H3680 כּסה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

A primitive root; properly to plump, that is, fill up hollows; by implication to cover (for clothing or secrecy)

KJV Usage: clad self, close, clothe, conceal, cover (self), (flee to) hide, overwhelm.

Compare H3780.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. to cover, conceal, hide
a. (Qal) conceal, covered (participle)
b. (Niphal) to be covered
c. (Piel)
1. to cover, clothe
2. to cover, conceal
3. to cover (for protection)
4. to cover over, spread over
5. to cover, overwhelm
d. (Pual)
1. to be covered
2. to be clothed
e. (Hithpael) to cover oneself, clothe oneself
Origin: a primitive root
TWOT: 1008
Parts of Speech: Verb

to cover
1) to cover, conceal, hide
1a) (Qal) conceal, covered (participle)
1b) (Niphal) to be covered
1c) (Piel)
1c1) to cover, clothe
1c2) to cover, conceal
1c3) to cover (for protection)
1c4) to cover over, spread over
1c5) to cover, overwhelm
1d) (Pual)
1d1) to be covered
1d2) to be clothed
1e) (Hithpael) to cover oneself, clothe oneself

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First 30 of 152 occurrences of H3680 כּסה

Genesis 7:19 were covered.
Genesis 7:20 were covered.
Genesis 9:23 and covered
Genesis 18:17 Shall I hide
Genesis 24:65 and covered herself.
Genesis 37:26 and conceal
Genesis 38:14 and covered her
Genesis 38:15 because she had covered
Exodus 8:6 and covered
Exodus 10:5 And they shall cover
Exodus 10:15 For they covered
Exodus 14:28 and covered
Exodus 15:5 have covered
Exodus 15:10 covered
Exodus 16:13 and covered
Exodus 21:33 and not cover
Exodus 24:15 covered
Exodus 24:16 covered
Exodus 26:13 on this side and on that side, to cover
Exodus 28:42 to cover
Exodus 29:13 that covereth
Exodus 29:22 that covereth
Exodus 40:34 covered
Leviticus 3:3 that covereth
Leviticus 3:9 that covereth
Leviticus 3:14 that covereth
Leviticus 4:8 that covereth
Leviticus 7:3 that covereth
Leviticus 13:12 shall cover
Leviticus 13:13 hath covered

Distinct usage

13 covered
11 shall cover
10 and covered
10 to cover
8 and cover
7 that covereth
6 cover
4 covereth
4 hath covered
2 were covered.
2 he covereth
2 may cover
2 concealeth
2 he covered
2 which covered
2 I will cover
2 covering
2 and hath covered
2 He that covereth
1 Shall I hide
1 and covered herself.
1 and conceal
1 and covered her
1 because she had covered
1 have covered
1 on this side and on that side, to cover
1 with which thou coverest
1 and they covered
1 and he had clad
1 Because he covereth
1 and hide
1 upon it, and covereth
1 hath overwhelmed
1 overwhelmed
1 Thou didst cover
1 I flee to thee to hide
1 Who covereth
1 He that hideth
1 had covered
1 shall be covered
1 and have covered
1 that thou shouldest cover
1 and will cover
1 she is covered
1 and I covered
1 given to cover
1 from him, and covered
1 for one covereth
1 closed
1 and not cover
1 upon them, and covered
1 of Israel, who were clothed
1 through it: he shall cover
1 were covered;
1 I have not hid
1 If I have covered
1 have I not hid.
1 thou hast covered
1 and shall no more cover
1 is covered

Corresponding Greek Words

kasah G4115 platuno
kasah pi,ni,pu G2572 kalupto
kasah pi,pu,hithpa G4016 peri ballo
kasah pi. G2186 eph istemi
kasah pi. G2703 kata pheugo
kasah pi. G2927 kruptos
kasah pi. G4028 peri kalupto
kasah pi.,ni. G2619 kata kalupto
kasah pu. G380 ana ptusso
kasah qal,pi,hithp G2928 krupto
khasah qal,pi,pu G1943 epi kalupto

Related words


H3677 כּסה כּסא kese' keseh
כּסה כּסא
kese' keseh
keh'-seh, keh'-seh
Apparently from H3680; properly fulness or the full moon, that is, its festival

KJV Usage: (time) appointed.

H3678 כּסּה כּסּא kissê' kissêh
כּסּה כּסּא
kissê' kissêh
kis-say', kis-say'
From H3680; properly covered, that is, a throne (as canopied)

KJV Usage: seat, stool, throne.

H3681 כּסוּי kâsûy
Passive participle of H3680; properly covered, that is, (as noun) a covering

KJV Usage: covering.

H3682 כּסוּת ke sûth
ke sûth
From H3680; a cover (garment); figuratively a veiling

KJV Usage: covering, raiment, vesture.

H3704 כּסת keseth
From H3680; a cushion or pillow (as covering a seat or bed)

KJV Usage: pillow.

H3780 כּשׂה kâśâh
A primitive root; to grow fat (that is, be covered with flesh)

KJV Usage: be covered.

Compare H3680.

H4372 מכסה mikseh
From H3680; a covering, that is, weather boarding

KJV Usage: covering.

H4374 מכסּה me kasseh
me kasseh
From H3680; a covering, that is, garment; specifically a coverlet (for a bed), an awning (from the sun); also the omentum (as covering the intestines)

KJV Usage: clothing, to cover, that which covereth.

H3780 כּשׂה kâśâh

A primitive root; to grow fat (that is, be covered with flesh)

KJV Usage: be covered.

Compare H3680.