H3678 כּסּה כּסּא - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

כּסּה כּסּא
kissê' kissêh
kis-say', kis-say'
From H3680; properly covered, that is, a throne (as canopied)

KJV Usage: seat, stool, throne.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


כּסּה כּסּא

1. seat (of honour), throne, seat, stool
a. seat (of honour), throne
b. royal dignity, authority, power (fig.)
Origin: from H3680
TWOT: 1007
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) seat (of honour), throne, seat, stool
1a) seat (of honour), throne
1b) royal dignity, authority, power (fig.)

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First 30 of 135 occurrences of H3678 כּסּה כּסּא

Genesis 41:40 only in the throne
Exodus 11:5 upon his throne,
Exodus 12:29 on his throne
Deuteronomy 17:18 upon the throne
Judges 3:20 from his seat.
1 Samuel 1:9 upon a seat
1 Samuel 2:8 the throne
1 Samuel 4:13 upon a seat
1 Samuel 4:18 from off the seat
2 Samuel 3:10 the throne
2 Samuel 7:13 the throne
2 Samuel 7:16 thee: thy throne
2 Samuel 14:9 and his throne
1 Kings 1:13 upon my throne?
1 Kings 1:17 upon my throne.
1 Kings 1:20 on the throne
1 Kings 1:24 upon my throne?
1 Kings 1:27 on the throne
1 Kings 1:30 upon my throne
1 Kings 1:35 upon my throne;
1 Kings 1:37 his throne
1 Kings 1:37 than the throne
1 Kings 1:46 on the throne
1 Kings 1:47 his throne
1 Kings 1:47 than thy throne.
1 Kings 1:48 on my throne
1 Kings 2:4 from upon the throne
1 Kings 2:12 upon the throne
1 Kings 2:19 on his throne,
1 Kings 2:19 and caused a seat

Distinct usage

15 upon the throne
13 the throne
11 on the throne
11 his throne
6 throne
6 and his throne
5 on his throne,
3 thy throne
2 upon his throne,
2 upon a seat
2 upon my throne?
2 upon thy throne
2 for the throne
2 of the throne
2 throne,
2 upon his throne:
2 to the throne,
2 upon his throne;
2 my throne
2 shall the throne
1 on his throne
1 from his seat.
1 from off the seat
1 upon my throne.
1 upon my throne
1 upon my throne;
1 than the throne
1 than thy throne.
1 on my throne
1 and caused a seat
1 me on the throne
1 and a stool,
1 above the throne
1 to the throne
1 his seat
1 of his throne,
1 are they on the throne;
1 of thy throne:
1 of his throne.
1 thrones
1 the thrones
1 on a seat
1 upon a throne,
1 is my throne,
1 of a throne,
1 of a throne.
1 from his throne,
1 from their thrones
1 and upon his throne,
1 thee on the throne
1 thee on his throne,
1 Thy throne,
1 there is no throne,
1 from their thrones,
1 thee: thy throne
1 and the throne
1 of them on his throne,
1 only in the throne
1 upon thy throne.
1 of my throne,

Corresponding Greek Words

kisse G2362 thronos

Related words


H3676 כּס kês
Apparently a contraction for H3678, but probably by erroneous transcription for H5251

KJV Usage: sworn.

H3764 כּרסא korsê'
(Chaldee); corresponding to H3678; a throne

KJV Usage: throne.

H3680 כּסה kâsâh

A primitive root; properly to plump, that is, fill up hollows; by implication to cover (for clothing or secrecy)

KJV Usage: clad self, close, clothe, conceal, cover (self), (flee to) hide, overwhelm.

Compare H3780.

H3677 כּסה כּסא kese' keseh
כּסה כּסא
kese' keseh
keh'-seh, keh'-seh
Apparently from H3680; properly fulness or the full moon, that is, its festival

KJV Usage: (time) appointed.

H3681 כּסוּי kâsûy
Passive participle of H3680; properly covered, that is, (as noun) a covering

KJV Usage: covering.

H3682 כּסוּת ke sûth
ke sûth
From H3680; a cover (garment); figuratively a veiling

KJV Usage: covering, raiment, vesture.

H3704 כּסת keseth
From H3680; a cushion or pillow (as covering a seat or bed)

KJV Usage: pillow.

H3780 כּשׂה kâśâh
A primitive root; to grow fat (that is, be covered with flesh)

KJV Usage: be covered.

Compare H3680.

H4372 מכסה mikseh
From H3680; a covering, that is, weather boarding

KJV Usage: covering.

H4374 מכסּה me kasseh
me kasseh
From H3680; a covering, that is, garment; specifically a coverlet (for a bed), an awning (from the sun); also the omentum (as covering the intestines)

KJV Usage: clothing, to cover, that which covereth.