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2 Chronicles 23:20 (KJV_Strongs)
  20 H3947 And he took [H8799]   H8269 the captains H3967 of hundreds H117 , and the nobles H4910 , and the governors [H8802]   H5971 of the people H5971 , and all the people H776 of the land H3381 , and brought down [H8686]   H4428 the king H1004 from the house H3068 of the LORD H935 : and they came [H8799]   H8432 through H5945 the high H8179 gate H4428 into the king's H1004 house H3427 , and set [H8686]   H4428 the king H3678 upon the throne H4467 of the kingdom.