H3671 כּנף - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H3670; an edge or extremity; specifically (of a bird or army) a wing, (of a garment or bed clothing) a flap, (of the earth) a quarter, (of a building) a pinnacle

KJV Usage: + bird, border, corner, end, feather [-ed], X flying, + (one an-) other, overspreading, X quarters, skirt, X sort, uttermost part, wing ([-ed]).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. wing, extremity, edge, winged, border, corner, shirt
a. wing
b. extremity
1. skirt, corner (of garment)
Origin: from H3670
TWOT: 1003a
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) wing, extremity, edge, winged, border, corner, shirt
1a) wing
1b) extremity
1b1) skirt, corner (of garment)

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First 30 of 108 occurrences of H3671 כּנף

Genesis 1:21 and every winged
Genesis 7:14 of every sort.
Exodus 19:4 wings,
Exodus 25:20 forth their wings
Exodus 25:20 with their wings,
Exodus 37:9 their wings
Exodus 37:9 with their wings
Leviticus 1:17 it with its wings,
Numbers 15:38 on the borders
Numbers 15:38 of the borders
Deuteronomy 4:17 of any winged
Deuteronomy 22:12 quarters
Deuteronomy 22:30 skirt.
Deuteronomy 27:20 skirt.
Deuteronomy 32:11 her wings,
Ruth 2:12 under whose wings
Ruth 3:9 therefore thy skirt
1 Samuel 15:27 upon the skirt
1 Samuel 24:4 the skirt
1 Samuel 24:5 skirt.
1 Samuel 24:11 the skirt
1 Samuel 24:11 the skirt
2 Samuel 22:11 upon the wings
1 Kings 6:24 wing
1 Kings 6:24 wing
1 Kings 6:24 of the one wing
1 Kings 6:24 of the other
1 Kings 6:27 the wings
1 Kings 6:27 so that the wing
1 Kings 6:27 and the wing

Distinct usage

5 wing
5 wings
3 skirt.
3 upon the wings
3 the wings
3 the skirt
2 wings,
2 and their wings
2 place, even under the wings
2 to the wing
2 their wings
2 wings;
2 corners
2 his wings
2 Their wings
2 their wings.
2 their wings,
2 of thy wings.
2 of thy wings
1 of every sort.
1 it with its wings,
1 quarters
1 her wings,
1 under whose wings
1 therefore thy skirt
1 upon the skirt
1 of the one wing
1 of the other
1 so that the wing
1 and the wing
1 one
1 another
1 their two wings
1 And the wings
1 And one wing
1 of the ends
1 yet shall ye be as the wings
1 and feathered
1 and under his wings
1 and flying
1 of his wings
1 the wing,
1 with wings,
1 wings.
1 under their wings
1 and their wings.
1 were their wings
1 of their wings,
1 of the wings
1 them in thy skirts.
1 under their wings.
1 was under their wings.
1 of every wing;
1 of every sort,
1 and for the overspreading
1 in the skirt
1 and with his skirt
1 was in their wings;
1 like the wings
1 of the skirt

Corresponding Greek Words

kanaph G206 akros
kanaph G2413 hieros
kanaph G2899 kraspedon
kanaph G4071 peteinos
kanaph G4419 pterugion
kanaph G4420 pterux
kanaph ni. G1448 eggizo

Related words


H3670 כּנף kânaph

A primitive root; properly to project laterally, that is, probably (reflexively) to withdraw

KJV Usage: be removed.