H4904 משׁכּב - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H7901; a bed (figuratively a bier); abstractly sleep; by euphemism carnal intercourse

KJV Usage: bed ([-chamber]), couch, lieth (lying) with.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. a lying down, couch, bier, act of lying
a. couch, bed
b. act of lying, lying down or sleeping room, bedroom
c. lying down (for sexual contact)
Origin: from H7901
TWOT: 2381c
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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First 30 of 44 occurrences of H4904 משׁכּב

Genesis 49:4 bed;
Exodus 8:3 and into thy bedchamber,
Exodus 21:18 to his bed:
Leviticus 15:4 Every bed,
Leviticus 15:5 his bed
Leviticus 15:21 her bed
Leviticus 15:23 And if it be on her bed,
Leviticus 15:24 and all the bed
Leviticus 15:26 Every bed
Leviticus 15:26 shall be to her as the bed
Leviticus 18:22 as with
Leviticus 20:13 as he lieth
Numbers 31:17 by lying
Numbers 31:18 by lying
Numbers 31:35 by lying
Judges 21:11 that hath lain
Judges 21:12 by lying
2 Samuel 4:5 on a bed
2 Samuel 4:7 in his bedchamber,
2 Samuel 4:11 upon his bed?
2 Samuel 11:2 from off his bed,
2 Samuel 11:13 on his bed
2 Samuel 13:5 on thy bed,
2 Samuel 17:28 beds,
1 Kings 1:47 himself upon the bed.
2 Kings 6:12 in thy bedchamber.
2 Chronicles 16:14 him in the bed
Job 7:13 me, my couch
Job 33:15 upon the bed;
Job 33:19 upon his bed,

Distinct usage

4 by lying
1 bed;
1 and into thy bedchamber,
1 to his bed:
1 Every bed,
1 his bed
1 her bed
1 And if it be on her bed,
1 and all the bed
1 Every bed
1 shall be to her as the bed
1 as with
1 as he lieth
1 that hath lain
1 on a bed
1 in his bedchamber,
1 upon his bed?
1 from off his bed,
1 on his bed
1 on thy bed,
1 beds,
1 himself upon the bed.
1 in thy bedchamber.
1 him in the bed
1 me, my couch
1 upon the bed;
1 upon his bed,
1 upon your bed,
1 upon his bed;
1 all his bed
1 upon their beds.
1 my bed
1 thy bed
1 in thy bedchamber:
1 on my bed
1 in their beds,
1 thy bed:
1 thy bed,
1 their bed
1 to her into the bed
1 her a bed
1 upon their beds:
1 upon their beds!

Corresponding Greek Words

mishkav G2825 kline
mishkav G2845 koite
mishkav G2846 koiton