H1265 בּרושׁ - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

be rôsh
Of uncertain derivation; a cypress tree (perhaps); hence a lance or a musical instrument (as made of that wood)

KJV Usage: fir (tree).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. cypress, fir, juniper, pine
a. a noble tree (lit.)
b. of stateliness (fig.)
c. material for temple
Origin: of uncertain derivation
TWOT: 289a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) cypress, fir, juniper, pine
1a) a noble tree (lit.)
1b) of stateliness (fig.)
1c) material for temple

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20 occurrences of H1265 בּרושׁ

2 Samuel 6:5 on all manner of instruments made of fir
1 Kings 5:8 of fir.
1 Kings 5:10 and fir
1 Kings 6:15 of fir.
1 Kings 6:34 were of fir
1 Kings 9:11 and fir
2 Kings 19:23 fir trees:
2 Chronicles 2:8 fir trees,
2 Chronicles 3:5 with fir
Psalms 104:17 the fir trees
Isaiah 14:8 Yea, the fir trees
Isaiah 37:24 fir trees:
Isaiah 41:19 the fir tree,
Isaiah 55:13 the fir tree,
Isaiah 60:13 to thee, the fir tree,
Ezekiel 27:5 of fir trees
Ezekiel 31:8 him: the fir trees
Hosea 14:8 fir tree.
Nahum 2:3 and the fir trees
Zechariah 11:2 fir tree;

Distinct usage

2 of fir.
2 and fir
2 the fir tree,
2 fir trees:
1 were of fir
1 fir trees,
1 with fir
1 the fir trees
1 Yea, the fir trees
1 to thee, the fir tree,
1 of fir trees
1 him: the fir trees
1 fir tree.
1 and the fir trees
1 fir tree;
1 on all manner of instruments made of fir

Corresponding Greek Words

berosh see G2748 kedros
berosh G4285 pro egeomai

Related words


H1266 בּרות be rôth
be rôth
A variation of H1265; the cypress (or some elastic tree)

KJV Usage: fir.