1 Chronicles 7

  1 H1121 Of the sons H3485 of Issachar: H8439 Tola, H6312 and Puah, H3437 Jashub, H8110 and Shimron, H702 four.
  2 H1121 The sons H8439 of Tola: H5813 Uzzi, H7509 and Rephaiah, H3400 and Jeriel, H3181 and Jahmai, H3005 and Ibsam, H8050 and Shemuel, H7218 heads H1 of their fathers' H1004 houses, H8439 of Tola; H2428 mighty H1368 men H8435 of valor in their generations: H4557 their number H3117 in the days H1732 of David H6242 was twenty - H8147 two H505 thousand H8337 six H3967 hundred.
  3 H1121 The sons H5813 of Uzzi: H3156 Izrahiah. H1121 The sons H3156 of Izrahiah: H4317 Michael, H5662 and Obadiah, H3100 and Joel, H3449 Isshiah, H2568 five; H7218 all of them chief men.
  4 H8435 With them, by their generations, H1 after their fathers' H1004 houses, H1416 were bands H6635 of the army H4421 for war, H7970 thirty - H8337 six H505 thousand; H7235 for they had many H802 wives H1121 and sons.
  5 H251 Their brothers H4940 among all the families H3485 of Issachar, H2428 mighty H1368 men of valor, H3187 reckoned in all by genealogy, H8084 were eighty - H7651 seven H505 thousand.
  6 H1144 The sons of Benjamin: H1106 Bela, H1071 and Becher, H3043 and Jediael, H7969 three.
  7 H1121 The sons H1106 of Bela: H675 Ezbon, H5813 and Uzzi, H5816 and Uzziel, H3406 and Jerimoth, H5901 and Iri, H2568 five; H7218 heads H1 of fathers' H1004 houses, H1368 mighty H2428 men of valor; H3187 and they were reckoned by genealogy H6242 twenty - H8147 two H505 thousand H7970 thirty - H702 four.
  8 H1121 The sons H1071 of Becher: H2160 Zemirah, H3135 and Joash, H461 and Eliezer, H454 and Elioenai, H6018 and Omri, H3406 and Jeremoth, H29 and Abijah, H6068 and Anathoth, H5964 and Alemeth. H1121 All these were the sons H1071 of Becher.
  9 H3187 They were reckoned H8435 by genealogy, after their generations, H7218 heads H1 of their fathers' H1004 houses, H1368 mighty men H2428 of valor, H6242 twenty H505 thousand H3967 two hundred.
  10 H1121 The sons H3043 of Jediael: H1092 Bilhan. H1121 The sons H1092 of Bilhan: H3274 Jeush, H1144 and Benjamin, H164 and Ehud, H3668 and Chenaanah, H2133 and Zethan, H8659 and Tarshish, H300 and Ahishahar.
  11 H1121 All these were sons H3043 of Jediael, H7218 according to the heads H1 of their fathers' H1368 households, mighty H2428 men of valor, H7651 seventeen H505 thousand H3967 and two hundred, H3318 who were able to go forth H6635 in the army H6635 for war.
  12 H8206 Shuppim H2650 also, and Huppim, H1121 the sons H5893 of Ir, H2366 Hushim, H1121 the sons H313 of Aher.
  13 H1121 The sons H5321 of Naphtali: H3185 Jahziel, H1476 and Guni, H3337 and Jezer, H7967 and Shallum, H1121 the sons H1090 of Bilhah.
  14 H1121 The sons H4519 of Manasseh: H844 Asriel, H6370 whom his concubine H761 the Aramitess H3205 bore: H3205 she bore H4353 Machir H1 the father H1568 of Gilead:
  15 H4353 and Machir H3947 took H802 a wife H2650 of Huppim H8206 and Shuppim, H269 whose sister's H8034 name H4601 was Maacah; H8034 and the name H8145 of the second H6765 was Zelophehad: H6765 and Zelophehad H1323 had daughters.
  16 H4601 Maacah H802 the wife H4353 of Machir H3205 bore H1121 a son, H8034 and she named H7121 him H6570 Peresh; H8034 and the name H251 of his brother H8329 was Sheresh; H1121 and his sons H198 were Ulam H7552 and Rakem.
  17 H1121 The sons H198 of Ulam: H917 Bedan. H1121 These were the sons H1568 of Gilead H1121 the son H4353 of Machir, H1121 the son H4519 of Manasseh.
