H4100 מה מ־ מ־ מה מה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

מה מ־ מ־ מה מה
mâh mah mâ ma meh
maw, mah, maw, mah, meh
A primitive particle; properly interrogitive what ? (including how ?, why ? and when ?); but also exclamations like what! (including how!), or indefinitely what (including whatever, and even relatively that which); often used with prefixes in various adverbial or conjugational sneses

KJV Usage: how (long, oft, [-soever]), [no-] thing, what (end, good, purpose, thing), whereby (-fore, -in, -to, -with), (for) why.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


מה מ־ מ־ מה מה
interr pron
1. what, how, of what kind
a. (interrogative)
1. what?
2. of what kind
3. what? (rhetorical)
4. whatsoever, whatever, what
b. (adverb)
1. how, how now
2. why
3. how! (exclamation)
c. (with prep)
1. wherein?, whereby?, wherewith?, by what means?
2. because of what?
3. the like of what? 1c
d. how much?, how many?, how often? 1c
e. for how long?
1. for what reason?, why?, to what purpose?
2. until when?, how long?, upon what?, wherefore? indef pron
2. anything, aught, what may
Origin: a primitive particle
TWOT: 1149
Parts of Speech:

interr pron
1) what, how, of what kind
1a) (interrogative)
1a1) what?
1a2) of what kind
1a3) what? (rhetorical)
1a4) whatsoever, whatever, what
1b) (adverb)
1b1) how, how now
1b2) why
1b3) how! (exclamation)
1c) (with prep)
1c1) wherein?, whereby?, wherewith?, by what means?
1c2) because of what?
1c3) the like of what?
1c3a) how much?, how many?, how often?
1c3b) for how long?
1c4) for what reason?, why?, to what purpose?
1c5) until when?, how long?, upon what?, wherefore?
indef pron
2) anything, aught, what may

View how H4100 מה מ־ מ־ מה מה is used in the Bible

First 30 of 31 occurrences of H4100 מה מ־ מ־ מה מה

Genesis 4:10 What
Genesis 15:8 by what
Genesis 18:13 Why
Genesis 20:10 What
Genesis 27:45 thee from there: why
Genesis 27:46 what good
Genesis 33:15 What
Genesis 47:8 How
Numbers 23:8 How
Joshua 7:25 Why
Judges 6:15 how
Judges 8:1 to him, Why hast thou
1 Samuel 14:38 what
1 Samuel 19:3 of thee; and what
2 Samuel 1:4 to him, How
2 Samuel 18:22 But however,
Job 7:19 How long
Job 27:12 why
Job 30:2 Yea, to what
Psalms 8:4 What
Psalms 78:40 How
Psalms 79:5 How
Proverbs 5:20 why
Proverbs 9:13 nothing.
Song of Songs 1:7 for
Isaiah 1:11 To what
Jeremiah 5:19 Why
Lamentations 2:13 for thee? what thing
Amos 5:18 to what end
Zechariah 2:2 what

Distinct usage

6 What
5 Why
5 How
1 what good
1 to him, Why hast thou
1 of thee; and what
1 to him, How
1 But however,
1 Yea, to what
1 nothing.
1 for thee? what thing
1 to what end
1 Why?
1 thee from there: why
1 How long
1 for
1 To what
1 by what

Corresponding Greek Words

maddai G2425 hikanos
mah G4169 poios
mah G5101 tis
mah eten G155 aitema
mah ,meh G3029 lian
meh G5101 tis
kammeh G2425 hikanos *
lamah G5101 tis *
mahem G5101 tis *

Related words


H1099 בּלימה be lı̂ymâh
be lı̂ymâh
From H1097 and H4100; (as indefinite) nothing whatever

KJV Usage: nothing.

H3964 מא mâ'
(Chaldee); corresponding to H4100; (as indefinite) that

KJV Usage: + what.

H4069 מדּע מדּוּע maddûa‛ maddûa‛
מדּע מדּוּע
maddûa‛ maddûa‛
mad-doo'-ah, mad-doo'-ah
From H4100 and the passive participle of H3045; what (is) known ?; that is, (by implication), (adverbially) why?

KJV Usage: how, wherefore, why.

H4078 מדּי madday
From H4100 and H1767; what (is) enough, that is, sufficiently

KJV Usage: sufficiently.

H4101 מה mâh
(Chaldee); corresponding to H4100

KJV Usage: how great (mighty), that which, what (-soever), why.

H4102 מההּ mâhahh
Apparently a denominative from H4100; properly to question or hesitate, that is, (by implication) to be reluctant

KJV Usage: delay, linger, stay selves, tarry.

H4310 מי mı̂y
An interrogitive pronoun of persons, as H4100 is of things, who ? (occasionally, by a peculiar idiom, of things); also (indefinitely) whoever; often used in oblique construction with prefix or suffix

KJV Usage: any (man), X he, X him, + O that! what, which, who (-m, -se, -soever), + would to God.

H4367 מכנדבי maknadbay
From H4100 and H5068 with a particle interposed; what (is) like (a) liberal (man)?; Maknadbai, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Machnadebai.

H4478 מן mân
From H4100; literally a whatness (so to speak), that is, manna (so called from the question about it)

KJV Usage: manna.

H4972 מתּלאה matte lâ'âh
matte lâ'âh
From H4100 and H8518; what a trouble!

KJV Usage: what a weariness.

G2982 λαμά, λαμμᾱ
λαμά, λαμμᾱ
lama lamma
lam-ah', lam-mah'
Of Hebrew origin ([H4100] with preposition prefixed); lama (that is, why)

KJV Usage: lama.