1 Chronicles 8

  1 H1144 Benjamin H3205 became the father H1106 of Bela H1060 his firstborn, H788 Ashbel H8145 the second, H315 and Aharah H7992 the third,
  2 H5119 Nohah H7243 the fourth, H7498 and Rapha H2549 the fifth.
  3 H1106 Bela H1121 had sons: H146 Addar, H1617 and Gera, H31 and Abihud,
  4 H50 and Abishua, H5283 and Naaman, H265 and Ahoah,
  5 H1617 and Gera, H8197 and Shephuphan, H2361 and Huram.
  6 H1121 These are the sons H261 of Ehud: H7218 these are the heads H1 of fathers' H3427 households of the inhabitants H1387 of Geba, H1540 and they carried H4506 them captive to Manahath:
  7 H5283 and Naaman, H281 and Ahijah, H1617 and Gera, H1540 he carried H3205 them captive: and he became the father H5798 of Uzza H284 and Ahihud.
  8 H7842 Shaharaim H3205 became the father H4124 of children in the field of Moab, H4480 after H7971 he had sent them away; H2366 Hushim H1199 and Baara H802 were his wives.
  9 H3205 He became the father H2321 of Hodesh H802 his wife, H3103 Jobab, H6644 and Zibia, H4331 and Mesha, H4445 and Malcam,
  10 H3263 and Jeuz, H7634 and Shachia, H4821 and Mirmah. H1121 These were his sons, H7218 heads H1 of fathers' households.
  11 H2366 Of Hushim H3205 he became the father H36 of Abitub H508 and Elpaal.
  12 H1121 The sons H508 of Elpaal: H5677 Eber, H4936 and Misham, H8106 and Shemed, H1129 who built H207 Ono H3850 and Lod, H1323 with its towns;
  13 H1283 and Beriah, H8087 and Shema, H1992 who H7218 were heads H1 of fathers' H3427 households of the inhabitants H357 of Aijalon, H1272 who put to flight H3427 the inhabitants H1661 of Gath;
  14 H283 and Ahio, H8349 Shashak, H3406 and Jeremoth,
  15 H2069 and Zebadiah, H6166 and Arad, H5738 and Eder,
  16 H4317 and Michael, H3472 and Ishpah, H3109 and Joha, H1121 the sons H1283 of Beriah,
  17 H2069 and Zebadiah, H4918 and Meshullam, H2395 and Hizki, H2268 and Heber,
  18 H3461 and Ishmerai, H3152 and Izliah, H3103 and Jobab, H1121 the sons H508 of Elpaal,
  19 H3356 and Jakim, H2147 and Zichri, H2067 and Zabdi,
  20 H462 and Elienai, H6769 and Zillethai, H447 and Eliel,
  21 H5718 and Adaiah, H1256 and Beraiah, H8119 and Shimrath, H1121 the sons H8096 of Shimei,
  22 H3473 and Ishpan, H5677 and Eber, H447 and Eliel,
  23 H5658 and Abdon, H2147 and Zichri, H2605 and Hanan,
  24 H2608 and Hananiah, H5867 and Elam, H6070 and Anthothijah,
  25 H3301 and Iphdeiah, H6439 and Penuel, H1121 the sons H8349 of Shashak,
  26 H8125 and Shamsherai, H7841 and Shehariah, H6271 and Athaliah,
  27 H3298 and Jaareshiah, H452 and Elijah, H2147 and Zichri, H1121 the sons H3395 of Jeroham.
  28 H7218 These were heads H1 of fathers' H8435 households throughout their generations, H7218 chief H3427 men: these lived H3389 in Jerusalem.
  29 H1391 In Gibeon H3427 there lived H1 the father H1391 of Gibeon, H802 whose wife's H8034 name H4601 was Maacah;
  30 H1060 and his firstborn H1121 son H5658 Abdon, H6698 and Zur, H7027 and Kish, H1168 and Baal, H5070 and Nadab,
  31 H1446 and Gedor, H283 and Ahio, H2144 and Zecher.
  32 H4732 Mikloth H3205 became the father H8039 of Shimeah. H637 They also H3427 lived H251 with their brothers H3389 in Jerusalem, H5048 over against their brothers.
  33 H5369 Ner H3205 became the father H7027 of Kish; H7027 and Kish H3205 became the father H7586 of Saul; H7586 and Saul H3205 became the father H3083 of Jonathan, H4444 and Malchishua, H41 and Abinadab, H792 and Eshbaal.
  34 H1121 The son H3083 of Jonathan H4807 was Merib Baal; H4807 and Merib Baal H3205 became the father H4318 of Micah.
  35 H1121 The sons H4318 of Micah: H6377 Pithon, H4429 and Melech, H8390 and Tarea, H271 and Ahaz.
  36 H271 Ahaz H3205 became the father H3085 of Jehoaddah; H3085 and Jehoaddah H3205 became the father H5964 of Alemeth, H5820 and Azmaveth, H2174 and Zimri; H2174 and Zimri H3205 became the father H4162 of Moza.
  37 H4162 Moza H3205 became the father H1150 of Binea; H7498 Raphah H1121 was his son, H501 Eleasah H1121 his son, H682 Azel H1121 his son.
  38 H682 Azel H8337 had six H1121 sons, H8034 whose names H5840 are these: Azrikam, H1074 Bocheru, H3458 and Ishmael, H8187 and Sheariah, H5662 and Obadiah, H2605 and Hanan. H1121 All these were the sons H682 of Azel.
  39 H1121 The sons H6232 of Eshek H251 his brother: H198 Ulam H1060 his firstborn, H3266 Jeush H8145 the second, H467 and Eliphelet H7992 the third.
  40 H1121 The sons H198 of Ulam H1368 were mighty H582 men H2428 of valor, H1869 archers, H7235 and had many H1121 sons, H1121 and sons' H1121 sons, H3967 one hundred H2572 fifty. H1121 All these were of the sons H1144 of Benjamin.