Acts 4

  1 G2980 And as they spoke G2992 to the people, G2409 the priests, G4755 and the captain G2411 of the temple, G4523 and the Sadducees, G2186 came on them,
  2 G1278 Being grieved G1321 that they taught G2992 the people, G2605 and preached G1722 through G2424 Jesus G386 the resurrection G3498 from the dead.
  3 G1911 And they laid G5495 hands G5087 on them, and put G5084 them in hold G839 to the next G839 day: G2235 for it was now G2073 eventide.
  4 G4183 However, many G191 of them which heard G3056 the word G4100 believed; G706 and the number G435 of the men G5616 was about G4002 five G5505 thousand.
  5 G1096 And it came G1909 to pass on G839 the morrow, G758 that their rulers, G4245 and elders, G1122 and scribes,
  6 G452 And Annas G749 the high G749 priest, G2533 and Caiaphas, G2491 and John, G223 and Alexander, G3745 and as many G1085 as were of the kindred G749 of the high G748 priest, G4863 were gathered G4863 together G1519 at G2419 Jerusalem.
  7 G2476 And when they had set G3319 them in the middle, G4441 they asked, G4169 By what G1411 power, G2228 or G4169 by what G3686 name, G4160 have you done G5124 this?
  8 G5119 Then G4074 Peter, G4130 filled G40 with the Holy G4151 Ghost, G2036 said G758 to them, You rulers G2992 of the people, G4245 and elders G2474 of Israel,
  9 G1487 If G4594 we this G4594 day G350 be examined G2108 of the good G2108 deed G772 done to the weak G444 man, G5101 by what G4982 means he is made G4982 whole;
  10 G1110 Be it known G3956 to you all, G3956 and to all G2992 the people G2474 of Israel, G3686 that by the name G2424 of Jesus G5547 Christ G3478 of Nazareth, G3739 whom G4717 you crucified, G3739 whom G2316 God G1453 raised G3498 from the dead, G3778 even by him does this G3936 man stand G3936 here G1799 before G5199 you whole.
  11 G3778 This G3037 is the stone G3588 which G1848 was set G1848 at G1848 nothing G3618 of you builders, G3588 which G1096 is become G1519 G2776 the head G1137 of the corner.
  12 G2532 Neither G3756 G4991 is there salvation G3762 in any G243 other: G3777 for there is none G2087 other G3686 name G5259 under G3772 heaven G1325 given G1722 among G444 men, G1722 whereby G3739 G1163 we must G4982 be saved.
  13 G1161 Now G2334 when they saw G3954 the boldness G4074 of Peter G2491 and John, G2638 and perceived G62 that they were unlearned G2399 and ignorant G444 men, G2296 they marveled; G1921 and they took G1921 knowledge G2258 of them, that they had been G2424 with Jesus.
  14 G991 And beholding G444 the man G2323 which was healed G2476 standing G2192 with them, they could G471 say G3762 nothing G471 against it.
  15 G2753 But when they had commanded G565 them to go G565 aside G4892 out of the council, G4820 they conferred G4314 among G240 themselves,
  16 G3004 Saying, G5101 What G4160 shall we do G5125 to these G444 men? G3303 for that indeed G1110 a notable G4592 miracle G1096 has been done G5319 by them is manifest G3956 to all G2730 them that dwell G2419 in Jerusalem; G3756 and we cannot G1410 G720 deny it.
  17 G1268 But that it spread G3361 no G1909 further G4118 G1519 among G2992 the people, G547 let us straightly G546 threaten G2980 them, that they speak G3371 from now on G3367 to no G444 man G5129 in this G3686 name.
  18 G2564 And they called G3853 them, and commanded G5350 them not to speak G2527 at G2527 all G3366 nor G1321 teach G3686 in the name G2424 of Jesus.
  19 G4074 But Peter G2491 and John G611 answered G2036 and said G1487 to them, Whether G1342 it be right G1799 in the sight G2316 of God G191 to listen G3123 to you more G2228 than G2316 to God, G2919 judge you.
