Bible verses about "democracy" | AKJV_Strongs

Exodus 18:26

  26 H8199 And they judged H5971 the people H3605 at all H6256 seasons: H7186 the hard H1697 causes H935 they brought H4872 to Moses, H3605 but every H6996 small H1697 matter H8199 they judged H1992 themselves.

Exodus 18:21

  21 H2372 Moreover you shall provide H3605 out of all H5971 the people H2428 able H582 men, H3373 such as fear H430 God, H582 men H571 of truth, H8130 hating H1215 covetousness; H7760 and place H5921 such over H8269 them, to be rulers H505 of thousands, H8269 and rulers H3967 of hundreds, H8269 rulers H2572 of fifties, H8269 and rulers H6235 of tens:

Deuteronomy 1:13

  13 H3051 Take H2450 you wise H582 men, H995 and understanding, H3045 and known H7626 among your tribes, H7760 and I will make H7218 them rulers over you.

Judges 8:23

  23 H1439 And Gideon H559 said H4910 to them, I will not rule H3808 over you, neither H1121 shall my son H4910 rule H3068 over you: the LORD H4910 shall rule over you.

2 Samuel 8:15

  15 H1732 And David H4427 reigned H5921 over H3605 all H3478 Israel; H1732 and David H6213 executed H4941 judgment H6666 and justice H3605 to all H5971 his people.

1 Kings 9:5

  5 H6965 Then I will establish H3678 the throne H4467 of your kingdom H3478 on Israel H5769 for ever, H1696 as I promised H1732 to David H1 your father, H559 saying, H3772 There shall not fail H376 you a man H3678 on the throne H3478 of Israel.

2 Chronicles 19:6-7

  6 H559 And said H8199 to the judges, H7200 Take H7200 heed H4100 what H6213 you do: H8199 for you judge H120 not for man, H3068 but for the LORD, H1697 who is with you in the judgment. H4941
  7 H6258 Why now H6343 let the fear H3068 of the LORD H8104 be on you; take heed H6213 and do H369 it: for there is no H5766 iniquity H3068 with the LORD H430 our God, H4856 nor respect H6440 of persons, H4727 nor taking H7810 of gifts.

2 Chronicles 20:5-6

  5 H3092 And Jehoshaphat H5975 stood H6951 in the congregation H3063 of Judah H3389 and Jerusalem, H1004 in the house H3068 of the LORD, H6440 before H2319 the new H2691 court,
  6 H559 And said, H3068 O LORD H430 God H1 of our fathers, H430 are not you God H8064 in heaven? H4910 and rule H3605 not you over all H4467 the kingdoms H1471 of the heathen? H3027 and in your hand H3581 is there not power H1369 and might, H369 so that none H3320 is able to withstand you?

2 Chronicles 36:1

  1 H5971 Then the people H776 of the land H3947 took H3059 Jehoahaz H1121 the son H2977 of Josiah, H4427 and made him king H1 in his father’s H8478 stead H3389 in Jerusalem.

Psalms 67:4

  4 H3816 O let the nations H8056 be glad H7442 and sing H8199 for joy: for you shall judge H5971 the people H4334 righteously, H5148 and govern H3816 the nations H776 on earth. H5542 Selah.

Proverbs 14:15

  15 H6612 The simple H539 believes H3605 every H1697 word: H6175 but the prudent H995 man looks H995 well H838 to his going.

Ecclesiastes 10:2

  2 H2450 A wise H3820 man’s heart H3225 is at his right H3225 hand; H3684 but a fool’s H3820 heart H8040 at his left.

Isaiah 30:21

  21 H241 And your ears H8085 shall hear H1697 a word H310 behind H559 you, saying, H2088 This H1870 is the way, H3212 walk H3588 you in it, when H541 you turn to the right H3588 hand, and when H8041 you turn to the left.

Isaiah 2:22

  22 H2308 Cease H120 you from man, H834 whose H5397 breath H639 is in his nostrils: H4100 for wherein H2803 is he to be accounted of?

Matthew 28:18

  18 G2424 And Jesus G4334 came G2980 and spoke G3004 to them, saying, G3956 All G1849 power G1325 is given G3772 to me in heaven G1093 and in earth.

John 19:11

  11 G2424 Jesus G611 answered, G2192 You could have G3756 no G1849 power G3762 at all G2596 against G1508 me, except G1325 it were given G509 you from above: G1223 therefore G5124 G3860 he that delivered G2192 me to you has G3187 the greater G266 sin.

