Genesis 24:3 Cross References - CKJV_Strongs

  3 H7650 And I will make you swear H3068 by the Lord, H430 the God H8064 of heaven, H430 and the God H776 of the earth, H3947 that you shall not take H802 a wife H1121 unto my son H1323 of the daughters H3669 of the Canaanites, H7130 among H3427 whom I live:

Genesis 6:2

  2 H1121 That the sons H430 of God H7200 saw H1323 the daughters H120 of men H2007 that they H2896 were fair; H3947 and they took H802 them wives H977 of all which they chose.

Genesis 6:4

  4 H5303 There were Nephilim H776 in the earth H3117 in those days; H310 and also after H3651 that, H834 when H1121 the sons H430 of God H935 came in H1323 to the daughters H120 of men, H3205 and they gave birth to H1992 sons to them, the same H1368 became mighty men H5769 which were of old, H582 men H8034 of renown.

Genesis 10:15-19

  15 H3667 And Canaan H3205 fathered H6721 Sidon H1060 his firstborn, H2845 and Heth,
  16 H2983 And the Jebusite, H567 and the Amorite, H1622 and the Girgasite,
  17 H2340 And the Hivite, H6208 and the Arkite, H5513 and the Sinite,
  18 H721 And the Arvadite, H6786 and the Zemarite, H2577 and the Hamathite: H310 and afterward H4940 were the families H3669 of the Canaanites H6327 spread abroad.
  19 H1366 And the border H3669 of the Canaanites H6721 was from Sidon, H935 as you come H1642 to Gerar, H5804 unto Gaza; H935 as you go H5467 unto Sodom, H6017 and Gomorrah, H126 and Admah, H6636 and Zeboim, H3962 even unto Lasha.

Genesis 14:19

  19 H1288 And he blessed H559 him, and said, H1288 Blessed H87 be Abram H5945 of the most high H410 God, H7069 possessor H8064 of heaven H776 and earth:

Genesis 14:22

  22 H87 And Abram H559 said H4428 to the king H5467 of Sodom, H7311 I have lifted up H3027 my hand H3068 unto the Lord, H5945 the most high H410 God, H7069 the possessor H8064 of heaven H776 and earth,

Genesis 21:23

  23 H7650 Now therefore swear H2008 to me here H430 by God H8266 that you will not deal falsely H5209 with me, nor with my son, H5220 nor with my son's son: H2617 but according to the kindness H6213 that I have done H6213 to you, you shall do H776 to me, and to the land H1481 where you have stayed.

Genesis 26:28-31

  28 H559 And they said, H7200 We saw H7200 certainly H3068 that the Lord H559 was with you and we said, H423 Let there be now an oath H996 between H996 us, even between H3772 us and you and let us make H1285 a covenant with you
  29 H6213 That you will do H7451 us no hurt, H5060 as we have not touched H6213 you and as we have done H7535 unto you nothing but H2896 good, H7971 and have sent you away H7965 in peace: H6258 you are now H1288 the blessed H3068 of the Lord.
  30 H6213 And he made H4960 them a feast, H398 and they did eat H8354 and drink.
  31 H7925 And they rose up some time H1242 in the morning, H7650 and swore H376 one H251 to another: H3327 and Isaac H7971 sent them away, H3212 and they departed H7965 from him in peace.

Genesis 26:34-35

  34 H6215 And Esau H705 was forty H8141 years H1121 old H3947 when he took H802 to wife H3067 Judith H1323 the daughter H882 of Beeri H2850 the Hittite, H1315 and Bashemath H1323 the daughter H356 of Elon H2850 the Hittite:
  35 H4786 Which were a grief H7307 of mind H3327 unto Isaac H7259 and to Rebekah.

Genesis 27:46-28:2

  46 H7259 And Rebekah H559 said H3327 to Isaac, H6973 I am weary H2416 of my life H6440 because H1323 of the daughters H2845 of Heth: H3290 if Jacob H3947 take H802 a wife H1323 of the daughters H2845 of Heth, H1323 such as these which are of the daughters H776 of the land, H4100 what good H2416 shall my life do me?

Genesis 28:8

  8 H6215 And Esau H7200 seeing H1323 that the daughters H3667 of Canaan H5869 pleased H7451 not H3327 Isaac H1 his father;

