H117 אדּיר - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H142; wide or (generally) large; figuratively powerful

KJV Usage: excellent, famous, gallant, glorious, goodly, lordly, mighty (-ier, one), noble, principal, worthy.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. great, majestic
a. of waters of sea
b. of a tree
c. of kings, nations, gods
2. great one, majestic one
a. of nobles, chieftains, servants
Origin: from H142
TWOT: 28b
Parts of Speech: Adjective

1) great, majestic
1a) of waters of sea
1b) of a tree
1c) of kings, nations, gods
2) great one, majestic one
2a) of nobles, chieftains, servants

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27 occurrences of H117 אדּיר

Exodus 15:10 in the mighty
Judges 5:13 over the nobles
Judges 5:25 in a lordly
1 Samuel 4:8 of these mighty
2 Chronicles 23:20 and the nobles,
Nehemiah 3:5 but their nobles
Nehemiah 10:29 their nobles,
Psalms 8:1 how excellent
Psalms 8:9 how excellent
Psalms 16:3 and to the excellent,
Psalms 76:4 and excellent
Psalms 93:4 is mightier
Psalms 93:4 yea, than the mighty
Psalms 136:18 famous
Isaiah 10:34 by a mighty one.
Isaiah 33:21 But there the glorious
Isaiah 33:21 neither shall gallant
Jeremiah 14:3 And their nobles
Jeremiah 25:34 yourselves in the ashes, ye chief
Jeremiah 25:35 nor the chief
Jeremiah 25:36 of the chief
Jeremiah 30:21 And their nobles
Ezekiel 17:23 and be a well favoured
Ezekiel 32:18 of the famous
Nahum 2:5 his nobles:
Nahum 3:18 thy nobles
Zechariah 11:2 because the mighty

Distinct usage

2 And their nobles
2 how excellent
1 in the mighty
1 over the nobles
1 in a lordly
1 of these mighty
1 and the nobles,
1 and to the excellent,
1 and excellent
1 is mightier
1 yea, than the mighty
1 by a mighty one.
1 But there the glorious
1 neither shall gallant
1 yourselves in the ashes, ye chief
1 nor the chief
1 and be a well favoured
1 thy nobles
1 because the mighty
1 of the famous
1 famous
1 of the chief
1 his nobles:
1 but their nobles
1 their nobles,

Corresponding Greek Words

addir see G3175 st. megistan
addir G1413 dunastes
addir G1415 dunatos
addir G2298 thaumastos
addir G2478 ischuros
addir G2479 ischus
addir G2900 krataios
addir G3173 megas
addir G4731 stereos
addir G5242 huper echo

Related words


H155 אדּרת 'addereth
Feminine of H117; something ample (as a large vine, a wide dress); also the same as H145

KJV Usage: garment, glory, goodly, mantle, robe.

H142 אדר 'âdar

A primitive root; to expand, that is, be great or (figuratively) magnificent

KJV Usage: (become) glorious, honourable.

H115 אדורים 'ădôrayim
Dual from H142 (in the sense of eminence); double mound; Adorajim, a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Adoraim.

H145 אדר 'eder
From H142; amplitude, that is, (concretely) a mantle; also (figuratively) splendor

KJV Usage: goodly, robe.

H146 אדּר 'addâr
Intensive from H142; ample; Addar, a place in Palestine; also an Israelite

KJV Usage: Addar.

H147 אדּר 'iddar
(Chaldee); intensive from a root corresponding to H142; ample, that is, a threshing-floor

KJV Usage: threshingfloor.

H152 אדרמּלך 'adrammelek
From H142 and H4428; splendor of (the) king; Adrammelek, the name of an Assyrian idol, also of a son of Sennacherib

KJV Usage: Adrammelech.