1 Chronicles 7

  1 H1121 Now the sons H3485 of Issachar H8439 were, Tola H6312 , and Puah H3437 , Jashub H8110 , and Shimron H702 , four.
  2 H1121 And the sons H8439 of Tola H5813 ; Uzzi H7509 , and Rephaiah H3400 , and Jeriel H3181 , and Jahmai H3005 , and Jibsam H8050 , and Shemuel H7218 , heads H1 of their father's H1004 house H8439 , that is, of Tola H1368 : they were valiant men H2428 of might H8435 in their generations H4557 ; whose number H3117 was in the days H1732 of David H8147 two H6242 and twenty H505 thousand H8337 and six H3967 hundred.
  3 H1121 And the sons H5813 of Uzzi H3156 ; Izrahiah H1121 : and the sons H3156 of Izrahiah H4317 ; Michael H5662 , and Obadiah H3100 , and Joel H3449 , Ishiah H2568 , five H7218 : all of them chief men.
  4 H8435 And with them, by their generations H1004 , after the house H1 of their fathers H1416 , were bands H6635 of soldiers H4421 for war H8337 , six H7970 and thirty H505 thousand H7235 [H8689] men: for they had many H802 wives H1121 and sons.
  5 H251 And their brethren H4940 among all the families H3485 of Issachar H1368 were valiant H2428 men of might H3187 [H8692] , reckoned in all by their genealogies H8084 eighty H7651 and seven H505 thousand.
  6 H1144 The sons of Benjamin H1106 ; Bela H1071 , and Becher H3043 , and Jediael H7969 , three.
  7 H1121 And the sons H1106 of Bela H675 ; Ezbon H5813 , and Uzzi H5816 , and Uzziel H3406 , and Jerimoth H5901 , and Iri H2568 , five H7218 ; heads H1004 of the house H1 of their fathers H1368 , mighty H2428 men of valour H3187 [H8692] ; and were reckoned by their genealogies H6242 twenty H8147 and two H505 thousand H7970 and thirty H702 and four.
  8 H1121 And the sons H1071 of Becher H2160 ; Zemira H3135 , and Joash H461 , and Eliezer H454 , and Elioenai H6018 , and Omri H3406 , and Jerimoth H29 , and Abiah H6068 , and Anathoth H5964 , and Alameth H1121 . All these are the sons H1071 of Becher.
  9 H3187 [H8692] And the number H8435 of them, after their genealogy by their generations H7218 , heads H1004 of the house H1 of their fathers H1368 , mighty men H2428 of valour H6242 , was twenty H505 thousand H3967 and two hundred.
  10 H1121 The sons H3043 also of Jediael H1092 ; Bilhan H1121 : and the sons H1092 of Bilhan H3274 ; Jeush H1144 , and Benjamin H164 , and Ehud H3668 , and Chenaanah H2133 , and Zethan H8659 , and Tharshish H300 , and Ahishahar.
  11 H1121 All these the sons H3043 of Jediael H7218 , by the heads H1 of their fathers H1368 , mighty H2428 men of valour H7651 H6240 , were seventeen H505 thousand H3967 and two hundred H3318 [H8802] soldiers, fit to go out H6635 for war H4421 and battle.
  12 H8206 Shuppim H2650 also, and Huppim H1121 , the children H5893 of Ir H2366 , and Hushim H1121 , the sons H313 of Aher.
  13 H1121 The sons H5321 of Naphtali H3185 ; Jahziel H1476 , and Guni H3337 , and Jezer H7967 , and Shallum H1121 , the sons H1090 of Bilhah.
  14 H1121 The sons H4519 of Manasseh H844 ; Ashriel H3205 [H8804] , whom she bore H761 : (but his Syrian H6370 concubine H3205 [H8804] bore H4353 Machir H1 the father H1568 of Gilead:
  15 H4353 And Machir H3947 [H8804] took H802 for a wife H2650 the sister of Huppim H8206 and Shuppim H269 , whose sister's H8034 name H4601 was Maachah H8034 ;) and the name H8145 of the second H6765 was Zelophehad H6765 : and Zelophehad H1323 had daughters.
  16 H4601 And Maachah H802 the wife H4353 of Machir H3205 [H8799] bore H1121 a son H7121 [H8799] , and she called H8034 his name H6570 Peresh H8034 ; and the name H251 of his brother H8329 was Sheresh H1121 ; and his sons H198 were Ulam H7552 and Rakem.
  17 H1121 And the sons H198 of Ulam H917 ; Bedan H1121 . These were the sons H1568 of Gilead H1121 , the son H4353 of Machir H1121 , the son H4519 of Manasseh.
