H758 ארם - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From the same as H759; the highland; Aram or Syria, and its inhabitants; also the name of a son of Shem, a grandson of Nahor, and of an Israelite

KJV Usage: Aram, Mesopotamia, Syria, Syrians.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


n pr m Aram or Arameans = "exalted"
1. Aram or Syria the nation
2. the Syrian or Aramean people n m Aram = "exalted"
3. fifth son of Shem
4. a grandson of Nahor
5. a descendant of Asher
Origin: from the same as H759
TWOT: 163
Parts of Speech:

N:N-M-P / N:N-M-PG
Aram or Arameans = "exalted"
n pr m
1) Aram or Syriathe nation
2) the Syrian or Aramean people
Aram = "exalted"
n m
3) fifth son of Shem
4) a grandson of Nahor
5) a descendant of Asher

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First 30 of 132 occurrences of H758 ארם

Genesis 10:22 and Aram.
Genesis 10:23 of Aram;
Genesis 22:21 of Aram,
Numbers 23:7 me from Aram,
Judges 10:6 of Syria,
2 Samuel 8:5 And when the Syrians
2 Samuel 8:5 of the Syrians
2 Samuel 8:6 in Syria
2 Samuel 8:6 and the Syrians
2 Samuel 8:12 Of Syria,
2 Samuel 8:13 of the Syrians
2 Samuel 10:6 the Syrians
2 Samuel 10:6 and the Syrians
2 Samuel 10:8 and the Syrians
2 Samuel 10:9 the Syrians:
2 Samuel 10:11 If the Syrians
2 Samuel 10:13 against the Syrians:
2 Samuel 10:14 that the Syrians
2 Samuel 10:15 And when the Syrians
2 Samuel 10:16 the Syrians
2 Samuel 10:17 And the Syrians
2 Samuel 10:18 And the Syrians
2 Samuel 10:18 of the Syrians,
2 Samuel 10:19 them. So the Syrians
2 Samuel 15:8 in Syria,
1 Kings 10:29 of Syria,
1 Kings 11:25 over Syria.
1 Kings 15:18 of Syria,
1 Kings 19:15 over Syria:
1 Kings 20:1 of Syria

Distinct usage

27 of Syria
15 of Syria,
9 And the Syrians
9 the Syrians
7 of the Syrians
5 Syria
4 And when the Syrians
4 the Syrians,
4 of the Syrians:
4 of the Syrians,
4 of Syria.
2 over Syria.
2 of Syria:
2 and Aram,
2 and Aram.
2 but the Syrians
2 that the Syrians
2 If the Syrians
1 of Aram,
1 me from Aram,
1 in Syria,
1 over Syria:
1 between Syria
1 of Syria?
1 to Syria:
1 for there the Syrians
1 you what the Syrians
1 which the Syrians
1 from Syria:
1 to Syria,
1 on this side of Syria;
1 Because Syria,
1 of Aram;
1 and out of Syriamaachah,
1 the Syrians:
1 against the Syrians:
1 the Syrians.
1 them. So the Syrians
1 in Syria
1 garrisons in Syriadamascus;
1 with Syria,
1 of Syria;
1 Because the Syrians
1 of the Syrians.

Related words


H760 ארם צובה 'ăram tsôbâh
ארם צובה
'ăram tsôbâh
ar-am' tso-baw'
From H758 and H6678; Aram of Tsoba (or Coele-syria)

KJV Usage: Aram-zobah.

H761 ארמּי 'ărammı̂y
Patrial from H758; an Aramite or Aramaean

KJV Usage: Syrian, Aramitess.

H763 ארם נהרים 'ăram nahărayim
ארם נהרים
'ăram nahărayim
ar-am' nah-har-ah'-yim
From H758 and the dual of H5104; Aram of (the) two rivers (Euphrates and Tigris) or Mesopotamia

KJV Usage: Aham-naharaim, Mesopotamia.

H6307 פדּן ארם פּדּן paddân paddan 'ărâm
פדּן ארם פּדּן
paddân paddan 'ărâm
pad-dawn', pad-dan' ar-awm'
From an unused root meaning to extend; a plateau; or the second form which is from the same and H758; the table land of Aram; Paddan or Paddan-Aram, a region of Syria

KJV Usage: Padan, Padan-aram.

H759 ארמון 'armôn

From an unused root (meaning to be elevated); a citadel (from its height)

KJV Usage: castle, palace.

Compare H2038.

H764 ארמני 'armônı̂y
From H759; palatial; Armoni, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Armoni.