1 Chronicles 16

ECB(i) 1 And they bring the ark of Elohim and set it midst the tent David spread for it: and they oblate holocausts and shelamim at the face of Elohim: 2 and David finishes holocausting the holocausts and the shelamim and he blesses the people in the name of Yah Veh: 3 and he allots to every man of Yisra El - both man and woman - to every man a round of bread and a portion and a cake. 4 And he gives the Leviym to minister at the face of the ark of Yah Veh and to memorialize and to spread hands and halal Yah Veh Elohim of Yisra El: 5 Asaph the head and second Zechar Yah Yei El and Shemi Ramoth and Yechi El and Mattith Yah and Eli Ab and Bena Yah and Obed Edom; and Yei El with instruments of bagpipes and harps; and Asaph is heard with cymbals; 6 and Bena Yah and Yachazi El the priests with trumpets continually at the face of the ark of the covenant of Elohim. 7
And on that day, at the beginning, David gives to spread hands to Yah Veh by the hand of Asaph and his brothers. 8 O spread hands to Yah Veh; call on his name; - his exploits known among the people; 9 sing to him - sing psalms to him; meditate of all his marvellous works; 10 halal in his holy name. O cheer, whose heart seeks Yah Veh: 11 seek Yah Veh and his strength; seek his face continually. 12 Remember the marvellous works he works - his omens and the judgments of his mouth: 13 O you seed of Yisra El his servant, you sons of Yaaqov his chosen ones. 14 He - Yah Veh our Elohim; his judgments are in all the earth. 15 Remember eternally his covenant - the word he misvahs to a thousand generations; 16 which he cut with Abraham and his oath to Yischaq; 17 and stands to Yaaqov for a statute - to Yisra El for an eternal covenant. 18 Saying, To you I give the land of Kenaan - the cords of your inheritance; 19 when you were men of number - even a few and sojourners 20 - and they came from goyim to goyim and from sovereigndom to another people; 21 he allowed no man to oppress them: yes, he reproved sovereigns for their sakes. 22 Neither touch my anointed, nor vilify my prophets. 23 Sing to Yah Veh, all the earth; evangelize from day to day his salvation: 24 scribe his honor among the goyim - his marvellous works among all nations. 25 For great is Yah Veh and mighty to halal; and to awe above all elohim: 26 for all the elohim of the people are idols; and Yah Veh worked the heavens: 27 grandeur and majesty are at his face; strength and rejoicing are in his place. 28 Give to Yah Veh, you families of the people; give to Yah Veh honor and strength: 29 give to Yah Veh the honor to his name; lift an offering and come at his face: prostrate to Yah Veh in the majesty of holiness. 30 Whirl at his face, all the earth; also, the world is established; it topples not: 31 the heavens cheer and the earth twirls: say among the goyim, Yah Veh reigns! 32 The sea thunders and the fulness thereof; the field jumps for joy and all therein: 33 then the trees of the forest shout at the face of Yah Veh - because he comes to judge the earth. 34 Spread hands to Yah Veh for he is good; for his eternal mercy. 35 And say, Save us, O Elohim of our salvation and gather us and rescue us from the goyim; that we may spread hands to your holy name and laud in your halal. 36 Blessed - Yah Veh Elohim of Yisra El eternally and eternally. And all the people say, Amen! And, Halal Yah Veh! 37 And there he leaves Asaph and his brothers at the face of the ark of the covenant of Yah Veh to minister the day by day word at the face of the ark continually: 38 and Obed Edom with their brothers - sixty-eight: and Obed Edom the son of Yeduthun and Hosah to be porters: 39 and Sadoq the priest and his brothers the priests at the face of the tabernacle of Yah Veh in the bamah at Gibon 40 to holocaust holocausts to Yah Veh on the sacrifice altar of the holocaust continually morning and evening; and to do according to all inscribed in the torah of Yah Veh, which he misvahed Yisra El: 41 and with them Heman and Yeduthun and the survivors who were purified - who were appointed by name to spread hands to Yah Veh for his eternal mercy: 42 and with them Heman and Yeduthun with trumpets and cymbals to hear and with instruments of song of Elohim: and the sons of Yeduthun are for the portal. 43 And all the people go - each man to his house: and David returns to bless his house.