1 Chronicles 7

Thomson(i) 1 The sons of Issachar were Thola and Phua and Jasub and Semeron, four. 2 And the sons of Thola were Ozi, Raphaia> and Jeriel and Jamai and Jemason and Samuel, chiefs of the houses of the families of Thola, mighty in power in their respective communities. Their number in the days of David was twenty two thousand six hundred. 3 And the sons of Ozi, Jezraia; and the sons of Jezraia, Michael, Abdiu and Joel and Jesia, five, all chiefs. 4 And under them in their respective communities according to the houses of their families, the able bodied men fit for array in battle, were thirty six thousand; for they had many wives and children. 5 And their brethren comprehending all the families of Issachar, the able bodied men fit for battle were eighty seven thousand. This was the number of them all. 6 The sons of Benjamin were Bale and Bachir and Jediel, three. 7 And the sons of Bale were Esebon and Ozi and Oziel and Jerimuth and Ouri, five, chiefs of houses of families mighty in power, and their number was twenty two thousand and thirty four. 8 And the sons of Bachir were Zemira and Joas and Eliezar and Elithenan and Amaria and Jerimuth and Abiud and Anathoth and Eleemeth, all these were sons of Bachir, 9 and their number according to their several communities, they being chiefs of the houses of their patriarchal families mighty in power, were twenty thousand two hundred. 10 And the sons of Jediel were Balaan, and the sons of Balaan, Jaus and Benjamin and Aoth and Chanana and Zaithan and Tharsi and Achisaar. 11 All these sons of Jediel being chiefs of their families mighty in power, were seventeen thousand two hundred who went out in the army to war, 12 including Sapphin and Apphin and the sons of Or, Asom, and his son Aor. 13 And the sons of Nephthaleim were Jasiel, Goni and Aser and Sellum his son and Balam his son. 14 And the sons of Manasses were Esriel whom his concubine Syra bore to him. She bore to him also Machir the father of Galaad. 15 And Machir took to wife a sister of Apphin and a sister of Sapphin. The sister of the one was named Moocha, and the sister of the other Sapphaad. And to him by Sapphaad daughters only were born; 16 but Moocha the wife of Machir bore a son and called his name Phares, and his brother's name was Sourus. His sons were Oulam and Rokon. 17 And the sons of Oulam, Badam. These were of the house of Galaad son of Machir son of Manasses. 18 And his sister Malecheth bore Isud and Abiezer and Maela. 19 And the sons of Semira were Aim and Sychem and Lakim and Anian. 20 And the sons of Ephraim were Sothalath and Barad his son and Thaath his son, Elada his son, Saath his son, 21 and Zabad his son, Sothole his son; and Aser and Elead whom the men of Geth who were born in this land slew, because they went down to take their cattle. 22 Whereupon Ephraim their father mourned many days. But when his brethren came to comfort him, 23 he went in unto his wife, and she conceived and bore him a son, and he called his name Beria, Because, said he, he was born during the calamities in my house. 24 And his daughter was Saraa, who formed a family among them, who were left, and it built the upper and lower Baithoron. And the sons of Ozan were Seera 25 and Raphe his son, Saraph and Thaleas his sons, Thaen his son 26 and by his son Laadon, son Amiud, son Elisamai, 27 son Nun, son Jesue were his sons. 28 Now their possession and their dwelling was Baithel and its villages, eastward Nearan, and westward Gazer and its villages, and Sychem with its villages even to Gaza, 29 and the villages thereof, and in the borders of the children of Manasses, Bethsan and its villages, Thanach and its villages, Mageddo and its villages, Dor and its villages. In this dwelt the children of Joseph son of Israel. 30 The sons of Aser were Jemna and Suia and Isai and Beria with Sore their sister. 31 And the sons of Beria were Chaber and Melchiel who was the father of Berthaith. 32 And Chaber begot Japhlet and Samer and Chothan and Sola their sister. 33 And the sons of Japhlet were Phasek and Bamael and Asith. These were sons of Japhlet. 35 and Baneelam. His brother's sons were Sopha and Imana and Selles and Amal. 36 And the sons of Semmer were Achir and Rooga and Jaba and Aram The sons of Sopha were Sue and Arnaphar and Suda and Barin and Imram 37 and Basan and Oa and Sama and Salisa and Jethra and Beera. 38 And the sons of Jether were Jephina and Phaspha and Ara. 39 And the sons of Ola, Orech, Aniel and Rasia. 40 All these were sons of Aser, all chiefs of families, chosen men mighty in power, chief leaders. The number of them fit for the array of battle; their number was twenty six thousand men.