H8432 תּוך - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From an unused root meaning to sever; a bisection, that is, (by implication) the centre

KJV Usage: among (-st), X between, half, X (there-, where-) in (-to), middle, mid [-night], midst (among), X out (of), X through, X with (-in).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. midst, middle
a. midst, middle
b. into, through (after verbs of motion)
c. among (of a number of persons)
d. between (of things arranged by twos)
e. from among (as to take or separate etc)
Origin: from an unused root meaning to sever
TWOT: 2498
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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First 30 of 390 occurrences of H8432 תּוך

Genesis 1:6 in the midst
Genesis 2:9 also in the midst
Genesis 3:3 which is in the midst
Genesis 3:8 among
Genesis 9:21 within
Genesis 15:10 them in the midst,
Genesis 18:24 within
Genesis 18:26 within
Genesis 19:29 out of the midst
Genesis 23:6 among us:
Genesis 23:9 among you.
Genesis 23:10 among
Genesis 35:2 that are among you,
Genesis 37:7 For, behold, we were binding
Genesis 40:20 among
Genesis 41:48 in the same.
Genesis 42:5 grain among
Exodus 2:5 among
Exodus 3:2 out of the midst
Exodus 3:4 to him out of the midst
Exodus 7:5 from among
Exodus 9:24 mingled
Exodus 11:4 into the midst
Exodus 12:31 from among
Exodus 12:49 among
Exodus 14:16 ground through the midst
Exodus 14:22 into the midst
Exodus 14:23 them to the midst
Exodus 14:27 in the midst
Exodus 14:29 land in the midst

Distinct usage

93 in the midst
82 among
20 from among
17 within
17 from the midst
12 into the midst
9 out of the midst
8 the midst
7 shall be in the midst
6 in
3 between
3 is among
3 were in it,
2 which is in the midst
2 to him out of the midst
2 land in the midst
2 through
2 that is among
2 in it
2 into
2 that is in the midst
2 is in the midst
2 the middle
2 him from among
2 it in the midst
2 through the midst
2 also among
2 of the midst
2 them into the midst
2 in the middle
2 with him among
2 it into the midst
1 also in the midst
1 them in the midst,
1 among us:
1 among you.
1 that are among you,
1 For, behold, we were binding
1 in the same.
1 grain among
1 mingled
1 ground through the midst
1 them to the midst
1 with him, from among
1 of it, in the midst
1 not out
1 to work
1 into which any of them falleth,
1 among them in the midst
1 of them among
1 to me from among
1 with you, or whoever shall be among
1 yourselves from among
1 was among
1 that among
1 to them, Among
1 it into the midst
1 them among
1 and he was not in
1 shall be in the midst:

Corresponding Greek Words

tavekh G3319 mesos
tokh G1388 dolos
tokh G2873 kopos
tokh G5009 tameion
tokh G5110 tokos