Romans 8:38-39

  38 G3982 For I am persuaded, G3777 that neither G2288 death, G3777 nor G2222 life, G3777 nor G32 angels, G3777 nor G746 principalities, G3777 nor G1411 powers, G3777 nor G1764 things present, G3777 nor G3195 things to come,
  39 G3777 Nor G5313 height, G3777 nor G899 depth, G3777 nor G5100 any G2087 other G2937 creature, G1410 shall be able G5562 to separate G26 us from the love G2316 of God, G3588 which G5547 is in Christ G2424 Jesus G2962 our Lord.

Romans 14:1

  1 G770 Him that is weak G4102 in the faith G4355 receive G1261 you, but not to doubtful G1253 disputations.

1 Timothy 2:1-2

  1 G3870 I exhort G3767 therefore, G4412 that, first G3956 of all, G1162 supplications, G4335 prayers, G1783 intercessions, G2169 and giving of thanks, G4160 be made G3956 for all G444 men;
  2 G935 For kings, G3956 and for all G5247 that are in authority; G1236 that we may lead G2263 a quiet G2272 and peaceable G979 life G3956 in all G2150 godliness G4587 and honesty.

Titus 3:1

  1 G5279 Put G5279 them in mind G5293 to be subject G746 to principalities G1849 and powers, G3980 to obey G3980 magistrates, G2092 to be ready G3956 to every G18 good G2041 work,

Psalms 146:3

  3 H982 Put not your trust H5081 in princes, H1121 nor in the son H120 of man, H369 in whom there is no H8668 help.

Proverbs 4:27

  27 H5186 Turn H3225 not to the right H3227 hand H8040 nor to the left: H5493 remove H7272 your foot H7451 from evil.

Acts 5:29

  29 G1161 Then G4074 Peter G652 and the other apostles G611 answered G2036 and said, G1163 We ought G3980 to obey G2316 God G3123 rather G2228 than G444 men.

1 Peter 2:13-17

  13 G5293 Submit G3956 yourselves to every G2937 ordinance G442 of man G2962 for the Lord’s G1535 sake: whether G935 it be to the king, G5242 as supreme;
  14 G1535 Or G2232 to governors, G3992 as to them that are sent G1557 by him for the punishment G2555 of evildoers, G1868 and for the praise G17 of them that do G17 well.
  15 G3779 For so G2307 is the will G2316 of God, G15 that with well G15 doing G5392 you may put G5392 to silence G56 the ignorance G878 of foolish G444 men:
  16 G1658 As free, G2192 and not using G3588 your G1657 liberty G1942 for a cloak G2549 of maliciousness, G1401 but as the servants G2316 of God.
  17 G5091 Honor G3956 all G25 men. Love G81 the brotherhood. G5399 Fear G2316 God. G5091 Honor G935 the king.

Romans 13:1-7

  1 G3956 Let every G5590 soul G5293 be subject G5242 to the higher G1849 powers. G3756 For there is no G1849 power G2316 but of God: G1849 the powers G5021 that be are ordained G2316 of God.
  2 G3588 Whoever G5620 therefore G498 resists G1849 the power, G436 resists G1296 the ordinance G2316 of God: G436 and they that resist G2983 shall receive G1438 to themselves G2917 damnation.
  3 G758 For rulers G5401 are not a terror G18 to good G2041 works, G2556 but to the evil. G2309 Will G1161 you then G5399 not be afraid G1849 of the power? G4160 do G18 that which is good, G2192 and you shall have G1868 praise G846 of the same:
  4 G1249 For he is the minister G2316 of God G18 to you for good. G1437 But if G4160 you do G2556 that which is evil, G5399 be afraid; G5409 for he bears G3162 not the sword G1500 in vain: G1249 for he is the minister G2316 of God, G1558 a revenger G3709 to execute wrath G4238 on him that does G2556 evil.
  5 G1352 Why G318 you must needs G5293 be subject, G3440 not only G3709 for wrath, G2532 but also G4893 for conscience sake.
  6 G5124 For for this G1223 cause G5055 pay G5411 you tribute G2532 also: G2316 for they are God’s G3011 ministers, G4342 attending G4342 continually G5124 on this G846 very thing.
  7 G591 Render G3767 therefore G3956 to all G3782 their dues: G5411 tribute G3588 to whom G5411 tribute G514 is due; G5056 custom G3588 to whom G5056 custom; G5401 fear G3588 to whom G5401 fear; G5092 honor G3588 to whom G5092 honor.

Judges 21:25

  25 H1992 In those H3117 days H369 there was no H4428 king H3478 in Israel: H376 every man H6213 did H3477 that which was right H5869 in his own eyes.

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