  18 H269 And his sister H4447 Hammoleketh H3205 [H8804] bore H379 Ishod H44 , and Abiezer H4244 , and Mahalah.
  19 H1121 And the sons H8061 of Shemida H291 were, Ahian H7928 , and Shechem H3949 , and Likhi H593 , and Aniam.
  20 H1121 And the sons H669 of Ephraim H7803 ; Shuthelah H1260 , and Bered H1121 his son H8480 , and Tahath H1121 his son H497 , and Eladah H1121 his son H8480 , and Tahath H1121 his son,
  21 H2066 And Zabad H1121 his son H7803 , and Shuthelah H1121 his son H5827 , and Ezer H496 , and Elead H582 , whom the men H1661 of Gath H3205 [H8737] that were born H776 in that land H2026 [H8804] slew H3381 [H8804] , because they came down H3947 [H8800] to take away H4735 their cattle.
  22 H669 And Ephraim H1 their father H56 [H8691] mourned H7227 many H3117 days H251 , and his brethren H935 [H8799] came H5162 [H8763] to comfort him.
  23 H935 [H8799] And when he went in H802 to his wife H2029 [H8799] , she conceived H3205 [H8799] , and bore H1121 a son H7121 [H8799] , and he called H8034 his name H1283 Beriah H7451 , because it went evil H1004 with his house.
  24 H1323 (And his daughter H7609 was Sherah H1129 [H8799] , who built H1032 Bethhoron H8481 the lower H5945 , and the upper H242 , and Uzzensherah.)
  25 H7506 And Rephah H1121 was his son H7566 , also Resheph H8520 , and Telah H1121 his son H8465 , and Tahan H1121 his son,
  26 H3936 Laadan H1121 his son H5989 , Ammihud H1121 his son H476 , Elishama H1121 his son,
  27 H5126 Non H1121 his son H3091 , Jehoshua H1121 his son.
  28 H272 And their possessions H4186 and habitations H1008 were, Bethel H1323 and its towns H4217 , and eastward H5295 Naaran H4628 , and westward H1507 Gezer H1323 , with its towns H7927 , Shechem H1323 also and its towns H5804 , to Gaza H1323 and its towns:
  29 H3027 And by the borders H1121 of the children H4519 of Manasseh H1052 , Bethshean H1323 and its towns H8590 , Taanach H1323 and its towns H4023 , Megiddo H1323 and its towns H1756 , Dor H1323 and its towns H3427 [H8804] . In these dwelt H1121 the children H3130 of Joseph H1121 the son H3478 of Israel.
  30 H1121 The sons H836 of Asher H3232 ; Imnah H3438 , and Isuah H3440 , and Ishuai H1283 , and Beriah H8294 , and Serah H269 their sister.
  31 H1121 And the sons H1283 of Beriah H2268 ; Heber H4439 , and Malchiel H1 , who is the father H1269 of Birzavith.
  32 H2268 And Heber H3205 [H8689] begat H3310 Japhlet H7763 , and Shomer H2369 , and Hotham H7774 , and Shua H269 their sister.
  33 H1121 And the sons H3310 of Japhlet H6457 ; Pasach H1118 , and Bimhal H6220 , and Ashvath H1121 . These are the children H3310 of Japhlet.
  34 H1121 And the sons H8106 of Shamer H277 ; Ahi H7303 , and Rohgah H3160 , Jehubbah H758 , and Aram.
  35 H1121 And the sons H251 of his brother H1987 Helem H6690 ; Zophah H3234 , and Imna H8028 , and Shelesh H6000 , and Amal.
  36 H1121 The sons H6690 of Zophah H5477 ; Suah H2774 , and Harnepher H7777 , and Shual H1275 , and Beri H3236 , and Imrah,
  37 H1221 Bezer H1936 , and Hod H8037 , and Shamma H8030 , and Shilshah H3506 , and Ithran H878 , and Beera.
  38 H1121 And the sons H3500 of Jether H3312 ; Jephunneh H6462 , and Pispah H690 , and Ara.
  39 H1121 And the sons H5925 of Ulla H733 ; Arah H2592 , and Haniel H7525 , and Rezia.
  40 H1121 All these were the children H836 of Asher H7218 , heads H1 of their father's H1004 house H1305 [H8803] , choice H1368 and mighty men H2428 of valour H7218 , chief H5387 of the princes H4557 . And the number H3187 [H8692] throughout the genealogy H6635 of them that were fit for war H4421 and for battle H6242 was twenty H8337 and six H505 thousand H582 men.