H860 אתון - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

Probably from the same as H386 (in the sense of patience); a female ass (from its docility)

KJV Usage: (she) ass.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. she-ass, she-donkey
Origin: probably from the same as H386 (sense of patience)
TWOT: 190a
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) she-ass, she-donkey

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First 30 of 34 occurrences of H860 אתון

Genesis 12:16 and female donkeys,
Genesis 32:15 female donkeys,
Genesis 45:23 donkeys
Genesis 49:11 and his donkey's
Numbers 22:21 his donkey,
Numbers 22:22 upon his donkey,
Numbers 22:23 And the donkey
Numbers 22:23 and the donkey
Numbers 22:23 the donkey,
Numbers 22:25 And when the donkey
Numbers 22:27 And when the donkey
Numbers 22:27 the donkey
Numbers 22:28 of the donkey,
Numbers 22:29 to the donkey,
Numbers 22:30 And the donkey
Numbers 22:30 Am not I thy donkey,
Numbers 22:32 thy donkey
Numbers 22:33 And the donkey
Judges 5:10 donkeys,
1 Samuel 9:3 And the donkeys
1 Samuel 9:3 the donkeys.
1 Samuel 9:5 caring for the donkeys,
1 Samuel 9:20 And as for thy donkeys
1 Samuel 10:2 to thee, The donkeys
1 Samuel 10:2 for the donkeys,
1 Samuel 10:14 the donkeys:
1 Samuel 10:16 that the donkeys
2 Kings 4:22 of the donkeys,
2 Kings 4:24 a donkey,
1 Chronicles 27:30 and over the donkeys

Distinct usage

4 And the donkey
2 female donkeys,
2 And the donkeys
2 And when the donkey
1 and female donkeys,
1 donkeys
1 and his donkey's
1 his donkey,
1 of the donkey,
1 to the donkey,
1 Am not I thy donkey,
1 donkeys,
1 the donkeys.
1 the donkeys:
1 that the donkeys
1 of the donkeys,
1 a donkey,
1 and over the donkeys
1 female donkeys.
1 upon his donkey,
1 the donkey,
1 the donkey
1 thy donkey
1 of a donkey.
1 to thee, The donkeys
1 for the donkeys,
1 caring for the donkeys,
1 And as for thy donkeys

Corresponding Greek Words

aton G2338 thelus
aton G3688 onos
aton G5268 hupo zugios

Related words


H386 איתן 'êythân

From an unused root (meaning to continue); permanence; hence (concretely) permanent; specifically a chieftain

KJV Usage: hard, mighty, rough, strength, strong.

H387 איתן 'êythân
The same as H386; permanent; Ethan, the name of four Israelites

KJV Usage: Ethan.

H388 איתנים 'êythânı̂ym
Plural of H386; always with the article; the permanent brooks; Ethanim, the name of a month

KJV Usage: Ethanim.