Genesis 31:44-53

  44 H3212 Now therefore come you, H3772 let us make H1285 a covenant, H5707 I and you and let it be for a witness between me and you
  45 H3290 And Jacob H3947 took H68 a stone, H7311 and set it up H4676 for a pillar.
  46 H3290 And Jacob H559 said H251 unto his brothers, H3950 Gather H68 stones; H3947 and they took H68 stones, H6213 and made H1530 an heap: H398 and they did eat H1530 there upon the heap.
  47 H3837 And Laban H7121 called H3026 it Jegar–sahadutha: H3290 but Jacob H7121 called H1567 it Galeed.
  48 H3837 And Laban H559 said, H1530 This heap H5707 is a witness H3117 between me and you this day. H8034 Therefore was the name H7121 of it called H1567 Galeed;
  49 H4709 And Mizpah; H834 for H559 he said, H3068 The Lord H6822 watch H5641 between me and you when we are absent H376 one H7453 from another.
  50 H6031 If you shall afflict H1323 my daughters, H3947 or if you shall take H802 other wives H5921 beside H1323 my daughters, H376 no man H7200 is with us; see, H430 God H5707 is witness between me and you.
  51 H3837 And Laban H559 said H3290 to Jacob, H1530 Behold this heap, H4676 and behold this pillar, H3384 which I have cast between me and you.
  52 H1530 This heap H5707 be witness, H4676 and this pillar H5713 be witness, H5674 that I will not pass over H1530 this heap H5674 to you and that you shall not pass over H1530 this heap H4676 and this pillar H7451 unto me, for harm.
  53 H430 The God H85 of Abraham, H430 and the God H5152 of Nahor, H430 the God H1 of their father, H8199 judge H3290 between us. And Jacob H7650 swore H6343 by the fear H1 of his father H3327 Isaac.

Genesis 50:25

  25 H3130 And Joseph H7650 took a oath H1121 of the sons H3478 of Israel, H559 saying, H430 God H6485 will surely H6485 visit H5927 you, and you shall carry up H6106 my bones H2088 from here.

Exodus 20:7

  7 H5375 You shall not take H8034 the name H3068 of the Lord H430 your God H7723 in vain; H3068 for the Lord H5352 will not hold him guiltless H5375 that takes H8034 his name H7723 in vain.

Exodus 22:11

  11 H7621 Then shall an oath H3068 of the Lord H8147 be between them both, H7971 that he has not put H3027 his hand H7453 unto his neighbour's H4399 goods; H1167 and the owner H3947 of it shall accept H7999 there and he shall not make it good.

Exodus 23:13

  13 H559 And in all things that I have said H8104 unto you be circumspect: H2142 and make no mention H8034 of the name H312 of other H430 gods, H8085 neither let it be heard H5921 out H6310 of your mouth.

Exodus 34:16

  16 H3947 And you take H1323 of their daughters H1121 unto your sons, H1323 and their daughters H2181 go a whoring H310 after H430 their gods, H2181 and make H1121 your sons H2181 go a whoring H310 after H430 their gods.

Leviticus 19:12

  12 H7650 And you shall not swear H8034 by my name H8267 falsely, H2490 neither shall you profane H8034 the name H430 of your God: H3068 I am the Lord.

Numbers 5:21

  21 H3548 Then the priest H7650 shall charge H802 the woman H7621 with an oath H423 of cursing, H3548 and the priest H559 shall say H802 unto the woman, H3068 The Lord H5414 make H423 you a curse H7621 and an oath H8432 among H5971 your people, H3068 when the Lord H5414 does make H3409 your thigh H5307 to rot, H990 and your belly H6639 to swell;

Deuteronomy 6:13

  13 H3372 You shall fear H3068 the Lord H430 your God, H5647 and serve H7650 him, and shall swear H8034 by his name.

Deuteronomy 7:3-4

  3 H2859 Neither shall you make marriages H1323 with them; your daughter H5414 you shall not give H1121 unto his son, H1323 nor his daughter H3947 shall you take H1121 unto your son.
  4 H5493 For they will turn away H1121 your son H310 from following H5647 me, that they may serve H312 other H430 gods: H639 so will the anger H3068 of the Lord H2734 be kindled H8045 against you, and destroy H4118 you suddenly.

Deuteronomy 10:20

  20 H3372 You shall fear H3068 the Lord H430 your God; H5647 him shall you serve, H1692 and to him shall you cleave, H7650 and swear H8034 by his name.

Joshua 2:12

  12 H7650 Now therefore, I pray you, swear H3068 unto me by the Lord, H3588 since H6213 I have showed H2617 you kindness, H6213 that you will also show H2617 kindness H1 unto my father's H1004 house, H5414 and give H571 me a true H226 token:

1 Samuel 20:17

  17 H3083 And Jonathan H1732 caused David H7650 to swear H3254 again, H160 because he loved H157 him: for he loved H160 him as he loved H5315 his own soul.

2 Kings 19:15

  15 H2396 And Hezekiah H6419 prayed H6440 before H3068 the Lord, H559 and said, H3068 O Lord H430 God H3478 of Israel, H3427 which dwell H3742 between the cherubims, H430 you are the God, H4467 even you alone, of all the kingdoms H776 of the earth; H6213 you have made H8064 heaven H776 and earth.

2 Chronicles 2:12

  12 H2361 Huram H559 said H1288 moreover, Blessed H3068 be the Lord H430 God H3478 of Israel, H6213 that made H8064 heaven H776 and earth, H5414 who has given H1732 to David H4428 the king H2450 a wise H1121 son, H3045 endowed H7922 with prudence H998 and understanding, H1129 that might build H1004 a house H3068 for the Lord, H1004 and a house H4438 for his kingdom.

