Acts 4

  1 G1161 And G846 as they G2980 spake [G5723]   G4314 unto G2992 the people G2409 , the priests G2532 , and G4755 the captain G2411 of the temple G2532 , and G4523 the Sadducees G2186 , came upon [G5627]   G846 them,
  2 G1278 Being grieved [G5740]   G1223 that G846 they G1321 taught [G5721]   G2992 the people G2532 , and G2605 preached [G5721]   G1722 through G2424 Jesus G386 the resurrection G1537 from G3498 the dead.
  3 G2532 And G1911 they laid [G5627]   G5495 hands G846 on them G2532 , and G5087 put [G5639]   G1519 them in G5084 hold G1519 unto G839 the next day G1063 : for G2258 it was [G5713]   G2235 now G2073 eventide.
  4 G1161 Howbeit G4183 many G191 of them which heard [G5660]   G3056 the word G4100 believed [G5656]   G2532 ; and G706 the number G435 of the men G1096 was [G5675]   G5616 about G4002 five G5505 thousand.
  5 G1161 And G1096 it came to pass [G5633]   G1909 on G839 the morrow G846 , that their G758 rulers G2532 , and G4245 elders G2532 , and G1122 scribes,
  6 G2532 And G452 Annas G749 the high priest G2532 , and G2533 Caiaphas G2532 , and G2491 John G2532 , and G223 Alexander G2532 , and G3745 as many as G2258 were [G5713]   G1537 of G1085 the kindred G748 of the high priest G4863 , were gathered together [G5683]   G1519 at G2419 Jerusalem.
  7 G2532 And G2476 when they had set [G5660]   G846 them G1722 in G3319 the midst G4441 , they asked [G5711]   G1722 , By G4169 what G1411 power G2228 , or G1722 by G4169 what G3686 name G4160 , have G5210 ye G4160 done [G5656]   G5124 this?
  8 G5119 Then G4074 Peter G4130 , filled [G5685]   G40 with the Holy G4151 Ghost G2036 , said [G5627]   G4314 unto G846 them G758 , Ye rulers G2992 of the people G2532 , and G4245 elders G2474 of Israel,
  9 G1487 If G2249 we G4594 this day G350 be examined [G5743]   G1909 of G2108 the good deed done G772 to the impotent G444 man G1722 , by G5101 what means G3778 he G4982 is made whole [G5769]  ;
  10 G2077 Be it [G5749]   G1110 known G5213 unto you G3956 all G2532 , and G3956 to all G2992 the people G2474 of Israel G3754 , that G1722 by G3686 the name G2424 of Jesus G5547 Christ G3480 of Nazareth G3739 , whom G5210 ye G4717 crucified [G5656]   G3739 , whom G2316 God G1453 raised [G5656]   G1537 from G3498 the dead G1722 , even by G5129 him G3936 doth G3778 this man G3936 stand here [G5758]   G1799 before G5216 you G5199 whole.
  11 G3778 This G2076 is [G5748]   G3037 the stone G3588 which G1848 was set at nought [G5685]   G5259 of G5216 you G3618 builders [G5723]   G3588 , which G1096 is become [G5637]   G2776 the head G1519 of G1137 the corner.
  12 G2532 Neither G3756   G2076 is there [G5748]   G4991 salvation G1722 in G3762 any G243 other G1063 : for G2076 there is [G5748]   G3777 none G2087 other G3686 name G5259 under G3772 heaven G1325 given [G5772]   G1722 among G444 men G1722 , whereby G3739   G2248 we G1163 must [G5748]   G4982 be saved [G5683]  .
  13 G1161 Now G2334 when they saw [G5723]   G3954 the boldness G4074 of Peter G2532 and G2491 John G2532 , and G2638 perceived [G5642]   G3754 that G1526 they were [G5748]   G62 unlearned G2532 and G2399 ignorant G444 men G2296 , they marvelled [G5707]   G5037 ; and G1921 they took knowledge [G5707]   G846 of them G3754 , that G2258 they had been [G5713]   G4862 with G2424 Jesus.
