Genesis 49

  1 H3290 And Jacob H7121 [H8799] called H1121 to his sons, H559 [H8799] and said, H622 [H8734] Gather yourselves together, H5046 [H8686] that I may tell H7122 [H8799] you that which shall befall H319 you in the last H3117 days.
  2 H6908 [H8734] Gather yourselves together, H8085 [H8798] and hear, H1121 ye sons H3290 of Jacob; H8085 [H8798] and hearken H3478 to Israel H1 your father.
  3 H7205 Reuben, H1060 thou art my firstborn, H3581 my might, H7225 and the beginning H202 of my strength, H3499 the excellency H7613 of dignity, H3499 and the excellency H5794 of power:
  4 H6349 Unstable H4325 as water, H3498 [H8686] thou shalt not excel; H5927 [H8804] because thou wentest up H1 to thy father's H4904 bed; H2490 [H8765] then thou didst defile H5927 [H8804] it: he went up H3326 to my couch.
  5 H8095 Simeon H3878 and Levi H251 are brethren; H3627 instruments H2555 of cruelty H4380 are in their habitations.
  6 H5315 O my soul, H935 [H8799] come H5475 not thou into their secret; H6951 to their assembly, H3519 my honour, H3161 [H8799] be not thou united: H639 for in their anger H2026 [H8804] they slew H376 a man, H7522 and in their selfwill H6131 [H8765] they digged down H7794 a wall.
  7 H779 [H8803] Cursed H639 be their anger, H5794 for it was fierce; H5678 and their wrath, H7185 [H8804] for it was cruel: H2505 [H8762] I will divide H3290 them in Jacob, H6327 [H8686] and scatter H3478 them in Israel.
  8 H3063 Judah, H251 thou art he whom thy brethren H3034 [H8686] shall praise: H3027 thy hand H6203 shall be on the neck H341 [H8802] of thy enemies; H1 thy father's H1121 children H7812 [H8691] shall bow down before thee.
  9 H3063 Judah H738 is a lion's H1482 whelp: H2964 from the prey, H1121 my son, H5927 [H8804] thou hast gone up: H3766 [H8804] he stooped down, H7257 [H8804] he crouched H738 as a lion, H3833 and as an old lion; H6965 [H8686] who shall rouse him up?
  10 H7626 The sceptre H5493 [H8799] shall not depart H3063 from Judah, H2710 [H8781] nor a lawgiver H7272 from between his feet, H3588 until H7886 Shiloh H935 [H8799] shall come; H3349 and to him shall be the obedience H5971 of the people.
  11 H631 [H8802] Binding H5895 his foal H1612 to the vine, H860 and his donkey's H1121 colt H8321 to the choice vine; H3526 [H8765] he washed H3830 his garments H3196 in wine, H5497 and his clothes H1818 in the blood H6025 of grapes:
  12 H5869 His eyes H2447 shall be red H3196 with wine, H8127 and his teeth H3836 white H2461 with milk.
  13 H2074 Zebulun H7931 [H8799] shall dwell H2348 at the haven H3220 of the sea; H2348 and he shall be for an haven H591 of ships; H3411 and his border H6721 shall be to Zidon.
  14 H3485 Issachar H1634 is a strong H2543 donkey H7257 [H8802] crouching down H4942 between two burdens:
  15 H7200 [H8799] And he saw H4496 that rest H2896 was good, H776 and the land H5276 [H8804] that it was pleasant; H5186 [H8799] and bowed H7926 his shoulder H5445 [H8800] to bear, H5647 [H8802] and became a slave H4522 at forced labour.
  16 H1835 Dan H1777 [H8799] shall judge H5971 his people, H259 as one H7626 of the tribes H3478 of Israel.
  17 H1835 Dan H5175 shall be a serpent H1870 by the way, H8207 an adder H734 in the path, H5391 [H8802] that biteth H5483 the horse H6119 heels, H7392 [H8802] so that his rider H5307 [H8799] shall fall H268 backward.
  18 H6960 [H8765] I have waited for H3444 thy salvation, H3068 O LORD.
  19 H1410 Gad, H1416 a troop H1464 [H8799] shall overcome H1464 [H8799] him: but he shall overcome H6119 at the last.
  20 H836 Out of Asher H3899 his bread H8082 shall be fat, H5414 [H8799] and he shall yield H4428 royal H4574 dainties.
  21 H5321 Naphtali H355 is a hind H7971 [H8803] let loose: H5414 [H8802] he giveth H8233 goodly H561 words.
  22 H3130 Joseph H6509 [H8802] is a fruitful H1121 bough, H6509 [H8802] even a fruitful H1121 bough H5869 by a well; H1323 whose branches H6805 [H8804] run H7791 over the wall:
  23 H1167 H2671 The archers H4843 [H8762] have bitterly attacked him, H7232 [H8804] and shot H7852 [H8799] at him, and hated him:
  24 H7198 But his bow H3427 [H8799] abode H386 in strength, H2220 and the arms H3027 of his hands H6339 [H8799] were made strong H3027 by the hands H46 of the mighty H3290 God of Jacob; H7462 [H8802] (from there is the shepherd, H68 the stone H3478 of Israel:)
  25 H410 Even by the God H1 of thy father, H5826 [H8799] who shall help H854 thee; and by H7706 the Almighty, H1288 [H8762] who shall bless H1293 thee with blessings H8064 of heaven H5920 above, H1293 blessings H8415 of the deep H7257 [H8802] that lieth H1293 beneath, blessings H7699 of the breasts, H7356 and of the womb:
  26 H1293 The blessings H1 of thy father H1396 [H8804] have prevailed H1293 above the blessings H2029 [H8802] of my ancestors H8379 to the utmost bound H5769 of the everlasting H1389 hills: H7218 they shall be on the head H3130 of Joseph, H6936 and on the crown of the head H5139 of him that was separate H251 from his brethren.
  27 H1144 Benjamin H2963 [H8799] shall raven H2061 as a wolf: H1242 in the morning H398 [H8799] he shall devour H5706 the prey, H6153 and at night H2505 [H8762] he shall divide H7998 the spoil.
  28 H6240 H8147 All these are the twelve H7626 tribes H3478 of Israel: H1 and this is it which their father H1696 [H8765] spoke H1288 [H8762] to them, and blessed H834 them; every H376 one H1293 according to his blessing H1288 [H8765] he blessed them.
  29 H6680 [H8762] And he charged H559 [H8799] them, and said H622 [H8737] to them, I am to be gathered H5971 to my people: H6912 [H8798] bury H1 me with my fathers H4631 in the cave H7704 that is in the field H6085 of Ephron H2850 the Hittite,
  30 H4631 In the cave H7704 that is in the field H4375 of Machpelah, H6440 which is before H4471 Mamre, H776 in the land H3667 of Canaan, H85 which Abraham H7069 [H8804] bought H7704 with the field H6085 of Ephron H2850 the Hittite H272 for a possession H6913 of a buryingplace.
  31 H6912 [H8804] There they buried H85 Abraham H8283 and Sarah H802 his wife; H6912 [H8804] there they buried H3327 Isaac H7259 and Rebekah H802 his wife; H6912 [H8804] and there I buried H3812 Leah.
  32 H4735 The purchase H7704 of the field H4631 and of the cave H1121 that is in it was from the children H2845 of Heth.
  33 H3290 And when Jacob H3615 [H8762] had made an end H6680 [H8763] of commanding H1121 his sons, H622 [H8799] he drew H7272 his feet H4296 into the bed, H1478 [H8799] and yielded up the ghost, H622 [H8735] and was gathered H5971 to his people.