H8084 שׁמונים שׁמנים - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

שׁמונים שׁמנים
she mônı̂ym she mônı̂ym
shem-o-neem', shem-o-neem'
Multiplicative from H8083; eighty; also eightieth

KJV Usage: eighty (-ieth), fourscore.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


שׁמונים שׁמנים

1. eighty, fourscore
a. eighty (as cardinal number)
b. eightieth (as ordinal number)
c. in combination with other numbers
Origin: mult from H8083
TWOT: 2411b
Parts of Speech: Adjective

1) eighty, fourscore
1a) eighty (as cardinal number)
1b) eightieth (as ordinal number)
1c) in combination with other numbers

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First 30 of 38 occurrences of H8084 שׁמונים שׁמנים

Genesis 5:25 eighty
Genesis 5:26 eighty
Genesis 5:28 eighty
Genesis 16:16 was eighty
Genesis 35:28 and eighty
Exodus 7:7 was eighty
Exodus 7:7 eighty
Numbers 2:9 and eighty
Numbers 4:48 and eighty.
Joshua 14:10 eighty
Judges 3:30 eighty
1 Samuel 22:18 eighty
2 Samuel 19:32 man, even eighty
2 Samuel 19:35 eighty
1 Kings 5:15 and eighty
1 Kings 6:1 and eightieth
1 Kings 12:21 and eighty
2 Kings 6:25 was sold for eighty
2 Kings 10:24 eighty
2 Kings 19:35 and eighty
1 Chronicles 7:5 eighty
1 Chronicles 15:9 eighty:
1 Chronicles 25:7 and eighty
2 Chronicles 2:2 and eighty
2 Chronicles 2:18 and eighty
2 Chronicles 11:1 and eighty
2 Chronicles 14:8 and eighty
2 Chronicles 17:15 and eighty
2 Chronicles 17:18 and eighty
2 Chronicles 26:17 him, and with him eighty

Distinct usage

17 and eighty
10 eighty
2 was eighty
1 and eighty.
1 man, even eighty
1 was sold for eighty
1 eighty:
1 him, and with him eighty
1 and with him eighty
1 even eighty
1 they are eighty
1 and eightieth

Related words


H8083 שׁמונה שׁמנה שׁמונה שׁמנה she môneh she môneh she mônâh she mônâh

שׁמונה שׁמנה שׁמונה שׁמנה
she môneh she môneh she mônâh she mônâh
(1,2) shem-o-neh', (3,4) shem-o-naw'
Apparently from H8082 through the idea of plumpness; a cardinal number, eight (as if a surplus above the “perfect” seven); also (as ordinal) eighth

KJV Usage: eight ([-een, -eenth]), eighth.

H8066 שׁמיני she mı̂ynı̂y
she mı̂ynı̂y
From H8083; eight

KJV Usage: eight.