  18 H269 His sister H4447 Hammolecheth H3205 bore H379 Ishhod, H44 and Abiezer, H4244 and Mahlah.
  19 H1121 The sons H8061 of Shemida H291 were Ahian, H7928 and Shechem, H3949 and Likhi, H593 and Aniam.
  20 H1121 The sons H669 of Ephraim: H7803 Shuthelah, H1260 and Bered H1121 his son, H8480 and Tahath H1121 his son, H497 and Eleadah H1121 his son, H8480 and Tahath H1121 his son,
  21 H2066 and Zabad H1121 his son, H7803 and Shuthelah H1121 his son, H5827 and Ezer, H496 and Elead, H582 whom the men H1661 of Gath H3205 who were born H776 in the land H2026 killed, H3381 because they came down H3947 to take away H4735 their livestock.
  22 H669 Ephraim H1 their father H56 mourned H7227 many H3117 days, H251 and his brothers H935 came H5162 to comfort him.
  23 H935 He went in H802 to his wife, H2029 and she conceived, H3205 and bore H1121 a son, H8034 and he named H7121 him H1283 Beriah, H7451 because it went evil H1004 with his house.
  24 H1323 His daughter H7609 was Sheerah, H1129 who built H1032 Beth Horon H8481 the lower H5945 and the upper, H242 and Uzzen Sheerah.
  25 H7506 Rephah H1121 was his son, H7566 and Resheph, H8520 and Telah H1121 his son, H8465 and Tahan H1121 his son,
  26 H3936 Ladan H1121 his son, H5989 Ammihud H1121 his son, H476 Elishama H1121 his son,
  27 H5126 Nun H1121 his son, H3091 Joshua H1121 his son.
  28 H272 Their possessions H4186 and habitations H1008 were Bethel H1323 and its towns, H4217 and eastward H5295 Naaran, H4628 and westward H1507 Gezer, H1323 with its towns; H7927 Shechem H1323 also and its towns, H5804 to Azzah H1323 and its towns;
  29 H3027 and by the borders H1121 of the children H4519 of Manasseh, H1052 Beth Shean H1323 and its towns, H8590 Taanach H1323 and its towns, H4023 Megiddo H1323 and its towns, H1756 Dor H1323 and its towns. H3427 In these lived H1121 the children H3130 of Joseph H1121 the son H3478 of Israel.
  30 H1121 The sons H836 of Asher: H3232 Imnah, H3438 and Ishvah, H3440 and Ishvi, H1283 and Beriah, H8294 and Serah H269 their sister.
  31 H1121 The sons H1283 of Beriah: H2268 Heber, H4439 and Malchiel, H1 who was the father H1269 of Birzaith.
  32 H2268 Heber H3205 became the father H3310 of Japhlet, H7763 and Shomer, H2369 and Hotham, H7774 and Shua H269 their sister.
  33 H1121 The sons H3310 of Japhlet: H6457 Pasach, H1118 and Bimhal, H6220 and Ashvath. H1121 These are the children H3310 of Japhlet.
  34 H1121 The sons H8106 of Shemer: H277 Ahi, H7303 and Rohgah, H3160 Jehubbah, H758 and Aram.
  35 H1121 The sons H1987 of Helem H251 his brother: H6690 Zophah, H3234 and Imna, H8028 and Shelesh, H6000 and Amal.
  36 H1121 The sons H6690 of Zophah: H5477 Suah, H2774 and Harnepher, H7777 and Shual, H1275 and Beri, H3236 and Imrah,
  37 H1221 Bezer, H1936 and Hod, H8037 and Shamma, H8030 and Shilshah, H3506 and Ithran, H878 and Beera.
  38 H1121 The sons H3500 of Jether: H3312 Jephunneh, H6462 and Pispa, H690 and Ara.
  39 H1121 The sons H5925 of Ulla: H733 Arah, H2592 and Hanniel, H7525 and Rizia.
  40 H1121 All these were the children H836 of Asher, H7218 heads H1 of the fathers' H1004 houses, H1305 choice H1368 and mighty men H2428 of valor, H7218 chief H5387 of the princes. H4557 The number H4557 of them reckoned H3187 by genealogy H6635 for service in war H6242 was twenty - H8337 six H505 thousand H582 men.