H3256 יסר - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

A primitive root; to chastise, literally (with blows) or figuratively (with words); hence to instruct

KJV Usage: bind, chasten, chastise, correct, instruct, punish, reform, reprove, sore, teach.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. to chasten, discipline, instruct, admonish
a. (Qal)
1. to chasten, admonish
2. to instruct
3. to discipline
b. (Niphal) to let oneself be chastened or corrected or admonished
c. (Piel)
1. to discipline, correct
2. to chasten, chastise
d. (Hiphil) to chasten
e. (Nithpael) to teach
Origin: a primitive root
TWOT: 877
Parts of Speech: Verb

to discipline
1) to chasten, discipline, instruct, admonish
1a1) to chasten, admonish
1a2) to instruct
1a3) to discipline
1b) (Niphal) to let oneself be chastened or corrected or admonished
1c) (Piel)
1c1) to discipline, correct
1c2) to chasten, chastise
1d) (Hiphil) to chasten
1e) (Nithpael) to teach

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First 30 of 43 occurrences of H3256 יסר

Leviticus 26:18 to me, then I will chastise
Leviticus 26:23 And if ye will not be chastised
Leviticus 26:28 I, will chastise
Deuteronomy 4:36 that he might instruct
Deuteronomy 8:5 chasteneth
Deuteronomy 8:5 chasteneth
Deuteronomy 21:18 and who, when they have chastened
Deuteronomy 22:18 and chastise
1 Kings 12:11 hath chastised
1 Kings 12:11 but I will chastise
1 Kings 12:14 also chastised
1 Kings 12:14 but I will chastise
1 Chronicles 15:22 he instructed
2 Chronicles 10:11 chastised
2 Chronicles 10:14 chastised
Job 4:3 Behold, thou hast instructed
Psalms 2:10 be instructed,
Psalms 6:1 neither chasten
Psalms 16:7 also instruct
Psalms 38:1 neither chasten
Psalms 39:11 dost chastise
Psalms 94:10 He that chastiseth
Psalms 94:12 whom thou chastenest,
Psalms 118:18 hath chastened
Psalms 118:18 me greatly:
Proverbs 9:7 He that chastiseth
Proverbs 19:18 Chasten
Proverbs 29:17 Correct
Proverbs 29:19 will not be corrected
Proverbs 31:1 taught

Distinct usage

2 chasteneth
2 but I will chastise
2 chastised
2 neither chasten
2 correct
2 He that chastiseth
1 I, will chastise
1 that he might instruct
1 and who, when they have chastened
1 and chastise
1 hath chastised
1 also chastised
1 he instructed
1 Behold, thou hast instructed
1 be instructed,
1 also instruct
1 whom thou chastenest,
1 hath chastened
1 me greatly:
1 will not be corrected
1 taught
1 and instructed
1 doth instruct
1 of thee: but I will correct
1 himself thus; Thou hast chastised
1 me, and I was chastised,
1 of thee, but correct
1 may be taught
1 that I should chastise
1 Chasten
1 I will chastise
1 Be thou instructed,
1 to me, then I will chastise
1 dost chastise
1 And if ye will not be chastised
1 Though I have chastised
1 shall correct

Corresponding Greek Words

yasar G758 archon
yasar pi. G3560 noutheteo
yasar qal,ni,pi,hi G3811 peideuo

Related words

H3256 יסר

H3250 יסּור yissôr
From H3256; a reprover

KJV Usage: instruct.

H4147 מסרה מוסרה מוסר môsêr môsêrâh môse râh
מסרה מוסרה מוסר
môsêr môsêrâh môse râh
mo-sare', mo-say-raw', mo-ser-aw'
From H3256; properly chastisement, that is, (by implication) a halter; figuratively restraint

KJV Usage: band, bond.

H4148 מוּסר mûsâr
From H3256; properly chastisement; figuratively reproof, warning or instruction; also restraint

KJV Usage: bond, chastening ([-eth]), chastisement, check, correction, discipline, doctrine, instruction, rebuke.

H4561 מסר môsâr
From H3256; admonition

KJV Usage: instruction.