H727 ארן ארון - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

ארן ארון
'ârôn 'ârôn
aw-rone', aw-rone'
From H717 (in the sense of gathering); a box

KJV Usage: ark, chest, coffin.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


ארן ארון

1. chest, ark
a. money chest
b. Ark of the Covenant
2. (TWOT) coffin
Origin: from H717 (in the sense of gathering)
TWOT: 166a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) chest, ark
1a) money chest
1b) Ark of the Covenant
2)(TWOT) coffin

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First 30 of 202 occurrences of H727 ארן ארון

Genesis 50:26 in a coffin
Exodus 25:10 an ark
Exodus 25:14 of the ark,
Exodus 25:14 that the ark
Exodus 25:15 of the ark:
Exodus 25:16 into the ark
Exodus 25:21 upon the ark;
Exodus 25:21 and in the ark
Exodus 25:22 the ark
Exodus 26:33 the ark
Exodus 26:34 upon the ark
Exodus 30:6 that is by the ark
Exodus 30:26 with it, and the ark
Exodus 31:7 and the ark
Exodus 35:12 The ark,
Exodus 37:1 the ark
Exodus 37:5 of the ark,
Exodus 37:5 the ark.
Exodus 39:35 The ark
Exodus 40:3 the ark
Exodus 40:3 the ark
Exodus 40:5 the ark
Exodus 40:20 into the ark,
Exodus 40:20 on the ark,
Exodus 40:20 upon the ark:
Exodus 40:21 the ark
Exodus 40:21 the ark
Leviticus 16:2 which is upon the ark;
Numbers 3:31 shall be the ark,
Numbers 4:5 the ark

Distinct usage

99 the ark
9 the ark,
8 And the ark
5 for the ark
4 of the ark,
4 the ark.
3 that the ark
3 from there the ark
2 an ark
2 into the ark
2 in the ark
2 of the ark
2 where the ark
2 but the ark
2 for the ark.
2 chest,
2 There was nothing in the ark
1 in a coffin
1 of the ark:
1 shall be the ark,
1 thee an ark
1 them in the ark.
1 So the ark
1 were there with the ark
1 with the ark
1 Let the ark
1 And it came to pass, as the ark
1 to the ark
1 his hand to the ark
1 by the ark
1 How shall the ark
1 and all that pertaineth to him, because of the ark
1 there the ark
1 for the ark,
1 in the chest,
1 after that the ark
1 to us the ark
1 the ark;
1 not the ark
1 And it came to pass, as the ark
1 place, thou, and the ark
1 into the chest,
1 the chest
1 the chest,
1 ark
1 thou, and the ark
1 no more, The ark
1 with it, and the ark
1 on this side of the ark
1 upon the ark;
1 and in the ark
1 upon the ark
1 into the ark,
1 on the ark,
1 upon the ark:
1 that was upon the ark
1 And when the ark
1 nevertheless the ark
1 (for the ark
1 that is by the ark

Corresponding Greek Words

aron G39 hagios
aron G1101 glossokomon
aron G2787 kibotos
aron G4673 soros

Related words

H727 ארן ארון

H717 ארה 'ârâh

A primitive root; to pluck

KJV Usage: gather, pluck.

H723 אריה ארוה 'ûrvâh 'ărâyâh
אריה ארוה
'ûrvâh 'ărâyâh
oor-vaw', ar-aw-yah'
From H717 (in the sense of feeding); a herding place for an animal

KJV Usage: stall.

H738 אריה ארי 'ărı̂y 'aryêh
אריה ארי
'ărı̂y 'aryêh
ar-ee', ar-yay'
From H717 (in the sense of violence); a lion

KJV Usage: (young) lion, + pierce [from the margin].