H4735 מקנה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H7069; something bought, that is, property, but only live stock; abstractly acquisition

KJV Usage: cattle, flock, herd, possession, purchase, substance.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. cattle, livestock
a. cattle, livestock
1. in general of a purchasable domestic animal
b. cows, sheep, goats (in herds and flocks)
Origin: from H7069
TWOT: 2039b
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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First 30 of 64 occurrences of H4735 מקנה

Genesis 4:20 and of such as have cattle.
Genesis 13:2 in cattle,
Genesis 13:7 cattle
Genesis 13:7 cattle:
Genesis 26:14 For he had possession
Genesis 26:14 and possession
Genesis 29:7 that the cattle
Genesis 30:29 thy cattle
Genesis 31:9 the cattle
Genesis 31:18 all his cattle,
Genesis 31:18 the cattle
Genesis 33:17 for his cattle:
Genesis 34:5 were with his cattle
Genesis 34:23 Shall not their cattle
Genesis 36:6 and his cattle,
Genesis 36:7 of their cattle.
Genesis 46:6 their cattle,
Genesis 46:32 for their occupation hath been to feed cattle;
Genesis 46:34 hath been about cattle
Genesis 47:6 over my cattle.
Genesis 47:16 your cattle;
Genesis 47:16 you for your cattle,
Genesis 47:17 their cattle
Genesis 47:17 and for the cattle
Genesis 47:17 for all their cattle
Genesis 47:18 our herds
Genesis 49:32 The purchase
Exodus 9:3 upon thy cattle
Exodus 9:4 between the cattle
Exodus 9:4 and the cattle

Distinct usage

3 cattle
3 cattle,
2 and possession
2 the cattle
2 their cattle,
2 and the cattle
2 and his cattle
2 and your cattle,
1 and of such as have cattle.
1 in cattle,
1 cattle:
1 For he had possession
1 that the cattle
1 thy cattle
1 all his cattle,
1 for his cattle:
1 were with his cattle
1 Shall not their cattle
1 and his cattle,
1 of their cattle.
1 for their occupation hath been to feed cattle;
1 hath been about cattle
1 over my cattle.
1 your cattle;
1 you for your cattle,
1 their cattle
1 and for the cattle
1 for all their cattle
1 our herds
1 The purchase

Corresponding Greek Words

miqneh G2934 ktenos
miqneh G5223 huparxis
miqneh G5225 huparcho