  20 G3756 For we cannot G1410 G2980 but speak G3739 the things which G1492 we have seen G191 and heard.
  21 G1161 So G4324 when they had further threatened G630 them, they let them go, G2147 finding G3367 nothing G4459 how G2849 they might punish G1223 them, because G2992 of the people: G3956 for all G1392 men glorified G2316 God G1096 for that which was done.
  22 G444 For the man G4119 was above G5062 forty G2094 years G1909 old, on G3739 whom G5124 this G4592 miracle G2392 of healing G1096 was showed.
  23 G630 And being let go, G2064 they went G2398 to their own G2398 company, G518 and reported G3745 all G749 that the chief G749 priests G4245 and elders G2036 had said to them.
  24 G191 And when they heard G142 that, they lifted G5456 up their voice G2316 to God G3661 with one G3661 accord, G2036 and said, G1203 Lord, G2316 you are God, G3588 which G4160 have made G3772 heaven, G1093 and earth, G2281 and the sea, G3956 and all that in them is:
  25 G3588 Who G4750 by the mouth G3816 of your servant G1138 David G2036 have said, G2444 Why G1484 did the heathen G5433 rage, G2992 and the people G3191 imagine G2756 vain things?
  26 G935 The kings G1093 of the earth G3936 stood G758 up, and the rulers G4863 were gathered G1909 together G2596 against G2962 the Lord, G2596 and against G5547 his Christ.
  27 G225 For of a truth G1909 against G40 your holy G3816 child G2424 Jesus, G3739 whom G5548 you have anointed, G5037 both G2264 Herod, G4194 and Pontius G4091 Pilate, G1484 with the Gentiles, G2992 and the people G2474 of Israel, G4863 were gathered G4863 together,
  28 G4160 For to do G3745 whatever G5495 your hand G1012 and your counsel G4309 determined G4309 before G1096 to be done.
  29 G3568 And now, G2962 Lord, G1896 behold G547 their threatenings: G1325 and grant G1401 to your servants, G3956 that with all G3954 boldness G2980 they may speak G3056 your word,
  30 G1614 By stretching G1614 forth G4675 your G5495 hand G2392 to heal; G4592 and that signs G5059 and wonders G1096 may be done G3686 by the name G40 of your holy G3816 child G2424 Jesus.
  31 G1189 And when they had prayed, G5117 the place G4531 was shaken G1722 where G3739 G4863 they were assembled G4863 together; G537 and they were all G4130 filled G40 with the Holy G4151 Ghost, G2980 and they spoke G3056 the word G2316 of God G3954 with boldness.
  32 G4128 And the multitude G4100 of them that believed G2588 were of one heart G3391 and of one G5590 soul: G3761 neither G3004 said G1520 any G5100 of them that ought G5224 of the things which he possessed G2398 was his own; G1510 but they had G537 all G2839 things common.
  33 G3173 And with great G1411 power G591 gave G652 the apostles G3142 witness G386 of the resurrection G2962 of the Lord G2424 Jesus: G3173 and great G5485 grace G3956 was on them all.
  34 G3761 Neither G5100 was there any G1722 among G1729 them that lacked: G3745 for as many G2935 as were possessors G5564 of lands G2228 or G3614 houses G4453 sold G5342 them, and brought G5092 the prices G4097 of the things that were sold,
  35 G5087 And laid G3844 them down at G652 the apostles’ G4228 feet: G1239 and distribution G1239 was made G1538 to every G2530 man according G2192 as he had G5532 need.
  36 G2500 And Joses, G3588 who G652 by the apostles G1941 was surnamed G921 Barnabas, G3739 (which G3177 is, being interpreted, G5207 The son G3874 of consolation, G3019 ) a Levite, G1085 and of the country G2954 of Cyprus,
  37 G5225 Having G846 G68 land, G4453 sold G5342 it, and brought G5536 the money, G5087 and laid G3844 it at G652 the apostles’ G4228 feet.