H2532 חמדּה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

Feminine of H2531; delight

KJV Usage: desire, goodly, pleasant, precious.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

n f
1. desire, that which is desirable adj
2. pleasant, precious
Origin: from H2531
TWOT: 673b
Parts of Speech:

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25 occurrences of H2532 חמדּה

Genesis 27:15 the choicest
1 Samuel 9:20 And on whom is all the desire
2 Chronicles 20:25 and precious
2 Chronicles 21:20 without being desired.
2 Chronicles 32:27 and for all manner of pleasant
2 Chronicles 36:10 with the precious
Ezra 8:27 precious
Psalms 106:24 the pleasant
Isaiah 2:16 and upon all pleasant
Jeremiah 3:19 thee a pleasant
Jeremiah 12:10 my pleasant
Jeremiah 25:34 like a pleasant
Ezekiel 26:12 thy pleasant
Daniel 9:23 thee; for thou art greatly beloved:
Daniel 10:3 no pleasant
Daniel 10:11 greatly beloved,
Daniel 10:19 greatly beloved,
Daniel 11:8 and with their precious
Daniel 11:37 nor the desire
Daniel 11:38 and pleasant things.
Daniel 11:43 and over all the precious
Hosea 13:15 of all pleasant
Nahum 2:9 out of all the pleasant
Haggai 2:7 and the desire
Zechariah 7:14 the pleasant

Distinct usage

2 the pleasant
2 greatly beloved,
1 the choicest
1 And on whom is all the desire
1 and precious
1 without being desired.
1 and for all manner of pleasant
1 with the precious
1 precious
1 and upon all pleasant
1 thee a pleasant
1 my pleasant
1 like a pleasant
1 thy pleasant
1 thee; for thou art greatly beloved:
1 no pleasant
1 and with their precious
1 nor the desire
1 and pleasant things.
1 and over all the precious
1 of all pleasant
1 out of all the pleasant
1 and the desire

Corresponding Greek Words

chemdah G1588 ek lektos
chemdah G1868 ep ainos

Related words

H2532 חמדּה

H2531 חמד chemed

A primitive root; to delight in

KJV Usage: desirable, pleasant.

H2533 חמדּן chemdân
From H2531; pleasant; Chemdan, an Idumaean

KJV Usage: Hemdan.