H954 בּוּשׁ - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

A primitive root; properly to pale, that is, by implication to be ashamed; also (by implication) to be disappointed, or delayed

KJV Usage: (be, make, bring to, cause, put to, with, a-) shame (-d), be (put to) confounded (-fusion), become dry, delay, be long.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



Origin: a primitive root
TWOT: 222
Parts of Speech: Verb

be ashamed
1) to put to shame, be ashamed, be disconcerted, be disappointed
1a) (Qal)
1a1) to feel shame
1a2) to be ashamed, disconcerted, disappointed (by reason of)
1b) (Piel) to delay (in shame)
1c) (Hiphil)
1c1) to put to shame
1c2) to act shamefully
1c3) to be ashamed
1d) (Hithpolel) to be ashamed before one another

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First 30 of 109 occurrences of H954 בּוּשׁ

Genesis 2:25 and were not ashamed.
Exodus 32:1 delayed
Judges 3:25 till they were ashamed:
Judges 5:28 so long
2 Kings 2:17 him till he was ashamed,
2 Kings 8:11 until he was ashamed:
2 Kings 19:26 and confounded;
Ezra 8:22 For I was ashamed
Ezra 9:6 I am ashamed
Job 6:20 They were confounded
Job 19:3 me: ye are not ashamed
Psalms 6:10 be ashamed
Psalms 6:10 ashamed.
Psalms 14:6 Ye have shamed
Psalms 22:5 in thee, and were not ashamed.
Psalms 25:2 in thee: let me not be ashamed,
Psalms 25:3 on thee be ashamed:
Psalms 25:3 let them be ashamed
Psalms 25:20 me: let me not be ashamed;
Psalms 31:1 be ashamed:
Psalms 31:17 Let me not be ashamed,
Psalms 31:17 be ashamed,
Psalms 35:4 Let them be confounded
Psalms 35:26 Let them be ashamed
Psalms 37:19 They shall not be ashamed
Psalms 40:14 Let them be ashamed
Psalms 44:7 and hast put them to shame
Psalms 53:5 against thee: thou hast put them to shame,
Psalms 69:6 be ashamed
Psalms 70:2 Let them be ashamed

Distinct usage

4 let them be ashamed
4 Let them be confounded
4 ashamed,
3 shall be ashamed
2 be ashamed
2 be ashamed,
2 and they shall be ashamed
2 be ashamed.
1 and were not ashamed.
1 till they were ashamed:
1 him till he was ashamed,
1 They were confounded
1 ashamed.
1 Ye have shamed
1 in thee: let me not be ashamed,
1 on thee be ashamed:
1 be ashamed:
1 Let me not be ashamed,
1 They shall not be ashamed
1 against thee: thou hast put them to shame,
1 be put to confusion.
1 long: for they are confounded,
1 it, and be ashamed:
1 Confounded
1 let them be ashamed;
1 Then shall I not be ashamed,
1 put me not to shame.
1 and will not be ashamed.
1 be ashamed;
1 that I may not be ashamed.
1 and let me not be ashamed
1 of them: they shall not be ashamed,
1 Let them all be confounded
1 that causeth shame.
1 but she that maketh ashamed
1 that causeth shame,
1 to shame.
1 For they shall be ashamed
1 shall be confounded.
1 and ashamed
1 Be thou ashamed,
1 and be ashamed
1 shall not now be ashamed,
1 against thee shall be ashamed
1 that they may be ashamed.
1 shall be ashamed:
1 and they shall be ashamed
1 against him shall be ashamed.
1 that I shall not be ashamed.
1 not; for thou shalt not be ashamed:
1 but ye shall be ashamed:
1 and they shall be ashamed.
1 thou also shalt be ashamed
1 as thou wast ashamed
1 they were not at all
1 nay, they were not at all
1 confounded,
1 thee shall be ashamed,
1 was ashamed
1 confounded;

Corresponding Greek Words

bosh G152 aischune
bosh G1870 ep aischunomai
bosh G2983 lambano
bosh G3784 opheilo
osh hi. G819 atimia
bosh hi. G878 aphron
bosh hi. G1135 gune
bosh hi. G2555 kakopoios
bosh pil. G5549 chronizo
bosh qal,hi G2617 kat aischuno
bosh qal.,hi.,hith G153 aischuno

Related words


H955 בּוּשׁה bûshâh
Feminine participle passive of H954; shame

KJV Usage: shame.

H1317 בּשׁנה boshnâh
Feminine from H954; shamefulness

KJV Usage: shame.

H1322 בּשׁת bôsheth
From H954; shame (the feeling and the condition, as well as its cause); by implication (specifically) an idol

KJV Usage: ashamed, confusion, + greatly, (put to) shame (-ful thing).

H4016 מבשׁ mâbûsh
From H954; (plural) the (male) pudenda

KJV Usage: secrets.