר שׁלל חשׁ בּז
mahêr shâlâl châsh baz
mah-hare' shaw-lawl' khawsh baz
From H4118 and H7998 and H2363 and H957; hasting (as he (the enemy) to the) booty, swift (to the) prey; Maher-Shalal Chash-Baz; the symbolical name of the son of Isaiah

KJV Usage: Maher-shalal-hash-baz.

H7997 שׁלל shâlal

A primitive root; to drop or strip; by implication to plunder

KJV Usage: let fall, make self a prey, X of purpose, (make a, [take]) spoil.

שׁילל שׁולל o
shôlâl shêylâl
sho-lawl', shay-lawl'
The second form being used in Micah 1:8; from H7997; nude (especially bare foot); by implication captive

KJV Usage: spoiled, stripped.

H7953 שׁלה shâlâh
A primitive root (rather cognate (by contraction) to the base of H5394, H7997 and their congeners through the idea of extracting); to draw out or off, that is, remove (the soul by death)

KJV Usage: take away.