Judges 6

  1 H1121 And the sons H3478 of Israel H6213 did H7451 evil H5869 in the sight H3068 of the Lord: H3068 and the Lord H5414 delivered H3027 them into the hand H4080 of Midian H7651 seven H8141 years.
  2 H3027 And the hand H4080 of Midian H5810 prevailed H3478 against Israel: H6440 and because H4080 of the Midianites H1121 the sons H3478 of Israel H6213 made H4492 them the dens H2022 which are in the mountains, H4631 and caves, H4679 and strong holds.
  3 H3478 And so it was, when Israel H2232 had sown, H4080 that the Midianites H5927 came up, H6002 and the Amalekites, H1121 and the sons H6924 of the east, H5927 even they came up against them;
  4 H2583 And they encamped H7843 against them, and destroyed H2981 the increase H776 of the earth, H935 until you come H5804 unto Gaza, H7604 and left H4241 no sustenance H3478 for Israel, H7716 neither sheep, H7794 nor ox, H2543 nor donkey.
  5 H5927 For they came up H4735 with their cattle H168 and their tents, H935 and they came H1767 as H697 grasshoppers H7230 for multitude; H1581 for both they and their camels H4557 were outside number: H935 and they entered H776 into the land H7843 to destroy it.
  6 H3478 And Israel H3966 was greatly H1809 impoverished H6440 because H4080 of the Midianites; H1121 and the sons H3478 of Israel H2199 cried H3068 unto the Lord.
  7 H1121 And it came to pass, when the sons H3478 of Israel H2199 cried H3068 unto the Lord H182 because H4080 of the Midianites,
  8 H3068 That the Lord H7971 sent H376 a prophet H1121 unto the sons H3478 of Israel, H559 which said H559 unto them, Thus says H3068 the Lord H430 God H3478 of Israel, H5927 I brought you up H4714 from Egypt, H3318 and brought you forth H1004 out of the house H5650 of bondage;
  9 H5337 And I delivered H3027 you out of the hand H4714 of the Egyptians, H3027 and out of the hand H3905 of all that oppressed H1644 you, and drove them out H6440 from before H5414 you, and gave H776 you their land;
  10 H559 And I said H3068 unto you, I am the Lord H430 your God; H3372 fear H430 not the gods H567 of the Amorites, H776 in whose land H3427 you live: H8085 but you have not obeyed H6963 my voice.
  11 H935 And there came H4397 an angel H3068 of the Lord, H3427 and sat H424 under an oak H6084 which was in Ophrah, H3101 that pertained unto Joash H33 the Abi–ezrite: H1121 and his son H1439 Gideon H2251 threshed H2406 wheat H1660 by the winepress, H5127 to hide H6440 it from H4080 the Midianites.
  12 H4397 And the angel H3068 of the Lord H7200 appeared H559 unto him, and said H3068 unto him, The Lord H1368 is with you, you mighty H2428 man of valor.
  13 H1439 And Gideon H559 said H994 unto him, Oh H113 my Lord, H3426 if H3068 the Lord H4672 be with us, why then is all this happened H6381 us? and where be all his miracles H1 which our fathers H5608 told H559 us of, saying, H3068 Did not the Lord H5927 bring us up H4714 from Egypt? H3068 but now the Lord H5203 has forsaken H5414 us, and delivered H3709 us into the hands H4080 of the Midianites.
  14 H3068 And the Lord H6437 looked H559 upon him, and said, H3212 Go H3581 in this your might, H3467 and you shall save H3478 Israel H3709 from the hand H4080 of the Midianites: H7971 have not I sent you
  15 H559 And he said H994 unto him, Oh H136 my Lord, H4100 with which H3467 shall I save H3478 Israel? H504 behold, my family H1800 is poor H4519 in Manasseh, H6810 and I am the least H1 in my father's H1004 house.
  16 H3068 And the Lord H559 said H5221 unto him, Surely I will be with you, and you shall strike H4080 the Midianites H259 as one H376 man.
  17 H559 And he said H4672 unto him, If now I have found H2580 grace H5869 in your sight, H6213 then show H226 me a sign H1696 that you talk with me.
  18 H4185 Depart H935 not here, I pray you, until I come H3318 unto you, and bring forth H4503 my present, H3240 and set H6440 it before H559 you. And he said, H3427 I will stay H7725 until you come again.
  19 H1439 And Gideon H935 went in, H6213 and made ready H5795 a kid, H4682 and unleavened cakes H374 of an ephah H7058 of flour: H1320 the flesh H7760 he put H5536 in a basket, H7760 and he put H4839 the broth H6517 in a pot, H3318 and brought it out H424 unto him under the oak, H5066 and presented it.
  20 H4397 And the angel H430 of God H559 said H3947 unto him, Take H1320 the flesh H4682 and the unleavened cakes, H3240 and lay H1975 them upon this H5553 rock, H8210 and pour out H4839 the broth. H6213 And he did so.