  14 G1161 And G991 beholding [G5723]   G444 the man G2323 which was healed [G5772]   G2476 standing [G5761]   G4862 with G846 them G2192 , they could [G5707]   G471 say G3762 nothing G471 against it [G5629]  .
  15 G1161 But G2753 when they had commanded [G5660]   G846 them G565 to go aside [G5629]   G1854 out of G4892 the council G4820 , they conferred [G5627]   G4314 among G240 themselves,
  16 G3004 Saying [G5723]   G5101 , What G4160 shall we do [G5692]   G5125 to these G444 men G1063 ? for G3754 that G3303 indeed G1110 a notable G4592 miracle G1096 hath been done [G5754]   G1223 by G846 them G5318 is manifest G3956 to all them G2730 that dwell [G5723]   G2419 in Jerusalem G2532 ; and G3756 we cannot G1410   [G5736]   G720 deny [G5664]   it .
  17 G235 But G3363 that G1268 it spread [G5686]   G3363 no G1909 further G4119   G1519 among G2992 the people G547 , let us straitly G546 threaten [G5672]   G846 them G2980 , that they speak [G5721]   G3371 henceforth G3367 to no G444 man G1909 in G5129 this G3686 name.
  18 G2532 And G2564 they called [G5660]   G846 them G3853 , and commanded [G5656]   G846 them G3361 not G5350 to speak [G5738]   G2527 at all G3366 nor G1321 teach [G5721]   G1909 in G3686 the name G2424 of Jesus.
  19 G1161 But G4074 Peter G2532 and G2491 John G611 answered [G5679]   G2036 and said [G5627]   G4314 unto G846 them G1487 , Whether G2076 it be [G5748]   G1342 right G1799 in the sight G2316 of God G191 to hearken [G5721]   G5216 unto you G3123 more than G2228   G2316 unto God G2919 , judge ye [G5657]  .
  20 G1063 For G2249 we G3756 cannot G1410   [G5736]   G3361 but G2980 speak [G5721]   G3739 the things which G1492 we have seen [G5627]   G2532 and G191 heard [G5656]  .
  21 G1161 So G4324 when they had further threatened them [G5671]   G630 , they let G846 them G630 go [G5656]   G2147 , finding [G5723]   G3367 nothing G4459 how G2849 they might punish [G5672]   G846 them G1223 , because G2992 of the people G3754 : for G3956 all G1392 men glorified [G5707]   G2316 God G1909 for G1096 that which was done [G5756]  .
  22 G1063 For G444 the man G2258 was [G5713]   G4119 above G5062 forty G2094 years old G1909 , on G3739 whom G5124 this G4592 miracle G2392 of healing G1096 was shewed [G5715]  .
  23 G1161 And G630 being let go [G5685]   G2064 , they went [G5627]   G4314 to G2398 their own company G2532 , and G518 reported [G5656]   G3745 all G749 that the chief priests G2532 and G4245 elders G2036 had said [G5627]   G4314 unto G846 them.
  24 G1161 And G191 when they heard that [G5660]   G142 , they lifted up [G5656]   G5456 their voice G4314 to G2316 God G3661 with one accord G2532 , and G2036 said [G5627]   G1203 , Lord G4771 , thou G2316 art God G3588 , which G4160 hast made [G5660]   G3772 heaven G2532 , and G1093 earth G2532 , and G2281 the sea G2532 , and G3956 all G1722 that in G846 them is:
  25 G3588 Who G1223 by G4750 the mouth G4675 of thy G3816 servant G1138 David G2036 hast said [G5631]   G2444 , Why G5433 did G1484 the heathen G5433 rage [G5656]   G2532 , and G2992 the people G3191 imagine [G5656]   G2756 vain things?
