H3220 ים - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From an unused root meaning to roar; a sea (as breaking in noisy surf) or large body of water; specifically (with the article) the Mediterranean; sometimes a large river, or an artificial basin; locally, the west, or (rarely) the south

KJV Usage: sea (X -faring man, [-shore]), south, west (-ern, side, -ward).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. sea
a. Mediterranean Sea
b. Red Sea
c. Dead Sea
d. Sea of Galilee
e. sea (general)
f. mighty river (Nile)
g. the sea (the great basin in the temple court)
h. seaward, west, westward
Origin: from an unused root meaning to roar
TWOT: 871a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) sea
1a) Mediterranean Sea
1b) Red Sea
1c) Dead Sea
1d) Sea of Galilee
1e) sea (general)
1f) mighty river (Nile)
1g) the sea (the great basin in the temple court)
1h) seaward, west, westward

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First 30 of 396 occurrences of H3220 ים

Genesis 1:10 Seas:
Genesis 1:22 in the seas,
Genesis 1:26 of the sea,
Genesis 1:28 of the sea,
Genesis 9:2 of the sea;
Genesis 12:8 on the west,
Genesis 13:14 and westward:
Genesis 14:3 sea.
Genesis 22:17 which is on the sea
Genesis 28:14 to the west,
Genesis 32:12 of the sea,
Genesis 41:49 of the sea,
Genesis 49:13 of the sea;
Exodus 10:19 west
Exodus 10:19 sea;
Exodus 13:18 sea:
Exodus 14:2 and the sea,
Exodus 14:2 by the sea.
Exodus 14:9 by the sea,
Exodus 14:16 over the sea,
Exodus 14:16 of the sea.
Exodus 14:21 over the sea;
Exodus 14:21 caused the sea
Exodus 14:21 the sea
Exodus 14:22 of the sea
Exodus 14:23 of the sea,
Exodus 14:26 over the sea,
Exodus 14:27 over the sea,
Exodus 14:27 and the sea
Exodus 14:27 of the sea.

Distinct usage

27 sea,
21 of the sea
20 of the sea,
20 the sea
18 sea
12 sea.
12 of the sea.
12 to the west
11 the sea,
8 of the sea:
7 of the sea;
6 and the sea
6 westward
6 westward,
5 westward.
5 to the sea
5 the sea.
4 in the seas,
4 on the west,
4 over the sea,
4 by the sea,
4 sea:
4 to sea,
4 in the sea,
4 of the seas.
4 into the sea,
3 sea;
3 into the sea:
3 On the west side
3 from the sea,
3 even to the sea
3 of the seas,
3 Let the sea
3 and the west
3 of the seas;
2 which is on the sea
2 on the west
2 toward the sea
2 toward the west,
2 of the sea?
2 to the sea,
2 into the sea;
2 The west
2 even to the west
2 and the sea,
2 from the west
2 into the sea.
1 Seas:
1 west
1 over the sea;
1 caused the sea
1 into the sea
1 And for the west
1 of it shall be at the sea.
1 And as for the western
1 this shall be your west
1 and on the west
1 and on the west,
1 and to the sea
1 were at the sea:

Corresponding Greek Words

yam G1424 dusme
yam G2281 thalassa
yam G3882 par alios

Related words


H38 אביּם 'ăbı̂yâm
From H1 and H3220; father of (the) sea (that is, seaman); Abijam (or Abijah), a king of Judah

KJV Usage: Abijam.

H3221 ים yâm
(Chaldee); corresponding to H3220

KJV Usage: sea.

H5489 סוּף sûph
For H5488 (by ellipsis of H3220); the Reed (Sea)

KJV Usage: Red sea.