H4631 מערה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

me ‛ârâh
From H5783; a cavern (as dark)

KJV Usage: cave, den, hole.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. cave, den, hole
Origin: from H5783
TWOT: 1704a
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) cave, den, hole

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First 30 of 37 occurrences of H4631 מערה

Genesis 19:30 in a cave,
Genesis 23:9 me the cave
Genesis 23:11 to thee, and the cave
Genesis 23:17 and the cave
Genesis 23:19 in the cave
Genesis 23:20 and the cave
Genesis 25:9 him in the cave
Genesis 49:29 in the cave
Genesis 49:30 In the cave
Genesis 49:32 and of the cave
Genesis 50:13 him in the cave
Joshua 10:16 themselves in a cave
Joshua 10:17 in a cave
Joshua 10:18 of the cave,
Joshua 10:22 of the cave,
Joshua 10:22 to me out of the cave.
Joshua 10:23 to him out of the cave,
Joshua 10:27 them into the cave
Joshua 10:27 upon the cave's
Judges 6:2 and caves,
1 Samuel 13:6 themselves in caves,
1 Samuel 22:1 to the cave
1 Samuel 24:3 where was a cave;
1 Samuel 24:3 of the cave.
1 Samuel 24:7 out of the cave,
1 Samuel 24:8 of the cave,
1 Samuel 24:10 in the cave:
2 Samuel 23:13 to the cave
1 Kings 18:4 in a cave,
1 Kings 18:13 in a cave,

Distinct usage

3 in a cave,
3 in the cave
3 of the cave,
2 to the cave
2 of the cave.
2 him in the cave
2 and the cave
1 themselves in a cave
1 in a cave
1 to me out of the cave.
1 to him out of the cave,
1 them into the cave
1 upon the cave's
1 where was a cave;
1 out of the cave,
1 there to a cave,
1 into the cave
1 shall be for dens
1 become a den
1 themselves in caves,
1 me the cave
1 and in the caves
1 and of the cave
1 and caves,
1 into the holes
1 to thee, and the cave
1 in the cave:

Corresponding Greek Words

mearah G4693 spelaion

Related words


H4632 מערה me ‛ârâh
me ‛ârâh
The same as H4631; cave; Mearah, a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Mearah.

H5783 עוּר ‛ûr

A primitive root; to (be) bare

KJV Usage: be made naked.

H4589 מעור mâ‛ôr
From H5783; nakedness, that is, (in plural) the pudenda

KJV Usage: nakedness.

H5782 עוּר ‛ûr
A primitive root (rather identical with H5783 through the idea of opening the eyes); to wake (literally or figuratively)

KJV Usage: (a-) wake (-n, up), lift up (self), X master, raise (up), stir up (self).

H5785 עור ‛ôr
From H5783; skin (as naked); by implication hide, leather

KJV Usage: hide, leather, skin.