H6738 צל - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H6751; shade, whether literally or figuratively

KJV Usage: defence, shade (-ow).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. shadow, shade
a. shadow (on dial)
b. shadow, shade (as protection)
c. shadow (symbolic of transitoriness of life)
Origin: from H6751
TWOT: 1921a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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First 30 of 47 occurrences of H6738 צל

Genesis 19:8 they under the shadow
Numbers 14:9 for us: their defence
Judges 9:15 in my shadow:
Judges 9:36 the shadow
2 Kings 20:9 shall the shadow
2 Kings 20:10 for the shadow
2 Kings 20:10 nay, but let the shadow
2 Kings 20:11 the shadow
1 Chronicles 29:15 are as a shadow,
Job 7:2 the shadow,
Job 8:9 are a shadow:
Job 14:2 also as a shadow,
Job 17:7 are as a shadow.
Psalms 17:8 me under the shadow
Psalms 36:7 under the shadow
Psalms 57:1 in thee: yea, in the shadow
Psalms 63:7 therefore in the shadow
Psalms 80:10 with its shadow,
Psalms 91:1 under the shadow
Psalms 102:11 are like a shadow
Psalms 109:23 like the shadow
Psalms 121:5 is thy shade
Psalms 144:4 are as a shadow
Ecclesiastes 6:12 as a shadow?
Ecclesiastes 7:12 is a defence,
Ecclesiastes 7:12 is a defence:
Ecclesiastes 8:13 which are as a shadow;
Song of Songs 2:3 down under his shadow
Isaiah 4:6 for shade
Isaiah 16:3 thy shadow

Distinct usage

4 in the shadow
3 the shadow
3 under the shadow
3 Under his shadow
1 they under the shadow
1 for us: their defence
1 in my shadow:
1 shall the shadow
1 for the shadow
1 nay, but let the shadow
1 are as a shadow,
1 the shadow,
1 are a shadow:
1 also as a shadow,
1 are as a shadow.
1 me under the shadow
1 in thee: yea, in the shadow
1 therefore in the shadow
1 with its shadow,
1 are like a shadow
1 like the shadow
1 is thy shade
1 are as a shadow
1 as a shadow?
1 is a defence,
1 is a defence:
1 which are as a shadow;
1 down under his shadow
1 for shade
1 thy shadow

Corresponding Greek Words

tsel G803 asphaleia
tsel G2540 kairos
tsel G4639 skia
tsel G4721 stege