H3603 כּכר - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H3769; a circle, that is, (by implication) a circumjacent tract or region, especially the Ghor or valley of the Jordan; also a (round) loaf; also a talent (or large (round) coin)

KJV Usage: loaf, morsel, piece, plain, talent.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. round
a. a round district (environs of the Jordan valley)
b. a round loaf (of bread)
c. a round weight, talent (of gold, silver, bronze, iron)
Origin: from H3769
TWOT: None
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) round
1a) a round district (environs of the Jordan valley)
1b) a round loaf (of bread)
1c) a round weight, talent (of gold, silver, bronze, iron)

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First 30 of 68 occurrences of H3603 כּכר

Genesis 13:10 the plain
Genesis 13:11 for himself all the plain
Genesis 13:12 of the plain,
Genesis 19:17 thou in all the plain;
Genesis 19:25 and all the plain,
Genesis 19:28 of the plain,
Genesis 19:29 of the plain,
Exodus 25:39 Of a talent
Exodus 29:23 loaf
Exodus 37:24 Of a talent
Exodus 38:24 talents,
Exodus 38:25 talents,
Exodus 38:27 talents
Exodus 38:27 talents,
Exodus 38:27 a talent
Exodus 38:29 talents,
Deuteronomy 34:3 and the plain
Judges 8:5 I pray you, loaves
1 Samuel 2:36 and a morsel
1 Samuel 10:3 loaves
2 Samuel 12:30 of which was a talent
2 Samuel 18:23 of the plain,
1 Kings 7:46 In the plain
1 Kings 9:14 talents
1 Kings 9:28 talents,
1 Kings 10:10 talents
1 Kings 10:14 talents
1 Kings 16:24 for two talents
1 Kings 20:39 a talent
2 Kings 5:5 talents

Distinct usage

26 talents
8 talents,
4 of the plain,
4 a talent
2 Of a talent
2 and a talent
2 In the plain
1 for himself all the plain
1 thou in all the plain;
1 and the plain
1 I pray you, loaves
1 and a morsel
1 loaves
1 of which was a talent
1 them, I pray thee, a talent
1 a loaf
1 talents.
1 talents;
1 of the plain.
1 both out of the plain country
1 a piece
1 a man is brought to a piece
1 and all the plain,
1 for two talents
1 loaf
1 two talents.
1 the plain

Corresponding Greek Words

kikkar G30 aggeion
kikkar G4040 peri oikos
kikkar G4066 peri choros
kikkar G5007 talanton

Related words


H3604 כּכר kikêr
(Chaldee); corresponding to H3603; a talent

KJV Usage: talent.

H3769 כּרר kârar

A primitive root; to dance (that is, whirl)

KJV Usage: dance (-ing).

H3733 כּר kar
From H3769 in the sense of plumpness; a ram (as full grown and fat), including a battering ram (as butting); hence a meadow (as for sheep); also a pad or camel’s saddle (as puffed out)

KJV Usage: captain, furniture, lamb, (large) pasture, ram. See also H1033, H3746.

H3753 כּרכּרה karkârâh
From H3769; a dromedary (from its rapid motion as if dancing)

KJV Usage: swift beast.