H5321 נפתּלי - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H6617; my wrestling; Naphtali, a son of Jacob, with the tribe descended from him, and its territory

KJV Usage: Naphtali.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

Naphtali = "wrestling" n pr m
1. the 5th son of Jacob and the 2nd by Bilhah the handmaid of Rachel
2. the tribe descended from Naphtali the son of Jacob n pr loc
3. the territory assigned to the tribe of Naphtali
Origin: from H6617
TWOT: None
Parts of Speech:

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First 30 of 47 occurrences of H5321 נפתּלי

Genesis 30:8 Naphtali.
Genesis 35:25 and Naphtali:
Genesis 46:24 of Naphtali;
Genesis 49:21 Naphtali
Exodus 1:4 and Naphtali,
Numbers 1:15 Of Naphtali;
Numbers 1:42 of Naphtali,
Numbers 1:43 of Naphtali,
Numbers 2:29 of Naphtali:
Numbers 2:29 of Naphtali
Numbers 7:78 of Naphtali,
Numbers 10:27 of Naphtali
Numbers 13:14 of Naphtali,
Numbers 26:48 of Naphtali
Numbers 26:50 of Naphtali
Numbers 34:28 of Naphtali,
Deuteronomy 27:13 and Naphtali.
Deuteronomy 33:23 And of Naphtali
Deuteronomy 33:23 O Naphtali,
Deuteronomy 34:2 And all Naphtali,
Joshua 19:32 of Naphtali,
Joshua 19:32 of Naphtali
Joshua 19:39 of Naphtali
Joshua 20:7 Naphtali,
Joshua 21:6 of Naphtali,
Joshua 21:32 of Naphtali,
Judges 1:33 Neither did Naphtali
Judges 4:6 of Naphtali
Judges 4:10 and Naphtali
Judges 5:18 and Naphtali

Distinct usage

14 of Naphtali,
7 of Naphtali
4 of Naphtali;
4 of Naphtali.
2 and Naphtali,
2 And of Naphtali
2 Naphtali,
2 and Naphtali
1 Naphtali.
1 and Naphtali:
1 Naphtali
1 of Naphtali:
1 and Naphtali.
1 O Naphtali,
1 And all Naphtali,
1 Neither did Naphtali
1 and to Naphtali;
1 out of Naphtali,
1 was in Naphtali;
1 even to Naphtali,
1 portion for Naphtali.

Corresponding Greek Words

naphtali G3508 nephthaleim _