H5785 עור - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H5783; skin (as naked); by implication hide, leather

KJV Usage: hide, leather, skin.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. skin, hide
a. skin (of men)
b. hide (of animals)
Origin: from H5783
TWOT: 1589a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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First 30 of 82 occurrences of H5785 עור

Genesis 3:21 of skins,
Genesis 27:16 the skins
Exodus 22:27 for his skin:
Exodus 25:5 skins
Exodus 25:5 skins,
Exodus 26:14 skins
Exodus 26:14 skins.
Exodus 29:14 and his skin,
Exodus 34:29 not that the skin
Exodus 34:30 behold, the skin
Exodus 34:35 that the skin
Exodus 35:7 skins
Exodus 35:7 skins,
Exodus 35:23 skins
Exodus 35:23 skins,
Exodus 36:19 skins
Exodus 36:19 skins
Exodus 39:34 skins
Exodus 39:34 skins,
Leviticus 4:11 And the skin
Leviticus 7:8 shall have to himself the skin
Leviticus 8:17 and his hide,
Leviticus 9:11 and the hide
Leviticus 11:32 or skin,
Leviticus 13:2 shall have in the skin
Leviticus 13:2 and it be in the skin
Leviticus 13:3 in the skin
Leviticus 13:3 than the skin
Leviticus 13:4 in the skin
Leviticus 13:4 than the skin,

Distinct usage

10 skins,
9 in the skin,
7 skins
7 in the skin
5 of skin;
4 than the skin,
4 than the skin;
3 of skins,
3 my skin
3 their skin
2 shall have in the skin
1 the skins
1 for his skin:
1 skins.
1 and his skin,
1 not that the skin
1 behold, the skin
1 that the skin
1 And the skin
1 shall have to himself the skin
1 and his hide,
1 and the hide
1 or skin,
1 and it be in the skin
1 than the skin
1 not in the skin;
1 not in the skin,
1 all the skin
1 even in the skin
1 than the other skin,