  21 H4397 Then the angel H3068 of the Lord H7971 put forth H7097 the end H4938 of the staff H3027 that was in his hand, H5060 and touched H1320 the flesh H4682 and the unleavened cakes; H5927 and there rose up H784 fire H6697 out of the rock, H398 and consumed H1320 the flesh H4682 and the unleavened cakes. H4397 Then the angel H3068 of the Lord H1980 departed H5869 out of his sight.
  22 H1439 And when Gideon H7200 perceived H4397 that he was an angel H3068 of the Lord, H1439 Gideon H559 said, H162 Alas, H136 O Lord H3069 God! H3651 for because H7200 I have seen H4397 an angel H3068 of the Lord H6440 face H6440 to face.
  23 H3068 And the Lord H559 said H7965 unto him, Peace H3372 be unto you; fear H4191 not: you shall not die.
  24 H1439 Then Gideon H1129 built H4196 an altar H3068 there unto the Lord, H7121 and called H3073 it Jehovah–shalom: H3117 unto this day H6084 it is yet in Ophrah H33 of the Abi–ezrites.
  25 H3915 And it came to pass the same night, H3068 that the Lord H559 said H3947 unto him, Take H1 your father's H6499 young H7794 bullock, H8145 even the second H6499 bullock H7651 of seven H8141 years old, H2040 and throw down H4196 the altar H1168 of Baal H1 that your father H3772 has, and cut down H842 the grove that is by it:
  26 H1129 And build H4196 an altar H3068 unto the Lord H430 your God H7218 upon the top H4581 of this rock, H4634 in the ordered place, H3947 and take H8145 the second H6499 bullock, H5927 and offer H5930 a burnt sacrifice H6086 with the wood H842 of the grove H3772 which you shall cut down.
  27 H1439 Then Gideon H3947 took H6235 ten H582 men H5650 of his servants, H6213 and did H3068 as the Lord H1696 had said H3372 unto him: and so it was, because he feared H1 his father's H1004 household, H582 and the men H5892 of the city, H6213 that he could not do H3119 it by day, H6213 that he did H3915 it by night.
  28 H582 And when the men H5892 of the city H7925 arose early H1242 in the morning, H4196 behold, the altar H1168 of Baal H5422 was cast down, H842 and the grove H3772 was cut down H8145 that was by it, and the second H6499 bullock H5927 was offered H4196 upon the altar H1129 that was built.
  29 H559 And they said H376 one H7453 to another, H6213 Who has done H1697 this thing? H1875 And when they inquired H1245 and asked, H559 they said, H1439 Gideon H1121 the son H3101 of Joash H6213 has done H1697 this thing.
  30 H582 Then the men H5892 of the city H559 said H3101 unto Joash, H3318 Bring out H1121 your son, H4191 that he may die: H5422 because he has cast down H4196 the altar H1168 of Baal, H3772 and because he has cut down H842 the grove that was by it.
  31 H3101 And Joash H559 said H5975 unto all that stood H7378 against him, Will you plead H1168 for Baal? H3467 will you save H7378 him? he that will plead H4191 for him, let him be put to death H1242 whilst it is yet morning: H430 if he be a god, H7378 let him plead H5422 for himself, because one has cast down H4196 his altar.
  32 H3117 Therefore on that day H7121 he called H3378 him Jerubbaal, H559 saying, H1168 Let Baal H7378 plead H5422 against him, because he has thrown down H4196 his altar.
  33 H4080 Then all the Midianites H6002 and the Amalekites H1121 and the sons H6924 of the east H622 were gathered H3162 together, H5674 and went over, H2583 and pitched H6010 in the valley H3157 of Jezreel.
  34 H7307 But the Spirit H3068 of the Lord H3847 came H1439 upon Gideon, H8628 and he blew H7782 a trumpet; H44 and Abi–ezer H2199 was gathered H310 after him.
  35 H7971 And he sent H4397 messengers H4519 throughout all Manasseh; H2199 who also was gathered H310 after H7971 him: and he sent H4397 messengers H836 unto Asher, H2074 and unto Zebulun, H5321 and unto Naphtali; H5927 and they came up H7125 to meet them.
  36 H1439 And Gideon H559 said H430 unto God, H3426 If you will H3467 save H3478 Israel H3027 by my hand, H1696 as you have said,
  37 H3322 Behold, I will put H1492 a fleece H6785 of wool H1637 in the floor; H2919 and if the dew H1492 be on the fleece H2721 only, and it be dry H776 upon all the earth H3045 beside, then shall I know H3467 that you will save H3478 Israel H3027 by my hand, H1696 as you have said.
  38 H7925 And it was so: for he rose up early H4283 on the next day, H2115 and thrust H1492 the fleece H2115 together, H4680 and wrung H2919 the dew H1492 out of the fleece, H5602 a bowl H4393 full H4325 of water.
  39 H1439 And Gideon H559 said H430 unto God, H639 Let not your anger H2734 be hot H1696 against me, and I will speak H6471 but this once: H5254 let me prove, H6471 I pray you, but this once H1492 with the fleece; H2721 let it now be dry H1492 only upon the fleece, H776 and upon all the ground H2919 let there be dew.
  40 H430 And God H6213 did H3915 so that night: H2721 for it was dry H1492 upon the fleece H2919 only, and there was dew H776 on all the ground.