1 Chronicles 16

Great(i) 1 So they brought in the arcke of God and set it in the myddes of the tent that Dauid pytched for it. And they offered burnt sacrifyces and peace offerynges before God. 2 And when Dauid had made an ende of offerynge the burnt offerynges and peace offerynges, he blessed the people in the name of the Lorde. 3 And he dealt to all Israel (both man & woman) a cracknell of breade, and a good pece of flesshe, and a flacket of wyne. 4 And he appoynted certen of the Leuites to ministre before the Lorde, & to repete, & to thanke and prayse the Lorde God of Israel. 5 And Asaph was the chefe, & next to hym Zacharia, Ieiel, Semiramoth, Iehiel, Mathathia, Eliab, Benaia, Obed Edom, & Ieiel with psalteries & harpes. But Asaph made a sounde with symbales. 6 Banaiahu & Iahaziel preastes blewe wt trompettes continuallye before the Arcke of the couenaunt of God. 7 And that same tyme Dauid did appoynte chefelye to thanke the Lorde, by Asaph & his brethren. 8 O geue thankes vnto the Lorde, call vpon hys name, make hys actes knowen amonge the people. 9 Synge vnto him & playe vnto him: talke of all hys wonderfull dedes. 10 Reioyce in hys holy name: let the hertes of them that seke the Lorde, be glad. 11 Seke the Lorde and hys strengthe: Seke hys presence allwaye. 12 Remembre his maruelles which he dyd, and hys wonders, & the iudgementes of hys mouth. 13 The seed of Israel are hys seruauntes: the chyldren of Iacob are hys chosen. 14 He is the Lorde oure God: in all landes are hys iudgementes. 15 Thynke on hys appoyntment for euer, (and on the worde which he commaunded to a thousande generacions.) 16 Which he made with Abraham, and of hys othe to Isahac: 17 which he set before Iacob for a decree, and to Israel for an euerlastynge couenaunt, 18 sayinge: to the wyll I geue the lande of Canaan to be the porcyon of youre enheritaunce. 19 When you were fewe and smalle in nombre, and sogeourners therin. 20 And they walked from nacyon to nacyon, and from one kyngdome to another people. 21 He suffered no man to do them wronge: but rebuked, euen kynges for theyr sakes. 22 Touche not myne anoynted, and do my prophetes no harme. 23 Synge vnto the Lorde all the erthe: and shewe from daye to daye hys Saluacyon. 24 Tell of hys glorye amonge the heithen: his wonderfull dedes amonge all nacyons. 25 For greate is the Lorde, and worthy to be praysed exceadyngly: he is to be feared aboue all Gods. 26 For all the Gods of the people are of no value: But the Lorde made heauen. 27 Prayse and honoure are in hys presence: strength and gladnes are in hys place. 28 Asscrybe vnto the Lorde ye kynredes of people, Asscrybe to the Lorde, glorye and domynion. 29 Asscrybe vnto the Lorde, the glorye due vnto hys name: brynge sacrifyces, and come before hym, and worshyppe the Lorde with holy honoure. 30 Let all the erth feare hym, all though the compase of the erth be so stablysshed that it cannot be moued: 31 let the heauens reioyse, and let the erth be glad, and lett men tell among the nacyons, that the Lorde is kynge. 32 Let the see thunder and the fulnesse therof lett the feldes reioyse, and all that is therin. 33 Then shall the trees of the wood reioyse at the presence of the Lorde, because he commeth to iudge the erth. 34 O geue thankes vnto the Lorde, for he is good, for hys mercye endureth euer: 35 and saye ye: saue vs (o God) of oure saluacion, geather vs to gether, and delyuer vs from amonge the hethen, that we maye geue thankes to thy holy name, & triumphe in the prayse of the. 36 Blessed be the Lord God of Israel for euer & euer, and let all people saye Amen, and prayse the Lorde. 37 And so, he lefte there before the arcke of the Lordes couenaunt, Asaph & hys brethren, to ministre before the Arcke continually, in soch thynges as were to be done daye by daye, 38 And Obed Edom & hys brethren, threskore and eyght, and Obed Edom the sonne of Iedithun, and Hosa were apoynted to be porters. 39 And Zadock the preast and hys brethren the preastes, were before the tabernacle of the Lorde, in the hye place that was at Gibeon, 40 to offer burntofferynges vnto the Lorde, vpon the burntoffering aultare perpetuallye, in the mornyng and euenyng, accordyng to all that which is written in the lawe of the Lorde, which he commaunded Israel. 41 And with them were Heman & Ieduthun, & other that were chosen (whose names were expressed) to geue thankes to the Lorde, that his mercye lasteth euer. 42 And with them dyd Heman and Ieduthun, synge with the trompettes & symbales makynge a swete melody with instrumentes of Musycke and godly songes. And the sonnes of Ieduthun were porters. 43 And all the people departed, euery man to hys house: and Dauid returned to blesse hys house.