H2983 יבוּסי - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

ye bûsı̂y
Patrial from H2982; a Jebusite or inhabitant of Jebus

KJV Usage: Jebusite(-s).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


Jebusite = "descendants of Jebus"
1. descendants of the 3rd son of Canaan who lived in or around the site of Jebus, the early name for Jerusalem
Origin: from H2982
TWOT: None
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

Jebusite = "descendants of Jebus"
1) descendants of the 3rd son of Canaan who lived in or around the site of Jebus, the early name for Jerusalem

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First 30 of 41 occurrences of H2983 יבוּסי

Genesis 10:16 And the Jebusite,
Genesis 15:21 and the Jebusites.
Exodus 3:8 and the Jebusites.
Exodus 3:17 and the Jebusites,
Exodus 13:5 and the Jebusites,
Exodus 23:23 and the Jebusites:
Exodus 33:2 and the Jebusite:
Exodus 34:11 and the Jebusite.
Numbers 13:29 and the Jebusites,
Deuteronomy 7:1 and the Jebusites,
Deuteronomy 20:17 and the Jebusites;
Joshua 3:10 and the Jebusites.
Joshua 9:1 and the Jebusite,
Joshua 11:3 and the Jebusite
Joshua 12:8 and the Jebusites:
Joshua 15:8 of the Jebusite;
Joshua 15:63 As for the Jebusites
Joshua 15:63 but the Jebusites
Joshua 18:16 of Jebusi
Joshua 18:28 and Jebusi,
Joshua 24:11 and the Jebusites;
Judges 1:21 the Jebusites
Judges 1:21 but the Jebusites
Judges 3:5 and Jebusites:
Judges 19:11 of the Jebusites,
2 Samuel 5:6 to the Jebusites,
2 Samuel 5:8 the Jebusites,
2 Samuel 24:16 the Jebusite.
2 Samuel 24:18 the Jebusite.
1 Kings 9:20 and Jebusites,

Distinct usage

6 and the Jebusites,
5 the Jebusite.
3 and the Jebusites.
2 And the Jebusite,
2 and the Jebusites:
2 the Jebusites
2 the Jebusites,
2 and the Jebusites;
2 but the Jebusites
1 and the Jebusite
1 of the Jebusites,
1 to the Jebusites,
1 The Jebusite
1 where the Jebusites
1 the Jebusite,
1 as a Jebusite.
1 As for the Jebusites
1 and Jebusi,
1 and Jebusites:
1 and Jebusites,
1 and the Jebusite:
1 and the Jebusite.
1 of the Jebusite;
1 of Jebusi

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H2982 יבוּס ye bûs

ye bûs
From H947; trodden, that is, threshing place; Jebus, the aboriginal name of Jerusalem

KJV Usage: Jebus.