1 Chronicles 16

  1 H935 They brought H727 in the ark H430 of God, H3322 and set H8432 it in the midst H168 of the tent H1732 that David H5186 had pitched H7126 for it: and they offered H5930 burnt offerings H8002 and peace offerings H6440 before H430 God.
  2 H1732 When David H3615 had made an end H5927 of offering H5930 the burnt offering H8002 and the peace offerings, H1288 he blessed H5971 the people H8034 in the name H3068 of Yahweh.
  3 H2505 He dealt H376 to everyone H3478 of Israel, H376 both man H802 and woman, H376 to every one H3603 a loaf H3899 of bread, H829 and a portion of meat, H809 and a cake of raisins.
  4 H5414 He appointed H3881 certain of the Levites H8334 to minister H6440 before H727 the ark H3068 of Yahweh, H2142 and to celebrate H3034 and to thank H1984 and praise H3068 Yahweh, H430 the God H3478 of Israel:
  5 H623 Asaph H7218 the chief, H4932 and second H2148 to him Zechariah, H3273 Jeiel, H8070 and Shemiramoth, H3171 and Jehiel, H4993 and Mattithiah, H446 and Eliab, H1141 and Benaiah, H5654 and Obed-Edom, H3273 and Jeiel, H5035 with stringed instruments H3658 and with harps; H623 and Asaph H4700 with cymbals, H8085 sounding aloud;
  6 H1141 and Benaiah H3166 and Jahaziel H3548 the priests H2689 with trumpets H8548 continually, H6440 before H727 the ark H1285 of the covenant H430 of God.
  7 H3117 Then on that day H1732 David H7218 first H5414 ordained H3034 to give thanks H3068 to Yahweh, H3027 by the hand H623 of Asaph H251 and his brothers.
  8 H3034 Oh give thanks H3068 to Yahweh. H7121 Call H8034 on his name. H5949 Make his doings H3045 known H5971 among the peoples.
  9 H7891 Sing H2167 to him. Sing praises H7878 to him. Tell H6381 of all his marvelous works.
  10 H1984 Glory H6944 in his holy H8034 name. H3820 Let the heart H1245 of those who seek H3068 Yahweh H8055 rejoice.
  11 H1875 Seek H3068 Yahweh H5797 and his strength. H1245 Seek H6440 his face H8548 forever more.
  12 H2142 Remember H6381 his marvelous H6213 works that he has done, H4159 his wonders, H4941 and the judgments H6310 of his mouth,
  13 H2233 you seed H3478 of Israel H5650 his servant, H1121 you children H3290 of Jacob, H972 his chosen ones.
  14 H3068 He is Yahweh H430 our God. H4941 His judgments H776 are in all the earth.
  15 H2142 Remember H1285 his covenant H5769 forever, H1697 the word H6680 which he commanded H505 to a thousand H1755 generations,
  16 H3772 the covenant which he made H85 with Abraham, H7621 his oath H3327 to Isaac.
  17 H5975 He confirmed H3290 the same to Jacob H2706 for a statute, H3478 and to Israel H5769 for an everlasting H1285 covenant,
  18 H559 saying, H5414 "I will give H776 you the land H3667 of Canaan, H2256 The lot H5159 of your inheritance,"
  19 H4557 when you were but a few H4592 men in number, yes, very few, H1481 and foreigners were in it.
  20 H1980 They went H1471 about from nation H1471 to nation, H4467 from one kingdom H312 to another H5971 people.
  21 H3240 He allowed H376 no man H6231 to do them wrong. H3198 Yes, he reproved H4428 kings for their sakes,
  22 H5060 "Don't touch H4899 my anointed H5030 ones! Do my prophets H7489 no harm!"
  23 H7891 Sing H3068 to Yahweh, H776 all the earth! H1319 Display H3444 his salvation H3117 from day H3117 to day.
  24 H5608 Declare H3519 his glory H1471 among the nations, H6381 and his marvelous works H5971 among all the peoples.
  25 H1419 For great H3068 is Yahweh, H3966 and greatly H1984 to be praised. H3372 He also is to be feared H430 above all gods.
  26 H430 For all the gods H5971 of the peoples H457 are idols, H3068 but Yahweh H6213 made H8064 the heavens.
  27 H1935 Honor H1935 and majesty H6440 are before him. H5797 Strength H2304 and gladness H4725 are in his place.
  28 H3051 Ascribe H3068 to Yahweh, H4940 you relatives H5971 of the peoples, H3051 ascribe H3068 to Yahweh H3519 glory H5797 and strength!
  29 H3051 Ascribe H3068 to Yahweh H3519 the glory H8034 due to his name. H5375 Bring H4503 an offering, H935 and come H6440 before H7812 him. Worship H3068 Yahweh H6944 in holy H1927 array.
  30 H2342 Tremble H6440 before H776 him, all the earth. H8398 The world H3559 also is established H4131 that it can't be moved.
  31 H8064 Let the heavens H8055 be glad, H776 and let the earth H1523 rejoice! H559 Let them say H1471 among the nations, H3068 "Yahweh H4427 reigns!"
  32 H3220 Let the sea H7481 roar, H4393 and its fullness! H7704 Let the field H5970 exult, and all that is therein!
  33 H6086 Then the trees H3293 of the forest H7442 will sing for joy H6440 before H3068 Yahweh, H935 for he comes H8199 to judge H776 the earth.
  34 H3034 Oh give thanks H3068 to Yahweh, H2896 for he is good, H2617 for his loving kindness H5769 endures forever.
  35 H559 Say, H3467 "Save H430 us, God H3468 of our salvation! H6908 Gather us together H5337 and deliver H1471 us from the nations, H3034 to give thanks H6944 to your holy H8034 name, H7623 to triumph H8416 in your praise."
  36 H1288 Blessed H3068 be Yahweh, H430 the God H3478 of Israel, H5769 from everlasting H5769 even to everlasting. H5971 All the people H559 said, H543 "Amen," H1984 and praised H3068 Yahweh.
  37 H5800 So he left H6440 there, before H727 the ark H1285 of the covenant H3068 of Yahweh, H623 Asaph H251 and his brothers, H8334 to minister H6440 before H727 the ark H8548 continually, H3117 as every day's H1697 work H3117 required;
  38 H5654 and Obed-Edom H251 with their brothers, H8346 sixty - H8083 eight; H5654 Obed-Edom H1121 also the son H3038 of Jeduthun H2621 and Hosah H7778 to be doorkeepers;
  39 H6659 and Zadok H3548 the priest, H251 and his brothers H3548 the priests, H6440 before H4908 the tabernacle H3068 of Yahweh H1116 in the high place H1391 that was at Gibeon,
  40 H5927 to offer H5930 burnt offerings H3068 to Yahweh H4196 on the altar H5930 of burnt offering H8548 continually H1242 morning H6153 and evening, H3789 even according to all that is written H8451 in the law H3068 of Yahweh, H6680 which he commanded H3478 to Israel;
  41 H1968 and with them Heman H3038 and Jeduthun, H7605 and the rest H1305 who were chosen, H5344 who were mentioned H8034 by name, H3034 to give thanks H3068 to Yahweh, H2617 because his loving kindness H5769 endures forever;
  42 H1968 and with them Heman H3038 and Jeduthun H2689 with trumpets H4700 and cymbals H8085 for those that should sound H3627 aloud, and with instruments H7892 for the songs H430 of God; H1121 and the sons H3038 of Jeduthun H8179 to be at the gate.
  43 H5971 All the people H3212 departed H376 every man H1004 to his house: H1732 and David H5437 returned H1288 to bless H1004 his house.