  26 G935 The kings G1093 of the earth G3936 stood up [G5656]   G2532 , and G758 the rulers G4863 were gathered [G5681]   G1909 together G846   G2596 against G2962 the Lord G2532 , and G2596 against G846 his G5547 Christ.
  27 G1063 For G1909 of G225 a truth G1909 against G4675 thy G40 holy G3816 child G2424 Jesus G3739 , whom G5548 thou hast anointed [G5656]   G5037 , both G2264 Herod G2532 , and G4194 Pontius G4091 Pilate G4862 , with G1484 the Gentiles G2532 , and G2992 the people G2474 of Israel G4863 , were gathered together [G5681]  ,
  28 G4160 For to do [G5658]   G3745 whatsoever G4675 thy G5495 hand G2532 and G4675 thy G1012 counsel G4309 determined before [G5656]   G1096 to be done [G5635]  .
  29 G2532 And G3569 now G2962 , Lord G1896 , behold [G5628]   G1909   G846 their G547 threatenings G2532 : and G1325 grant unto [G5628]   G4675 thy G1401 servants G3326 , that with G3956 all G3954 boldness G2980 they may speak [G5721]   G4675 thy G3056 word,
  30 G1722 By G4571   G1614 stretching forth [G5721]   G4675 thine G5495 hand G1519 to G2392 heal G2532 ; and G4592 that signs G2532 and G5059 wonders G1096 may be done [G5738]   G1223 by G3686 the name G4675 of thy G40 holy G3816 child G2424 Jesus.
  31 G2532 And G846 when they G1189 had prayed [G5679]   G5117 , the place G4531 was shaken [G5681]   G1722 where G3739   G2258 they were [G5713]   G4863 assembled together [G5772]   G2532 ; and G4130 they were G537 all G4130 filled [G5681]   G40 with the Holy G4151 Ghost G2532 , and G2980 they spake [G5707]   G3056 the word G2316 of God G3326 with G3954 boldness.
  32 G1161 And G4128 the multitude G4100 of them that believed [G5660]   G2258 were [G5713]   G2588 of one heart G2532 and G3391 of one G5590 soul G2532 : neither G3761   G3004 said [G5707]   G1520 any G5100 of them that ought G846 of the things which he G5224 possessed [G5723]   G1511 was [G5750]   G2398 his own G235 ; but G846 they G2258 had [G5713]   G537 all things G2839 common.
  33 G2532 And G3173 with great G1411 power G591 gave [G5707]   G652 the apostles G3142 witness G386 of the resurrection G2962 of the Lord G2424 Jesus G5037 : and G3173 great G5485 grace G2258 was [G5713]   G1909 upon G846 them G3956 all.
  34 G3761 Neither G1063   G5225 was [G5707]   G5100 there any G1722 among G846 them G1729 that lacked G1063 : for G3745 as many as G5225 were [G5707]   G2935 possessors G5564 of lands G2228 or G3614 houses G4453 sold them [G5723]   G5342 , and brought [G5707]   G5092 the prices G4097 of the things that were sold [G5746]  ,
  35 G2532 And G5087 laid them down [G5707]   G3844 at G652 the apostles G4228 ' feet G1161 : and G1239 distribution was made [G5712]   G1538 unto every man G2530 according G302 as G2192 he had [G5707]   G5100 need G5532  .
  36 G1161 And G2500 Joses G3588 , who G5259 by G652 the apostles G1941 was surnamed [G5685]   G921 Barnabas G3739 , (which G2076 is [G5748]   G3177 , being interpreted [G5746]   G5207 , The son G3874 of consolation G3019 ,) a Levite G1085 , and of the country G2953 of Cyprus,
  37 G5225 Having [G5723]   G846   G68 land G4453 , sold [G5660]   G5342 it, and brought [G5656]   G5536 the money G2532 , and G5087 laid [G5656]   G3844 it at G652 the apostles G4228 ' feet.