Genesis 49

ECB(i) 1
And Yaaqov calls to his sons, and says, Gather and I tell you what confronts you in the final days. 2 Gather and hear, you sons of Yaaqov and hearken to Yisra El your father. 3 Reu Ben, my firstbirth: you - my force and the beginning of my strength; the remainder of exaltation and the remainder of strength: 4 frothy as water, you remain not, because you ascended to the bed of your father; then you profaned it: he ascended to my couch. 5 Shimon and Levi: brothers with instruments of violence in their swords: 6 come not into their secret, O my soul; to their congregation, unite not, O my honor: for in their wrath they slaughtered a man and in their pleasure they hamstrung oxen: 7 cursed be their wrath, for it is strong; and their fury, for it is hard: I allot them in Yaaqov and scatter them in Yisra El. 8 Yah Hudah: you to whom your brothers spread hands: your hand is on the neck of your enemies; the sons of your father prostrate to you: 9 Yah Hudah is a whelp of a lion: from the prey, my son, you ascend: he kneels; he crouches as a lion and as a roaring lion; who rouses him? 10 Neither turns the scion aside from Yah Hudah nor a statute setter from between his feet until Shiloh come; and the obedience of the people is his: 11 binding his foal to the vine and the son of his she burro to the choice; he launders his robes in wine and his veil in the blood of grapes: 12 his eyes flush with wine and his teeth whiten with milk. 13 Zebulun: he tabernacles at the haven of the sea: and he is for a haven of ships; and his flank is to Sidon. 14 Yissachar: a bony he burro crouching between the stalls: 15 and he sees that rest is good and that the land pleases; and bows his shoulder to bear and becomes to serve as a vassal. 16 Dan: he pleads the cause of his people, as one of the scions of Yisra El: 17 Dan becomes a serpent by the way - an adder in the path who bites the horse heels, so that his rider falls backward. 18 I await your salvation, O Yah Veh. 19 Gad: a troop troops against him: but he troops against the heel. cp Genesis 3:15 20 Asher: his bread fattens and he gives delicacies to the sovereign. 21 Naphtali: a hind sent away: he gives glorious sayings. 22 Yoseph: a fruitful son - a fruitful son by a fountain; whose daughters pace over the wall: 23 the masters of arrows embitter him and shoot and oppose him: 24 and his bow settles perennial and the arms of his hands solidify by the hands of the Almighty of Yaaqov - from there is he who tends, the stone of Yisra El: 25 by El of your father, who helps you; and by Shadday, who blesses you with blessings of the heavens most high - blessings of the abyss that crouch under - blessings of the breasts and of the womb: 26 the blessings of your father prevail mightily above the blessings of those whom I conceived to the limits of the eternal hills: they be on the head of Yoseph and on his scalp who is a Separatist of his brothers. 27 Ben Yamin: he tears as a wolf: in the morning he devours the prey and at evening he allots the loot. 28 All these: the twelve scions of Yisra El: and this is it what their father words to them; and he blesses them - every man according to his blessing he blesses them. 29 And he misvahs them, and says to them, I gather unto my people: entomb me with my fathers in the cave in the field of Ephron the Hethiy 30 - in the cave in the field of Machpelah at the face of Mamre in the land of Kenaan; which Abraham chatteled with the field of Ephron the Hethiy for a possession of a tomb. 31 There they entombed Abraham and Sarah his woman; there they entombed Yischaq and Ribqah his woman; and there I entombed Leah 32 - in the chattel of the field and of the cave therein of the sons of Heth. 33 And Yaaqov finishes misvahing his sons, and he gathers his feet into the bed and expires - and is gathered to his people.