Nehemiah 9:6

  6 H3068 You, even you, are Lord H6213 alone; you have made H8064 heaven, H8064 the heaven H8064 of heavens, H6635 with all their army, H776 the earth, H3220 and all things that are in it, the seas, H2421 and all that is in it, and you preserve H6635 them all; and the army H8064 of heaven H7812 worships you.

Nehemiah 13:25

  25 H7378 And I contended H7043 with them, and cursed H5221 them, and struck H582 certain H4803 of them, and plucked off their hair, H7650 and made them swear H430 by God, H5414 saying, You shall not give H1323 your daughters H1121 unto their sons, H5375 nor take H1323 their daughters H1121 unto your sons, or for yourselves.

Psalms 115:15

  15 H1288 You are blessed H3068 of the Lord H6213 which made H8064 heaven H776 and earth.

Isaiah 45:23

  23 H7650 I have sworn H1697 by myself, the word H3318 is gone out H6310 of my mouth H6666 in righteousness, H7725 and shall not return, H1290 That unto me every knee H3766 shall bow, H3956 every tongue H7650 shall swear.

Isaiah 48:1

  1 H8085 Hear H1004 you this, O house H3290 of Jacob, H7121 which are called H8034 by the name H3478 of Israel, H3318 and are come forth H4325 out of the waters H3063 of Judah, H7650 which swear H8034 by the name H3068 of the Lord, H2142 and make mention H430 of the God H3478 of Israel, H571 but not in truth, H6666 nor in righteousness.

Isaiah 65:16

  16 H1288 That he who blesses H776 himself in the earth H1288 shall bless H430 himself in the God H543 of truth; H7650 and he that swears H776 in the earth H7650 shall swear H430 by the God H543 of truth; H7223 because the former H6869 troubles H7911 are forgotten, H5641 and because they are hid H5869 from my eyes.

Jeremiah 4:2

  2 H7650 And you shall swear, H3068 The Lord H2416 lives, H571 in truth, H4941 in judgment, H6666 and in righteousness; H1471 and the nations H1288 shall bless H1984 themselves in him, and in him shall they glory.

Jeremiah 10:11

  11 H1836 Thus H560 shall you say H426 unto them, The gods H3809 that have not H5648 made H8065 the heavens H778 and the earth, H7 even they shall perish H772 from the earth, H8460 and from under H429 these H8065 heavens.

Jeremiah 12:16

  16 H3925 And it shall come to pass, if they will diligently H3925 learn H1870 the ways H5971 of my people, H7650 to swear H8034 by my name, H3068 The Lord H2416 lives; H3925 as they taught H5971 my people H7650 to swear H1168 by Baal; H1129 then shall they be built H8432 in the midst H5971 of my people.

Zephaniah 1:5

  5 H7812 And them that worship H6635 the army H8064 of heaven H1406 upon the housetops; H7812 and them that worship H7650 and that swear H3068 by the Lord, H7650 and that swear H4428 by Malcham;

1 Corinthians 7:39

  39 G1135 The wife G1210 is bound G3551 by the law G1909 as G5550 long G3745 as G846 her G435 husband G2198 lives; G1161 but G1437 if G846 her G435 husband G2837 is dead, G2076 she is G1658 at liberty G1060 to be married to G3739 whom G2309 she will; G3440 only G1722 in G2962 the Lord.

2 Corinthians 6:14-17

  14 G1096 Be G3361 not G2086 unequally yoked together G571 with unbelievers: G1063 for G5101 what G3352 fellowship G1343 has righteousness G2532 with G458 unrighteousness? G1161 And G5101 what G2842 communion G5457 has light G4314 with G4655 darkness?
  15 G1161 And G5101 what G4857 agreement G5547 has Christ G4314 with G955 Belial? G2228 Or G5101 what G3310 part G4103 has he that believes G3326 with G571 an unbeliever?
  16 G1161 And G5101 what G4783 agreement G3485 has the temple G2316 of God G3326 with G1497 idols? G1063 For G5210 you G2075 are G3485 the temple G2198 of the living G2316 God; G2531 as G2316 God G3754 has said, G1774 I will live G1722 in G846 them, G2532 and G1704 walk in G2532 them; and G2071 I will be G846 their G2316 God, G2532 and G846 they G2071 shall be G3427 my G2992 people.
  17 G1352 Therefore G1831 come out G1537 from G3319 among G846 them, G2532 and G873 be separate, G3004 says G2962 the Lord, G2532 and G680 touch G3361 not G169 the unclean G2504 thing; and I G1523 will receive G5209 you,

Hebrews 6:16

  16 G1063 For G444 men G3303 truly G3660 swear G2596 by G3187 something greater: G2532 and G3727 an oath G1519 for G951 confirmation G846 is to them G4009 an end G3956 of all G485 strife.

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