1 Chronicles 16

Thomson(i) 1 And when they had brought in the ark of God and set it in the midst of the tabernacle, which David had erected for it, they offered whole burnt offerings and offerings of thanks giving before God. 2 And when David had finished offering the whole burnt offerings and the offerings of thanksgiving, he blessed the people in the name of the Lord, 3 and distributed to all Israel both men and women, to every one a loaf of baker's bread, and a cake made with honey. 4 Then he appointed some of the Levites to minister before the ark of the covenant of the Lord, and in responsive strains to thank and praise the Lord the God of Israel. 5 Asaph was the leader, and to him responded Zacharias, Jeiel, Semiramoth and Jeiel, Matthathias, Eliab and Banaias, Abdedom and Jeiel, with musical instruments, nablas and kinyras; but Asaph used the cymbal; 6 and Banaias and Oziel the priests, with trumpets, were to be continually before the ark of the covenant of God. 7 On that day David gave orders for beginning the praises of the Lord by the ministry of Asaph and his brethren, with this Ode: 8 O give thanks to the Lord, Invoke him by his name; Among peoples make known his designs. 9 Sing to him. Sing praises to him. Proclaim to all the wonders which the Lord hath done. 10 Sing praises to his holy name. Let the heart which seeketh his favour be triad. 11 Seek the Lord and persevere; Seek his face continually. 12 Remember the wonders which he hath done; The miracles and judgments of his mouth. 13 The seed of Israel are his servants; The sons of Jacob, his chosen ones. 14 He is the Lord our God; In all this land are his judgments. 15 Let us ever remember his covenant; His word which he enjoined for a thousand generations. 16 The covenant which he made with Abraham; And the oath which he sware to Isaak, 17 This he confirmed for a law to Jacob; To Israel as an everlasting covenant, 18 Saying, To thee I will give the land of Chanaan, To be the portion of your inheritance. 19 When they were very few in number; Of little account, and sojourned therein; 20 When they were passing from nation to nation; And from one kingdom to another people; 21 He suffered no man to oppress them; He rebuked kings for their sake 22 Touch not these my anointed ones, And to these my prophets do no harm. 23 Sing to the Lord, all ye of this land, From day to day proclaim his salvation. 24 Declare his glory among the nations; Among all peoples his marvellous works; 25 That the Lord is great and greatly to be praised; Above all the gods he is awful 26 That all the gods of the nations are idols; But our God hath made the heavens. 27 Glory and honour are before him; Majesty and gladness in his abode. 28 Ascribe to the Lord, ye families of nations, Ascribe to the Lord glory and majesty 29 Ascribe to the Lord, glory to his name. Take gifts and bring them before him, And worship the Lord in his holy courts. 30 Let all the earth be awed at his presence, Let the earth be renovated and not dismayed. 31 Let heaven rejoice, and the earth exult with joy, Let them say among the nations, The Lord is king. 32 Let the sea roar and the fulness thereof; And the trees of the field and all therein; 33 Let the trees of the forest also rejoice at the presence of the Lord; Because he is come to judge the earth. 34 praise the Lord; for it is good, For to everlasting his mercy endureth. 35 And say, Save us, God of our salvation! Gather us and deliver us from our enemies; That we may praise thy holy name, And in thy praises make our boast. 36 Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, From everlasting to everlasting, And let all the people say, Amen. 37 And when they had praised the Lord, they left there, before the ark of the covenant of the Lord, Asaph and his brethren, that they might minister before the ark continually as each day's service required. 38 And with regard to Abdedom and his brethren who were sixty eight, Abdedom son of Idithun and Osa were to be door keepers. 39 And they left Sadok the priest, and his brethren the priests, before the tabernacle of the Lord at the high place at Gabaon, 40 that they might offer whole burnt offerings to the Lord, on the altar of whole burnt offerings continually every morning and evening, according to all that is written in the law of the Lord, which he enjoined on the children of Israel by the ministry of Moses the servant of God: 41 and with him were Aiman and Idithun, and the rest who were chosen by name to praise the Lord, because his mercy endureth forever. 42 And they had with them trumpets and high sounding cymbals, and musical instruments, for the songs of God. And the sons of Idithun were to be keepers of the gate. 43 Then all the people returned every one to his home, and David returned to bless his household.