1 Chronicles 16

Matthew(i) 1 When they had brought in the Arcke of God they set in the tente that Dauid had pitched for it. And they brought burnt sacrifyce and peaceofferynges before God. 2 And when Dauid had made an ende of offerynge of burntofferynges and of peaceofferynges, he blessed the people wyth the name of the Lorde. 3 And he dealt all Israel bothe man and woman cracknell of breade a pece of fleshe and a messe of soppes. 4 And he appoynted certayne of the Leuites to ministre before the Lorde, and to repete, & to thanke and prayse the Lord God of Israel 5 euen Asaph the chefe, and next to him Zachariah then Ieiel, Semiramoth, Iehiel, Mathathiah, Eliab, Banaiah, Obed Edom, and Ieiel with Psalteries & Harpes. But Asaph wyth soundynge symbales 6 and Banaiah and Iahaziel pryestes wyth trompettes contynuallye before the Arcke of the couenaunt of God. 7 And that same tyme Dauid dyd appointe chefely to thanke the Lorde by Asaph and his brethren. 8 Thanke the lord, cal on his name, make his Actes knowen amonge the people. 9 Synge vnto hym and play vnto him, and recorde all hys wonderfull dedes. 10 Praise his holy name, and let the hertes of them that seke the Lorde reioyse. 11 Seke the Lorde and hys strengthe: Seke hys presence alwaye. 12 Remembre hys maruelles whych he dyd and his wonders, and the iudgementes of his mouthe. 13 The seade of Israel are his seruauntes: the children of Iacob are his chosen. 14 He is the Lord oure God: & in all landes are his iudgementes. 15 Thynke on hys appoyntmente euer, and on the worde he commaunded to a thousande generacyons. 16 Of his couenaunt to Abraham, and of his othe to Isaac: 17 which he set before Iacob for a decree, & to Israel for an euerlastynge couenaunt, 18 saying: to the I wyl geue the lande of Canaan, to be the porcyon of youre enheritaunce. 19 When you were a smalle company in nombre, euen but a few and therto straungers therin. 20 And they went from people to people, & from one kyngedom to another nacyon. 21 He suffered no man to do them wronge. But rebuked kynges for their sakes. 22 Touch not myne anoynted, nor do my Prophetes any harme. 23 Singe vnto the lord all the earthe: and shew from day to daye his victories. 24 Tell amonge the Heathen of hys glorye and amonge all nacyons of hys wonderfull deades. 25 For greate is the Lorde and to be praysed exceadyngly: & terrible is he aboue al Gods. 26 For al the Gods of the Heathen are Idoles. But the Lorde made heauen. 27 Prayse and honoure are in his presence: strength and gladnes are in hys place. 28 Asscribe to the lord ye kynredes of people. Asscribe to the Lorde glorye and strength. 29 Geue honoure vnto the Lordes name: brynge presentes and come before hym, and bowe to the Lorde in holy apparell. 30 All the earthe feare hym, he stablyshed the earthe that it can not moue. 31 The heauen reioyse and the earthe be glad, and let men tell amonge the nacyons that the Lorde is a kynge. 32 Let the sea thunder and hys fulnesse, and let the feldes reioyse, and all that is therin. 33 Moreouer let the trees of the wood rynge at the presence of the Lorde: for he cometh to iudge the earthe. 34 Thanke the Lorde for he is good, and his mercye lasteth euer: 35 and saye: saue vs o God oure sauyoure, and gather vs together, and delyuer vs from amonge the Heathen, to thanke thy holy name, and to prayse the with the prayse that becometh the. 36 Blessed be the Lorde God of Israel for euer and euer, and al nacyons saye Amen, so praysing the lord. 37 And he lefte there before the arcke of the Lordes couenaunt, Asaph and his brethren to mynystre before the Arcke euermore daye by daye. 38 And Obed Edom with hys brethren thre skore and eyght, and Obed Edom the sonne of Iduthun and Ozah to be porters. 39 And Zadock the pryeste wyth hys brethren the priestes set he before the tabernacle of the Lorde at the hylaulters at Gabaon, 40 to offer burntofferynges vnto the Lorde vpon the burntofferynge aulter perpetuallye at mornynge, and eueninge, accordynge to all that is wrytten in the lawe of the Lorde whyche he commaunded Israel. 41 And wyth them Heman and Iduthun, and other that were chosen and named by name, to thanke the Lord that hys mercye lasteth euer. 42 And wyth the sayde Heman and Iduthun were trompettes & soundyng simbales, & instrumentes of the melody of God. And the sonnes of Iduthun were porters. 43 And then all the people departed, euery man to hys house: and Dauid returned to salute hys housholde.